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Technicians Available Now: March 05

Authorized Avantgarde Appliance Repair Services

Authorized Repair Service Provider for Avantgarde Appliances

FREE Service Call with ANY Repair.
FIX Appliances offers reliable, same-day Avantgarde repair services throughout Toronto and the GTA. We are an authorized appliance repair service for Avantgarde appliances and provide manufacturer-certified services, including a warranty. Our customer support center is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.

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  •  Factory Certified

    Factory Certified

    Licensed technicians with over 15 years of experience

  • TSSA Gas Contractor

    TSSA Gas Contractor

    Fully certified in gas appliances service, repair & installation

  • Complete Warranty

    Complete Warranty

    Each repair is covered by service and parts warranty

  • Authorized Repair

    Authorized Repair

    Authorized service centre for most appliance manufacturers


Get Certified Repair Service for All Your Avantgarde Appliances

Avantgarde Distributions is a company that offers high-end products, aiming to meet customers’ expectations to receive high-performance and innovative home appliances. The variety of household appliances includes refrigerators, wine coolers and beverages, and ventilation appliances.

Fix Appliances CA provides the best-quality Avantgarde appliance repair and installation services in Toronto and other GTA areas. Our support tea is available from Monday to Sunday, including holidays. Call us at 888-242-0777, and we’ll quickly resolve any problems with your favourite kitchen appliance from Avantgarde Distributions.

Authorized Avantgarde Technicians

Our company has more than eighteen years in the repair service industry, and knowledgeable staff who participates in the necessary training from the manufacturer every year. We have all skills and tools, experience and desire to help our valuable customers with excellent fridges, wine coolers and range hoods repairs.

Fix Appliances CA is an authorized Avantgarde household appliance repair service that ensures that customers receive qualified installation and repair and a manufacturer’s warranty. Besides, if you have a valid warranty on your appliance, we are ready to fix it as an authorized services centre. That’s why we advise you not to try to fix it by yourself to keep your warranty and get professional aid from us.

Avantgarde Fridges Repair

Avantgarde Distributions is famous for its refrigeration design to satisfy customers’ needs. All refrigerators have “Super Cool” and “Super Freeze” feature allowing them to cool and freeze foods quickly. Due to this function, all food can be stored longer than usual. The refrigerators may be of different sizes and capacities. Freestanding fridges have single reversible doors and counter-bottom freezers.

Fix Appliances CA offers repair for all models of refrigerators: ARBM150SE, ARBM171DSE, ARBM172BSE, ARBM172SE, and ARBM150SE. All fridges have Energy Star certification, LED lighting, humidity adjustment system, and electronic soft touch control.

When you notice the following problems with your fridge, contact us for help:

  • The temperature is not constant
  • The fridge is not cooling
  • The door won’t close properly
  • The water dispenser is not working

Our factory-trained refrigerator technicians are at your service during the week from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm in Toronto and GTA. It is enough to make a call or submit a request online, and our reps will be glad to schedule the most convenient time for the visit to estimate the problem and offer a decision.

Avantgarde Wine Coolers Repair

Avantgarde Distribution suggests a variety of wine coolers and beverage centres with 1 or 2 temperature zones for different numbers of bottles, from 13 bottles to more than 160 bottles. For many models, each zone is illuminated by energy-efficient blue interior LEDs. Besides, a tinted glass door is energy efficient and helps protect against natural or artificial light, heat absorption and glare.

Wine Coolers from Avantgarde may be freestanding or built-in appliances with a single or double door: VWD42S, TBWC110S4, BSC27SB2, MVP46DS2, BSC46DB2, TBWC168SS6L, and more. But as with any other appliances, they require maintenance and repair from time to time. If you face the following:

  • The wine cooler is not cooling
  • Defective fan
  • Faulty thermostat
  • The wine cooler is overheating
  • Strange noises

The best decision when your household wine cooler is out of order is to contact the pros at Fix Appliances CA. Our skilled and highly-trained technicians are ready to help your seven days a week, providing a warranty on the services rendered and the replacement parts. Besides, in most cases, you will receive same-day wine cooler repair services and avoid long-term waiting on specialists.

Avantgarde Range Hoods Repair

Most of our Avantgarde range hoods feature LED lighting, 3- to 6-speed fans, and aluminum top micro pant or baffle filters. You can find different types depending on your kitchen size, style and expectations from range hood operation:

  • Island hoods – have 4 or 6-speed settings and aluminum superior micro hole filters: AVI369IS2, AVI369IS2.
  • Built-in or insert hoods – from 3 to 5 speeds and one or two aluminum reinforced micro-hole filters, stainless steel baffle filters, mechanical control with push buttons (depending on the model), Montana series: AVF306PS, AVM278PS, AVM368PS, AVP286PPS, and professional insert hoods with 3 baffle filters and 3 micro hole filters: AVP34108PS, AVP44108PS.
  • Under-cabinet hoods – 2 aluminum superior micro hole filters, stainless steel baffle filters, and 3- to 4-speed settings, Alaska and Virginia series: AVA306RS, AVV309S, AVV369S, AVK306CS, AVB306RS.
  • Wall-mount hoods – main features are baffle filters, 1 or 2 aluminum superior micro hole filters and from 4 to 6 speeds, Wyoming, Oregon, Hawaii, Nevada and Louisiana styles: AVC306CS3, AVW308CS, AVH308CS, AVW368CS, AVO308CS2, AVN308CS2 and more; professional wall mount hoods: AVN368CS2.

The features of any model can differ, pay special attention; when choosing, be sure they cover your needs while cooking. The most common problems with Avantgarde range hood problems our customers face:

  • Lights stop working
  • The fan is not operating properly
  • The fan does not clear smoke and odours
  • Accumulate moisture
  • Strange loud noises
  • Start or stop operating unexpectedly

Range hood technicians at Fix Appliances CA can handle all issues with any type and model of Avantgarde range hoods. Contact us when something is wrong with your ventilation appliance, and our techs will come to your place, define the problem and fix it quickly, providing the best range hood repair services.

Same Day Repair Service for Your Avantgarde Appliances

Our team takes pride in providing same-day refrigerator, wine cooler and ventilation repair services in most cases once you are ready to contact us. You are welcome to call us at 888-242-0777 or chat online and submit the request online for any Avantgarde repair or installation services.

Stop looking for an expert when the Avantgarde kitchen appliance does not operate properly, or you notice unusual sounds and noises. Fix Appliances CA is an authorized Avantgarde household appliance repair company in Toronto and GTA, and you can find the nearest technician by phone.

Our repair company offers Avantgarde repair, maintenance and installation services seven days a week, including holidays. Moreover, you receive a complete warranty on parts replacement and services rendered by contacting us. Besides, if your appliance is under the manufacturer’s warranty, we will fix your appliance and keep the warranty valid.

Reliable Service & Repair

FIX Appliances CA is a leading provider of affordable appliance repairs. We have over 17 years of industry experience. Using this experience, we can offer reliable white goods repairs. No matter the problem, our skilled technicians will be able to fix it.

Call or Text us for authorized Avantgarde appliance repair service FIX Appliances CA online or call the toll-free number 1-888-242-0777 today.

Reliable Service & Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

The average price for refrigerator repair starts from $160.00. It depends on the complexity of the work and the parts needed for replacement.
Among the most common problems, we can admit strange noises, rattling components, accumulation of moisture, and much more. Professionals can define all these issues in no time as their reasons differ from what you can find online. Call us to get your range hood to working operation.
When the refrigerator leaks, this can be a serious problem. The main reasons are a clogged defrost drain, a clogged supply line, the fridge sitting unevenly and others. This is when to contact refrigerator technicians to determine and solve the problem.