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Dryer Makes Noise – Causes & Possible Solutions

Oleg Chudnovski, CEO

Technically Reviewed by Oleg Chudnovski, CEO on Mar 19, 2024 | Written by Fix Appliances CA Editorial Contributors

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Where is that terrible noise coming from?

dryer makes terrible noise

A clamorous dryer isn’t merely an irritation; it could signify a substantial issue. Although numerous potential causes might necessitate the skills of a repair technician, delving into troubleshooting can mitigate downtime and potentially avert more severe complications.

If you run into a problem with the dryer making loud noises, take a look at the ten most common noisemakers:

  1. Drive Belt: Inspect for any signs of wear and tear, and proceed with replacement if necessary.
  2. Drum Roller: Conduct a thorough examination for any damage, and address by lubricating or replacing as appropriate.
  3. Drum Roller Axle: Ensure precise alignment, opting for replacement if any bending or damage is detected.
  4. Blower Wheel: Take the necessary steps to clean or replace if it’s congested or damaged.
  5. Drum Bearing: Apply lubrication or replace if it shows any indication of wear.
  6. Baffle or Lifter: Secure or replace if found to be loose or damaged.
  7. Drum Slide, Glide, or Pad: Replace if they exhibit any wear or damage.
  8. Idler Pulley: Scrutinize for signs of wear, and apply lubrication or replacement as needed.
  9. Idler Assembly (Shaft): Validate correct alignment, opting for replacement if misaligned or damaged.
  10. Drive Motor: Thoroughly inspect for any irregularities, and undertake the appropriate measures for repair or replacement as warranted.

Then contact FIX Appliances CA to answer your questions or schedule an appointment. Below, you can find more detailed information on this matter. So, why is my dryer making loud noises?

Noise Cause #1 — Drive Belt

A belt is employed to rotate the drum on both gas and electric dryers. The elongated, slender belt envelops the drum and tension pulley, propelling a motor. Unfortunately, the drive belt can desiccate with age and use, fray, and even separate, resulting in a thumping noise each time the drum revolves.

Possible Solution

  • Inspect the drive belt by detaching the dryer’s front panel.
  • If wear signs, such as cracking or fraying, are observed, contact FIX Appliances CA for replacement.

Noise Cause #2 — Drum Roller

Most dryers feature several rollers at the front and rear that support the drum. After prolonged use, these rollers may wear out, impeding the drum’s smooth movement. A squealing or thumping noise may suggest that one or more drum rollers have become flat, broken, or are binding.

Possible Solution

Contact a certified technician to inspect the rollers for wear. If one or more are severely worn, the entire drum rollers will be replaced to ensure they wear evenly.

Noise Cause #3 — Drum Roller Axle

The shafts holding the drum rollers at the dryer’s front and rear are known as axles. Both rollers and axles can wear out, generating a loud rumbling noise over time.

Possible Solution

Remove the belt and manually rotate the drum to check for axle wear.

A repair technician will inspect rollers and axles for wobbling, ensuring the drum spins freely. If any axle is worn, all will be replaced for smooth drum rotation.

Noise Cause #4 — Blower Wheel

Gas and electric dryers employ a blower wheel to draw air through the heating chamber, drum, and exhaust vent. Three main issues can cause a thumping or roaring noise from the blower wheel:

  • Lint, small articles of clothing, and other objects can get past the lint filter and lodge in the blower wheel.
  • The blower wheel came loose from the threaded shaft, or the clamp holding it in place came off.
  • The plastic blower wheel wears out.
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Possible Solution

  • Remove the dryer vent to assess airflow; weak airflow may indicate an obstruction or wear.
  • If a dryer makes weird noises, contact a repair technician. He will check for objects hitting the wheel, inspect the blower wheel for wobble, and replace it as necessary.

Noise Cause #5 — Drum Bearing

Some dryers employ a bearing to support the back of the drum. It can be structured like a ball, socket, or shaft with a sleeve bushing. A squeaking or squealing noise may signify bearing wear.

Possible Solution

A technician must remove the dryer belt and manually rotate the drum to check for this issue. If the drum turns hard and produces a grinding noise, the drum bearing will be replaced.

Noise Cause #6 — Baffle or Lifter

The baffles or lifters inside the drum prevent clothes from sticking and aid in tumbling and fluffing during drying. Loose change or worn baffles can cause rattling or clumping noises, potentially damaging clothing.

Possible Solution

  • Check for loose change or other objects stuck under the baffles, and remove them.
  • The dryer is making a loud noise. Contact a repairman to replace loose or worn baffles or lifters.

Noise Cause #7 — Drum Slide, Glide, or Pad

Constructed from Teflon, nylon, or plastic, drum slides (glides) support the dryer’s front and sides, featuring a felt or cork backing for smooth drum rotation. As they wear out, a scraping sound may occur.

Possible Solution

Remove the dryer’s cabinet to assess worn slides (glides), then contact a service technician to inspect and replace the entire set.

Noise Cause #8 — Idler Pulley

The idler pulley maintains tension on the drum belt to prevent slippage when the dryer is loaded. Increased friction may cause squeaking or squealing as the idler pulley wears.

Possible Solution

A technician must remove the belt to inspect the idler pulley. Any binding, wear, or wobble necessitates replacement.

Noise Cause #9 — Idler Assembly (Shaft)

Damage or wear to the idler assembly (shaft) due to issues with the idler pulley can lead to loud scraping or thumping noises.

Possible Solution

The idler assembly is accessible through the lower access panel or front of the dryer. A technician can inspect the part and replace the unit along with the drive belt if wear is evident.

Noise Cause #10 — Drive Motor

The drive motor, found in gas and electric dryers, powers the blower and drum. Various noises may indicate drive motor issues, such as rattling from a loose pulley, high-pitched noise from a defective bearing, or humming from a faulty motor switch.

Possible Solution

A technician should remove the drum belt or blower wheel to confirm if the motor is the culprit. Once other components are verified as working correctly, replace the drive motor.

A noisy dryer can be a symptom of a bigger problem. You can purchase a maintenance kit to fix a loud dryer having trouble determining where the noise comes from. It will contain all the common replacement parts needed to eliminate many noisy issues.

Pinpointing a noise problem with your dryer can be challenging. We have emergency appliance repair services such as Kenmore dryer repair, Maytag dryer repair and Whirlpool dryer repair on the same day to improve our service. If you have questions about dryer maintenance or appliance installation costs or require a service visit, contact FIX Appliances CA online or call toll-free 888-242-0777 today.

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2 comments on “Dryer Makes Noise – Causes & Possible Solutions

Hello Tom Fasnacht
Various issues can cause a loud grinding noise in your dryer. Here are some common reasons for such noises and potential solutions:

  1. Foreign Objects: Check the drum for any foreign objects, such as coins, buttons, or small items that may have become lodged between the drum and the dryer walls. These can cause a scraping or grinding noise as the drum rotates.
  2. Drum Support Rollers: The dryer drum rotates on the support rollers. Over time, these rollers can wear out or become damaged, leading to a grinding noise. If you suspect an issue with the rollers, they may need to be replaced.
  3. Idler Pulley: The idler pulley provides tension to the dryer belt. If the pulley is worn or damaged, it can result in a loud grinding noise. Inspect the pulley for any signs of wear or damage and replace it if necessary.
  4. Bearing Issues: Dryers with a front-loading design often have drum bearings that can wear out over time. If the bearings are faulty, they can produce a grinding noise. Replacement of the bearings may be necessary.
  5. Belt Issues: The dryer belt can wear out or become misaligned, causing a loud noise when the drum rotates. Inspect the belt for signs of damage or misalignment. If needed, replace the belt.
  6. Motor Problems: A malfunctioning motor can also produce loud grinding noises. If the motor is the issue, it may need to be lubricated or replaced.
  7. Blower Wheel: The blower wheel is responsible for circulating air through the dryer. It can result in a grinding noise if it becomes loose or damaged. Check the blower wheel for any issues and replace it if necessary.
  8. Professional Inspection: If you cannot identify or fix the problem on your own, or if the dryer is still under warranty, it’s advisable to contact the manufacturer’s customer support or a professional appliance repair service for further assistance.

Always ensure that the dryer is unplugged before attempting any repairs or inspections. If you’re uncomfortable with troubleshooting and fixing the issue yourself, it’s best to get in touch with the Fix Appliances CA dryer repair centre, which may also be a good option. Call us today at  888-242-0777.

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