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Frequently Asked Questions

General Frequently Asked Questions

Fix Appliances CA provides same-day professional repair, replacement and installation services for home and light commercial appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, range hoods and microwaves of any type and brand.

If you notice that your appliance makes loud and strange noises or stopped at all, contact our professional technicians by phone or submit a quote online and our representatives will schedule a convenient time for you for a visit. We offer mostly same-day repair for any over Toronto and the GTA areas.

The price for appliance repair services depends on the appliance type and the complexity of the work. It starts from $90.00 Canadian dollars. As a rule, we have all the necessary replacement parts in our truck, you shouldn’t wait too long as we are ready to fix your appliance as soon as possible.

The repair services include diagnostics and determination of the problem, as repair or replacement services.

It is difficult to estimate how long it’ll take to repair faulty residential appliances and the best solution is to have a technician examine the issue first. It can depend on parts availability, complexity, and response to your service call. We offer repair services in one day.

If your appliance has seen better days and is in need of a repair, your first question is: do I have to use an authorized service center for appliance repair? The answer is not as simple as yes or no. The truth is that it depends on what your warranty says. However, there are a number of reasons why it always pays to turn to an authorized service center for all your appliance repair needs.

Yes, whenever possible we recommend using the specific parts that the manufacturer recommends for your appliance. Often this means factory-certified parts. These parts will last longer and work better than generic parts.

The fastest way to get service is by scheduling a repair online or contacting by phone. Besides, when you fill out the form, we use that information to dispatch a technician right away. We don’t have to spend time on the phone writing all the information down. The bottom line is this: We can serve you better and faster through our system if we’re not answering phone calls all day long.

We follow 50%-rule, that is, if the total spent on repairs is more than 50% of the price of a new piece of equipment, replacing is probably the best option. It is sometimes worth cutting your losses and paying a bit more in the short term to free yourself from old appliance repair costs.

This depends on several factors you should pay attention to the age of the appliance, the breakdown is serious, energy efficiency, warranty, and more. Anyway, only expert technicians are prepared to answer all these questions and help you to decide.

Appliance Repair Questions

The primary problem usually is the water inlet valve. If the water pressure in this valve is too low, it may not fully close when the power is shut off. This will result in the valve leaking water into the icemaker, causing the ice maker to overflow.

Most of us rarely take note of our refrigerator’s operation until it suddenly starts running all the time. A faulty defrost thermostat can result in a buildup of frost that restricts the flow of cold air. The other thing is a compressor, while modern compressors tend to run for longer periods, using less energy, they shouldn’t run continually. Contact our professional team to figure out if a simple adjustment, professional repair, or basic maintenance can resolve the issue.

If you know your refrigerator is not running well, you may jump to the conclusion that the issue lies with the compressor. The truth is that many property owners have paid thousands of dollars for new appliances, or wasted money on replacing a compressor when it was not the issue at all.

If you have noticed your refrigerator is leaking water, the first thing to do is to open your fridge and look at the back wall to see if there is frost, ice buildup, or condensation. If any of these are present, then there may be an issue with the drain trough or drain tube on the back wall of your crisper drawer. If it is clogged, water can sit against the door gasket, which can cause water to drop out of the gasket when the door is opened. But if you are not sure what to do, call us for appliance repair services to avoid more serious damages.

Your refrigerator works 24 hours per day every day of the week every day of the year. With a workload like that, it deserves some maintenance. While some types of maintenance need to be done only once a year, there are also maintenance steps you can take on a daily basis.

There are several common issues with any washers you can face such as vibrating, leaking water, strange noises, not running, not spinning and more. If you notice any of them it might be time to call professional help.

Though there can be a number of reasons a dishwasher won’t drain, the issue can often be fixed with a few troubleshooting steps, however, hire a professional to assess the system. Newer dishwashers may still be covered by their limited manufacturer’s warranty. If that’s expired but your dishwasher is instead covered by a home warranty, we will send a trained service technician to access the problem.

The gas should ignite when the bar becomes red hot. If this does not happen, you may need a new igniter or a new gas valve. As with any gas appliance you need special knowledge and skills to repair it, the gas fitters at Fix Appliances CA have TSSA certificates to provide gas appliance repair of any complexity.

Surface burner doesn’t light is one of the most common issues.  If a surface burner doesn’t light and needs a few tires to come on, you need to clean it. Debris can clog portholes in the burner and obstruct gas flow.

An oven that won’t heat is usually the result of a faulty igniter (for a gas oven) or heating element (for an electric oven). You may be able to replace the heating element or igniter yourself: Make sure to turn off the power to your oven before servicing it. But the best decision is to contact experts to define the issues and repair your broken appliance.