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LG Fridge Problems and Repair


LG refrigerators are innovative, modern appliances with advanced technology, but problems do occur. If they’re too cold or hot, don’t defrost, are noisy, leak, or the icemaker or water dispenser don’t function properly, here are some troubleshooting solutions.

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LG Fridge Problems and Repair by Fix Appliances CA

Most Common LG Refrigerator Problems

Are you experiencing LG fridge freezer problems? Is your fridge freezing your lettuce? Melting ice cream or making strange noises? Are you trying to figure out what the problem is so you can fix it yourself? If it’s a temperature or noise problem, water or ice dispenser issue, here are some common refrigerator components that may cause your LG refrigerator problem.


The temperature in the fridge and freezer needs to be just right, or food will spoil. The cooling problem could be due to the temperature settings needing adjustment, the temperature control thermostat, condenser coils, condenser or evaporator fan motor, start relay, start capacitor or thermistor, temperature control board or main control board, or the linear compressor.

LG Fridge Noise Problems

Does your fridge hum, bang or rattle and keep you awake at night? Unusual or loud fridge noise can be telling us of potential problems. Rattling, grinding, or squealing noises may be caused by the fan blades, evaporator or condenser fan motor, compressor, or water inlet valve. Bangs, thumps, or whistles often indicate a compressor problem.

Water dispenser

Is your water dispenser dribbling nonstop? Water trickles or doesn’t flow at all? The water dispenser may have a frozen or leaking water tube, faulty water inlet valve, dispenser control board, or low water pressure. Some issues may be linked to the ice maker or ice dispenser too.

LG Freezer Problems

The freezer is part of the refrigerator, so temperature and noise issues are linked. However, if the unit isn’t defrosting, it could be due to the defrost control board or thermostat, sensor or fuse, defrost timer or heater assembly, or the main control board.

A faulty ice maker could be due to the freezer temperature, water inlet valve, filter, water supply pressure, assembly, icemaker module, door or icemaker switches, ice level control board, etc., icemaker mould thermostat.

Ice Dispenser

The ice dispenser is linked to the water dispenser and icemaker. So, if it has problems, they may be connected. It could be the dispenser control board or switch, auger motor, dispenser actuator, dispenser door motor or solenoid, ice bucket auger, or the ice crusher blades.

LG Fridge Problems and Repair

LG Fridge Troubleshooting Suggestions

Once you’ve identified the problem, you need to try and isolate the cause to determine if you can fix it or if you need to hire a specialist who knows how to fix it. Fixing some issues may be simple, while others require special skills, training, tools, and parts. Always check the manual for part location and maintenance or repair suggestions too.


The most common LG refrigerator repairs are temperature issues. Check the settings and adjust if too low or high. Check the condenser coils for dust and debris and clean with a vacuum.

Make sure the condenser and evaporator fans are free of obstructions and spin freely. If one doesn’t spin easily or is noisy, the motor needs replacing. Check the continuity of each motor with a multimeter. If there is no continuity, replace the defective motor.

The start relay is another common problem. Check continuity between the start and run terminal sockets with a multimeter. Replace the start relay if there is no continuity or it has a burnt smell.

The temperature control thermostat controls the condenser and evaporator fan motors systems and the compressor. Turn the thermostat from the highest to the lowest setting or vice versa. If it clicks, it’s probably fine. If there’s no click, check with a multimeter for continuity and replace if there is none.

Two other common LG refrigerator troubleshooting issues are the start capacitator which provides start-up power to the compressor, and the thermistor that monitors temperatures in the fridge and freezer. If the capacitator or thermistor fails, the compressor often won’t start. Check both with a multimeter and replace them if defective.

The linear compressor is another common culprit that can be tested with a multimeter. However, if it is leaking or needs replacement, the repair must be carried out by a licensed technician.

The temperature control board is seldom the problem but check with a multimeter if other components test out. If it is defective, replace it. The same applies to the main control board.

LG Fridge Noise Problems

If the fridge is noisy, the most common cause is a fan blade. Check that the evaporator and condenser fans spin freely. If they don’t spin easily or squeak or squeal, replace the affected motor.

The evaporator fan motor is another common LG fridge repair. If it seems noisy and is even louder when the fridge door is open, it should be replaced. If the noise doesn’t increase when the door is open, check the condenser fan motor and replace it if necessary.

Banging, gurgling, thumping, or whistling noises commonly emanate from a failing compressor. The ONLY  LG authorized technician must replace the compressor.

The water inlet valve commonly makes noise when filling the icemaker. If it is louder than usual, it may be due to mineral deposits. It should be replaced, not cleaned.

Water Dispenser

If water doesn’t dispense, disconnect the water tube at one end and try blowing through it. If no air goes through, it is plugged with ice. Ensure the freezer is between 0°F and 10°F.

The water inlet valve is another common problem. Test the continuity and replace it if defective. Also, the valve requires a flow of 20psi to operate, so water pressure is important.

A clogged water filter that can also interfere with water flow should be replaced every 6 months.

The door switch prevents the flow of ice or water when the door is open. Check it for continuity and replace it if required.

Dispenser switches control different functions in the dispenser system. If one component doesn’t work, test with a multimeter, and replace it if there is no continuity. If all components fail, it is like a faulty dispenser control board.

LG Freezer Problems

Defrost, and icemaker issues are freezer problems. If defrost isn’t functioning, test the defrost control board, defrost heater, and the defrost thermostat using a multimeter. Another solution is to check the defrost sensor with fuse and then test for continuity.

The defrost thermostat is another issue. It monitors the evaporator coil temperatures and controls the defrost cycle. If everything tests out, check the main control board.

Ice Dispenser

Test each dispenser switch for continuity if the ice dispenser isn’t working. Inspect the dispenser actuator. If damaged, replace it. Ensure the auger motor spins and test with a multimeter. Also, test that the dispenser door motor is receiving power. If not, replace it.

The dispenser solenoid opens and closes the door flap. If it’s defective, replace it if everything checks out, test and replace the dispenser control board.

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