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LG Fridge Problems and Repair

Oleg Chudnovski, CEO

Technically Reviewed by Oleg Chudnovski, CEO on Mar 18, 2024 | Written by Fix Appliances CA Editorial Contributors

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LG refrigerators are cutting-edge, contemporary appliances boasting advanced technology, yet occasional issues may arise. Whether they are too cold or hot, fail to defrost, emit excessive noise, experience leaks, or encounter malfunctions with the icemaker or water dispenser, here are some troubleshooting solutions for you.

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LG Fridge Problems and Repair by Fix Appliances CA

Most Common LG Refrigerator Problems

Are you experiencing LG fridge freezer problems? Is your fridge freezing your lettuce? Melting ice cream or making strange noises? Are you trying to figure out the problem so you can fix it yourself? Here is a brief overview of the problems and primary simple solutions that can be implemented by anyone:

  • Water leaks inside the LG refrigerator – Clean drain line and check door seals.
  • Excessive noise – Level the refrigerator and clear fan obstructions.
  • Insufficient cooling – Adjust temperature settings and clean condenser coils.
  • Refrigerant issues – Contact technician for leak detection and repair.
  • FF error code – Reset refrigerator or contact LG support.
  • Water leakage – Clear defrost drain and ensure level.
  • Non-functioning linear compressor – Contact LG for repair options.

Whether it’s a temperature, noise, or water or ice dispenser issue, below, you can find a more in-depth examination of the problems and detailed instructions for resolving them.


Maintaining the ideal temperature in both the fridge and freezer is crucial to prevent food spoilage. Cooling issues may arise from various factors, including the need for adjustments to temperature settings, potential malfunctions in the temperature control thermostat, condenser coils, condenser or evaporator fan motor, start relay, start capacitor or thermistor, temperature control board or main control board, or even the linear compressor.

LG Fridge Noise Problems

Does your fridge hum, bang or rattle and keep you awake at night? Unusual or loud fridge noise can tell us of potential problems. Rattling, grinding, or squealing noises may be caused by the fan blades, evaporator or condenser fan motor, compressor, or water inlet valve. Bangs, thumps, or whistles often indicate a compressor problem.

Water dispenser

Is your water dispenser persistently dribbling? Is the water trickling slowly or not flowing at all? These issues may be attributed to a frozen or leaking water tube, a malfunctioning water inlet valve, a dispenser control board, or low water pressure. Some complications may also be intertwined with the ice maker or ice dispenser.

LG Freezer Problems

As the freezer is an integral part of the refrigerator, temperature, and noise concerns are interrelated. However, if the unit fails to defrost, potential culprits include the defrost control board or thermostat, sensor or fuse, defrost timer or heater assembly, or the main control board.

A malfunctioning ice maker could be attributed to freezer temperature irregularities, water inlet valve problems, filter issues, low water supply pressure, assembly glitches, icemaker module concerns, door or icemaker switches, ice level control board, etc., or icemaker mold thermostat.

Ice Dispenser

The ice dispenser is interconnected with the water dispenser and icemaker. Consequently, if issues arise, they may be interlinked. Possible causes include problems with the dispenser control board or switch, auger motor, dispenser actuator, dispenser door motor or solenoid, ice bucket auger, or ice crusher blades.

LG Fridge Problems and Repair

LG Fridge Troubleshooting Suggestions

Once you’ve identified the problem, you need to try and isolate the cause to determine if you can fix it or need to hire a specialist who knows how to fix it. Fixing some issues may be simple, while others require special skills, training, tools, and parts. Always check the manual for part location and maintenance or repair suggestions too.


The most frequent issues with LG refrigerators revolve around temperature concerns. Begin by inspecting and adjusting the settings if they are too high or low. Examine the condenser coils for any accumulation of dust or debris and clean them using a vacuum.

Ensure the condenser and evaporator fans are unobstructed and rotate freely. If the motor exhibits difficulty spinning or generates noise, it may require replacement. Employ a multimeter to assess the continuity of each motor, replacing any that show a lack of continuity.

Another common problem is the start relay. Use a multimeter to check for continuity between the start and run terminal sockets. If there’s no continuity or a burnt smell is detected, replace the start relay.

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The temperature control thermostat manages the condenser and evaporator fan motors, as well as the compressor systems. Test the thermostat by adjusting it from the highest to the lowest setting or vice versa. If it clicks, it’s likely in good condition. In the absence of a click, use a multimeter to check for continuity and replace it if none is detected.

Two additional prevalent issues in LG refrigerator troubleshooting involve the start capacitor, which supplies start-up power to the compressor, and the thermistor, responsible for monitoring temperatures in the fridge and freezer. If either the capacitor or thermistor fails, the compressor may struggle to start. Verify the condition of both using a multimeter and replace them if deemed defective.

While the linear compressor can be tested with a multimeter, if it is leaking or requires replacement, it’s advisable to enlist the services of a licensed technician for the repair.

Although infrequent, the temperature control board should be checked with a multimeter if other components pass the test. If it is found to be defective, proceed with replacement. The same principle applies to the main control board.

LG Fridge Noise Problems

When faced with a noisy fridge, the primary culprit is often a fan blade. Ensure that both the evaporator and condenser fans rotate freely. Replace the relevant motor if they exhibit difficulty spinning or emit squeaks and squeals.

The evaporator fan motor is another frequent point of concern in LG refrigerator repairs. If it produces excessive noise, especially when the fridge door is opened, consider replacing it. However, if the noise remains constant when the door is opened, inspect the condenser fan motor and replace it if necessary.

Banging, gurgling, thumping, or whistling noises commonly emanate from a failing compressor. PAY ATTENTION: The ONLY LG-authorized technician must replace the compressor.

A noise during the icemaker’s filling process may indicate an issue with the water inlet valve. If the noise is louder than usual, mineral deposits may be the cause. In such cases, it is advisable to replace the valve rather than attempting to clean it.

Water Dispenser

If water isn’t dispensing, disconnect the water tube at one end and attempt to blow through it. If no air passes through, it indicates a blockage with ice. Verify that the freezer temperature is maintained between 0°F and 10°F.

The water inlet valve is another common problem. Test the continuity and replace it if defective. Also, the valve requires a flow of 20psi to operate, so water pressure is important.

A clogged water filter that can interfere with water flow should be replaced every six months.

The door switch prevents the flow of ice or water when the door is open. Check it for continuity and replace it if required.

Dispenser switches to control different functions in the dispenser system. If one component doesn’t work, test with a multimeter, and replace it if there is no continuity. If all components fail, it is like a faulty dispenser control board.

LG Freezer Problems

Defrost and icemaker complications fall under freezer issues. If the defrost function is not working, assess the defrost control board, defrost heater, and defrost thermostat using a multimeter. Alternatively, examine the defrost sensor with a fuse and test for continuity.

The defrost thermostat is another issue. It monitors the evaporator coil temperatures and controls the defrost cycle. If everything tests out, check the main control board.

Ice Dispenser

Test each dispenser switch for continuity if the ice dispenser isn’t working. Inspect the dispenser actuator. If damaged, replace it. Ensure the auger motor spins and test with a multimeter. Additionally, verify that the dispenser door motor is receiving power. If not, consider replacing it.

The dispenser solenoid opens and closes the door flap. If it’s defective, replace it. If everything checks out, test and replace the dispenser control board.

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14 comments on “LG Fridge Problems and Repair

I have an LG French door refrigerator that has stopped cooling. All of the food I. The freezer had to be thrown away. It is not quite 6 years old. Is it worth it to repair?

Hello Lynne Gibbons,
Thank you for your question.

Indeed, in numerous instances, repairing the appliance is a worthwhile option. LG, for instance, offers a 7-year warranty on the sealed system (parts only) and a 10-year warranty for the compressor (parts only). To obtain more comprehensive information, kindly contact LG with the model and serial number, which can be found on the sticker inside your refrigerator.

I have an LSC23924SW/03 LG refrigerator. The ice maker stopped making ice about 5-6 months after i purchased it new and the water dispenser has only trickled from the very beginning. Are either problem covered by warranty?

Hello Richard Troilo,
Thank you for your question. The standard warranty for your purchase covers one year of both parts and labour, beginning from the date specified on your bill of sale. If you have any questions or require support related to your warranty, you can contact LG Electronics Canada’s customer service team at 1-888-542-2623. They will connect you with a representative who can address your queries.

If necessary, the LG representative can arrange for an LG-authorized service provider to come to your residence and provide the support the warranty covers. Our Fix Appliances CA company could provide LG-authorized service if you are within our service area.

My LG 3-door fridge with craft ice maker starts making hammering noises for about a minute. This happens 2 to 3 times.

Hello Georgy Styron
If your LG 3-door fridge with a craft ice maker is making hammering noises, it could be due to a few reasons. Here are some potential causes and suggestions for addressing the issue:

  1. Water Hammer Noise: The hammering sound could be associated with water flow. When the water supply to the refrigerator is abruptly stopped or starts, it can cause a water hammer effect. Ensure that the water supply valve connected to the fridge is fully open.
  2. Ice Maker Operation: The craft ice maker may be cycling, and the noise could be related to the ice-making process. This is a normal operation, and the sounds should not persist for an extended period. If the noises seem excessive, there could be an issue with the ice maker motor or components. In this case, it’s advisable to have it inspected by a professional technician.
  3. Water Line Issues: Check for any kinks or bends in the water supply line to the refrigerator. Straightening the water line and properly securing it can help minimize water hammer effects.
  4. Water Pressure: High water pressure can contribute to water hammering. If the water pressure is too high, consider installing a water pressure regulator to reduce it to an acceptable level.
  5. Professional Inspection: If the issue persists or if you’re unsure about the cause, it’s recommended that you contact us for the LG-authorized repair service to schedule a visit with our appliance technician to inspect and diagnose the problem. There could be specific issues with internal components that may require professional attention.

My refrigerator started making a noise like a fan is running. It stops when the door is opened. It is still under warranty. I live in Kenai Alaska so is there a qualified repairman in my community? Thank you for your advice and help with this problem.

Hello Denyse Mitchell
I can offer you some general guidance on what you can do to address the issue with your LG refrigerator in the beautiful Kenai City of Alaska state:

  1. Check the Manual: Refer to the user manual that came with your refrigerator. It may have troubleshooting tips and information on common issues.
  2. Contact LG Support: Reach out to LG customer support. They may be able to guide you through some troubleshooting steps over the phone and determine if the issue requires professional assistance.
  3. Warranty Information: Since your refrigerator is still under warranty, it’s important to contact LG to discuss the issue. They may provide information on authorized service providers in your area or offer guidance on how to proceed.
  4. Local Repair Services: You can also inquire locally by checking online directories or contacting appliance repair companies in Kenai, Alaska. Make sure to ask if they are authorized to perform warranty repairs for LG appliances.
  5. Online Reviews: Look for online reviews or ask for recommendations from friends and neighbours who may have had similar appliance repair needs in your area.

Remember to provide your refrigerator’s model and serial number when contacting LG support or potential repair services. This information will help them assist you more effectively.

My LG refrigerator’s water dispenser is running non-stop. I switched to ice and it also continued to dispense ice. This is the second time this occurred in two years. The refrigerator was purchased new almost four years ago.

Hello Howard Barasch,
Considering that this is the second instance within a two-year period, there could be an underlying issue necessitating a more comprehensive inspection and, potentially, the replacement of components. If you are in our service area, it is recommended that you contact LG customer support or our authorized LG appliance repair service at Fix Appliances CA. The phone number is 647-503-6655

Moreover, contacting LG for assistance is particularly prudent if your refrigerator is still under warranty.

My LG LRYKC2606S refrigerator has a weird smell in both the refrigerator and freezer. It is making the ice taste and smell terrible. The water coming into the house and into the refrigerator taste fine. So, when I dispense water, it smells and tastes fine but the ice is absorbing the odor inside making the ice smell and taste terrible. What could be the problem? We have trouble shot everything that they have told us to. New air filter, new water filter, cleaned and wiped down everything with the baking soda solution, and there is NO bad food or opened food. Everything is sealed. We purchased 11/18/23 and was delivered 12/8/23. We completed all the steps required for dispensing ice and water upon delivery instructions and the ice has been fine until about 8 days ago. Tap water is fine, water coming out of the refrigerator door tastes and smells fine. Please help. We are getting nowhere via phone calls to LG.

Hello Tonda,
I would advise you to contact LG again and request that they send an authorized technician from another company.

Alternatively, you could hire an independent technician and ask them to provide you with an independent report for subsequent warranty repair by LG, as your refrigerator is still under warranty.

Ice cubes are formed, the tray rotates once and empties, it refills again and freezes but does not empty a second time, and further water overflows and leaks over the tray, eventually flowing over the outside edge of the ice collection box. Any thoughts on possible problems?
Many thanks in advance.

Hello Dick Lee,
After carefully reviewing the symptoms you described, I believe the primary issue likely stems from a malfunctioning or faulty ice maker sensor. This sensor is responsible for detecting when the ice tray is full and signalling the ice maker to stop the ice-making process and initiate the emptying cycle. If the sensor fails to detect the ice tray’s fullness accurately, it could lead to overfilling and subsequent water overflowing, resulting in the leakage you’ve experienced.

To address this problem effectively, we recommend scheduling a service appointment with an LG-authorized service repair technician if you are in our service area. Our technician will thoroughly inspect your fridge’s ice maker system, including the sensor, to identify any faults or malfunctions. Depending on the findings, they will either recalibrate the sensor, repair any damaged components, or replace it if necessary. Additionally, they will conduct a comprehensive check of the water inlet valve, the ice maker mechanism, and the water supply line to ensure optimal performance and prevent future issues.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team to schedule a service appointment at your earliest convenience.

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