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Main Warning Signs That You Need Appliance Repair

Oleg Chudnovski, CEO

Technically Reviewed by Oleg Chudnovski, CEO on Jan 12, 2024 | Written by Olga Larina

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Nowadays, we can’t imagine our daily routine without home appliances, a kitchen or laundry. They save time and make our lives easier and more convenient. We can combine several routines at one time: cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc. And, of course, we can’t miss when they need maintenance or repair. Of course, we could pay attention to any specific issues with every home appliance, but here we tried to answer the most important question of defining your appliance needing repair. And describe the pros and cons of repairing a damaged appliance or buying a new one.

DIY Troubleshooting

All home appliances have many common issues that everybody can face when using. Among the most widespread problems with dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, or dryers can have troubles with the display, water leaking, cooling or heating. Besides, you should pay attention if your household appliance doesn’t operate correctly or doesn’t work at all. Having more than 18 years of experience in appliance repair services, Fix Appliances CA is always nearby to help you solve any issues with your appliance.

  • Every appliance makes noises when working, and it’s not an issue. But hearing too loud or strange unusual noises could indicate something is wrong with it. For example, defrosting the refrigerant may cause a tapping sound, which is normal. But, a new noise is a point that an appliance may need repair or must be diagnosed. If the sound comes from your freezer, the sounds may come from a fan blade hitting something, which is abnormal.
  • Moreover, another issue is different strange odours that mean an emergency case. For instance, a burnt smell could mean an electrical problem with the oven, range hood, dryer or microwave. However, if you feel a light gas smell, you must contact specialists to define and fix the problem immediately. Fix appliances CA has qualified and certified with “TSSA” certificates gas fitters who can easily cope with problems with any gas appliances.
  • One more issue is when the breaker is down all the time. It can happen when the electrical system is overloaded. When you turn the breaker up, it consumes more energy.
  • But as a rule, before contacting a repairman, you probably watched YouTube video tutorials or read the user manual on troubleshooting an appliance problem. It worked, and you’re happy because you’ve saved money on repair costs. However, after a day or two, your appliance stopped working again. This malfunctioning appliance makes us feel frustrated.

If issues persist even after DIY troubleshooting, hiring a professional to end your problem permanently is best. We would also like to share our experience with you and write an article,-“Why DIY Appliance Repair Isn’t A Good Idea?”

Use Professional Repair Services

Several evident factors indicate you need appliance repairs. In particular, if your cooktop won’t turn on, it’s time to call an appliance repair service to fix it. While you can set off dishwasher repair and wash your dishes by hand to save cash, you might spend more money on your water bills. Appliances that turn on but fail to function properly can be annoying and raise your electricity bills. Thus, if it takes more time to cook your favourite recipes than you used to, your range or oven might need restoration. Don’t allow appliance issues to go unattended for several months because obtaining a new appliance will cost thousands of dollars. Contacting professionals is best to handle these issues as soon as possible.


A trusted and reputable appliance service company can offer a service warranty. You can always contact a professional appliance repair specialist if something goes wrong with your dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine, or any other home appliance. Moreover, all these repair companies, including Fix Appliances CA different maintenance programs. This will help you get your old appliance working like a new one and use it for the next four to five years with no problems.

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There are some crucial points that you should keep in mind. First, pay attention to reviews at Homestars or Google; next, you should check the address verifying the information on Google maps; third, look for complaints on bogus and fake companies at BBB. It is the quickest way to avoid hiring fraudulent “specialists.”

Tricky Dilemma: To Repair Your Home Appliance or To Replace it With a New One

In our experience, when we come to customers, we are often asked a question: what is the best to repair or buy a new appliance? We want to pay your attention to another no less important issue that will help you to define your choice:

Professional Diagnostics

As specialists in home appliance repair services, first, we advise you to make a diagnostic of what exactly is wrong with your appliance. In this case, you can take advantage of the offer to call appliance repair specialists in our company at no charge and make full diagnostics at your location: if it is an electric appliance, it will cost $89.00  dollars; if it’s a gas appliance or light commercial one – $99.00 dollars. Contact us for multi-point diagnostics, and you will benefit from receiving quality repair services or replacing your appliance with a new one.

Discount and Rebate Programs

Another offer from our company is our rebate program. This program is available for our existing customers and new ones. There are no restrictions on the type of appliance. This can be a dishwasher, a microwave, a range hood, or any other in stock. If your appliance can’t be repaired or repair won’t be efficient, our experts will help you follow all the basics of the appliance rebate program and explain how it can let you save on a brand-new replacement. When you decide to buy a new appliance or repair, you can compare the prices, and if the repair will cost 40-50% of its price, it is worth repairing. Moreover, you’ll receive a warranty not only for the services but for a replaced part as well.

Moving to Another Place

One more important issue is moving. According to the statistics, the main reasons for this are: 22% of Canadians move because of work-related reasons, while 20% are upgrading their home and another 17% move for family reasons. Canadians move more often than any other people. According to the statistics, roughly 4.4 million Canadians move homes every year. 50% of these people move sometime between June and September. 14% move in June and approximately one-third of them move on Canada Day weekend. Interestingly, mortgage in Canada differs from any other country. A five-year mortgage amortized over 25 years. That means the loan balance has to be refinanced at the end of five years, exposing the borrower to any rate increase that has occurred in the interim. That’s why Canadians benefit from moving to another house or even places nationwide. And here, the question of buying a new appliance or repair is crucial enough. Of course, if you understand that you are moving in 2-3 years, repairing is worth it.

Pandemic Situation

Drawing on our expertise and experience during the pandemic with COVID-19 all over the world, there is a problem with buying a new appliance immediately according to your preferences: size, colour, specific features and other, important only for you, characteristics of the household appliance. The issue is that you can wait for a new one longer than expected. And in this case, the best way out is to repair your old appliance and wait for the one you are dreaming of.

In Conclusion, a Trusted Contact With an Authorized Appliance Repair Service

However, despite the above, only the professional technician can decide whether your appliance is worth repairing or whether buying a new one is better. You are welcome to contact our qualified customer representative, who will gladly give you all the necessary information and consultation to help you in this difficult situation. Fix Appliances CA has more than 18 years of experience in home appliance repair services, and you can always trust your favourite domestic equipment with our highly-trained specialists.

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