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Massage Chair Repair Service

Authorized repair service for most home appliances and massage chairs

We offer same-day massage chair repair and an in-home warranty service. You can conveniently schedule online or by text message.

Plus, FREE house-call with your repair and Rebate Program

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  •  Factory Certified

    Factory Certified

    Licensed technicians with over 15 years of experience

  • TSSA Gas Contractor

    TSSA Gas Contractor

    Fully certified in gas appliances service, repair & installation

  • Complete Warranty

    Complete Warranty

    Each repair is covered by service and parts warranty

  • Authorized Repair

    Authorized Repair

    Authorized service centre for most appliance manufacturers

Professional Panasonic Massage Chair Service Near Me

You don’t need to be stressed if your massage chair isn’t working! Give the massage chair experts at Fix Appliances CA a call! We offer same-day massage chair repair in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area’s surrounding areas. You can be sure that our company will help you receive qualified support and provide you with the best massage chair service near me. Our technicians provide repair service for a wide variety of Panasonic-made massage chairs and lounger models.

Table: Comprehensive Panasonic Massage Chair Services in the GTA areas

Service Description
  • The manufacturer’s warranty includes every purchase
  •  Coverage for parts and labour 
  • Convenient service centers located in the GTA for warranty claims
  • Certified technicians for Panasonic massage chair repairs
  • Genuine replacement parts used
  • Convenient repair facilities in Toronto for prompt service
  • Regular maintenance services to keep your massage chair in top condition
  • Inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of components
  • Scheduled maintenance plans available
Customer Support
  • A dedicated customer support team based in Toronto for local assistance
  • Technical support for troubleshooting and usage tips
  • In-person support is available upon request
On-Site Repairs
  • Convenient on-site repair services are available in Toronto and the GTA surrounding areas 

Massage Chair On-Site Repair and Warranty

Our technicians specialize in expertly setting up Panasonic massage chairs, ensuring optimal performance and comfort for both residential and commercial clients across Toronto and the GTA. From start to finish, our hassle-free services cater to your specific needs, providing a seamless experience.

We are servicing model numbers starting with the prefix EP-. For example, the following models:

  • Models: EPMAF1K, EPMAF1T, EPMAG3K, EPMAG3T, EPMA73K, EPMA73T, EPMAJ7C, EPMAJ7K, EPMAJ7T, EPMAK1 in-home warranty service for 5-year parts and labour.
  • Models: EP30004, EP30006, EPMA50T, EPMA70K, EPMA70C. In-home service is for 3-year parts and 5-year labour.
  • Models: EP30004K, EPMA70C, EPMA70K, EPMA70T. In-home service is for 3 years of parts and 5 years of labour.
  • Models: Commercial Use – EP30004, EP30006, EPMA50T, EPMA70K, EPMA70C In-home service for 1 year of parts and labour.
  • Models: EPMAC8, EPMA38 In-home service for 3-year parts and labour.
  • Models:  EPMA10K, EPMA03K, EP1285K, EP1272, EP1282, EP1273, EPMS40 In-home service for 1-year parts and labour.

Panasonic Massage Chair Models We Service

The model and serial numbers on massage chairs are typically found on a sticker at the back of the chair, usually attached to the bottom frame.

Types of Massage Repair Services

Massage chairs offer innovative relaxation and therapeutic benefits through diverse massage techniques. Typically equipped with built-in rollers, airbags, and heating elements, these chairs emulate human hands, delivering massages ranging from gentle kneading to deep tissue relief. Users can personalize their massage experience with customizable settings to suit individual needs and preferences.

If your massage chair needs repair, look no further! At Fix Appliances CA, we specialize in prompt and reliable repair for Panasonic appliances and massage chairs of all makes and models. Our experienced technicians possess the expertise and tools to diagnose and resolve mechanical or electrical issues efficiently. Whether your chair requires a simple tune-up or a major repair, we’re here to assist if you get any of these problems:

  • The power supply is not turning off
  • The remote control does not respond
  • Mechanical movement problems
  • Fault in electrical components
  • The massage chair is overheating
  • Programming or software error code
  • Manufacturer defect and warranty case

Don’t let a malfunction disrupt your relaxation—contact us today to schedule a repair appointment for issues such as power supply issues, remote control problems, mechanical or electrical failures, overheating, programming error codes, user errors, manufacturer defects, and warranty issues. We provide service for the main categories of the following massage chair users:

  1. Home use
  2. Commercial use

If you have difficulty diagnosing or fixing the problem, please contact our Panasonic factory-authorized center for assistance at 647-503-6655. Our service representatives are available 7 days a week to schedule appointments with technicians for all types of Panasonic massage chairs.


What Our Customers Say About Us

Discover how Fix Appliances maintains a 5-star service record since day one.

Ilya was great! Came on time and was very communicative about parts eta and scheduled the part installation the same day he received them. I would definitely recommend him to all of my friends and family! Thank you!

rating Private User, Vaughan, Ontario
Private User, Vaughan, Ontario
Microwave Oven Repair
February 23, 2024

Nick the service agent was excellent, courteous and very communicative. He explained everything fully and even went to pick up the part needed and came back and installed it. Very pleased with the results and the very prompt service. Thank you Nick.

rating Tony G., North York,  Ontario
Tony G., North York, Ontario
Replacing Button On Microwave
February 19, 2024

My Panasonic microwave had been making a horrible grinding noise for a few weeks. After a very professional in-app conversation, Fix appliances sent Alex for an estimate. He diagnosed the issue in literally 2 seconds, and a few days later when he showed up with the part he replaced it expeditiously. I will say, they aren't cheap, but I've heard getting anything fixed in Toronto is expensive these days, and I'd rather pay a little more for fast, reliable pros like this team than deal with even slightly shady contractors.

rating Peter, The GTA, Ontario
Peter, The GTA, Ontario
Microwave Turntable Motor Replacement
February 07, 2024

Repair my drawer Panasonic microwave. Great service, they kept me up to my date with everything, clean, neat and tidy. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

rating Jose G., Oshawa, Ontario
Jose G., Oshawa, Ontario
Panasonic Microwave Repair
February 06, 2024

Contact Us For Massage Chair Repair Services

Same-day Microwave Repair Service in Your Area

FIX Appliances CA’s main branch is located in Aurora, Ontario, and our local microwave oven repair technicians serve Toronto and the GTA surrounding areas.  Check our service map to confirm the service area nearest to your city or town.


Schedule an appointment or request an estimate:

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We accept online service requests sent through the quick order form around the clock. If you send your request outside of our normal business hours, our representative will contact you first thing in the morning.


We are open 7 days a week for your convenience! To book an appointment or get an estimate, please complete the form below, or call us. We will contact you to confirm. Usual reply time: 3 minutes.
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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting a professional technician, you can try troubleshooting common issues with your Panasonic massage chair. Start by checking the power supply and ensuring all cables are properly connected. If the chair is unresponsive or displaying error codes, consult the user manual for guidance on resolving specific issues. Additionally, perform basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning and lubricating moving parts to prevent potential problems.
Technicians specializing in Panasonic massage chair repair can address a wide range of issues, including mechanical problems such as malfunctioning rollers or airbags, electrical malfunctions like power supply issues or remote control failures, overheating, programming errors, and user errors due to incorrect usage or settings. Additionally, they can diagnose and resolve manufacturer defects covered under warranty.
Scheduling a repair appointment for your Panasonic massage chair is easy. Simply contact a reputable repair service specializing in Panasonic chairs, such as our Panasonic factory-authorized center. Our service representatives are available seven days a week to assist you in scheduling an appointment with a qualified technician. Be prepared to provide information about the specific issues you're experiencing with your chair to expedite the repair process.

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