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Maytag Air Conditioner – 2.5 TON


High-Efficiency Air Conditioner Model CSA1BD Series covered by a 12-year worry-free limited warranty.

The CSA1BD Series of air conditioners offers exceptional performance. It offers a full line of quality split system cooling equipment when combined with Maytag-engineered coils or air handlers.

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High Efficiency Maytag M120 Air Conditioner

Maytag’s M120 series includes our most efficient air conditioning units. These systems feature premium comfort levels, quiet operation, and energy efficiency. M1200 air conditioners are covered by our best warranty, 12-year worry-free limited parts coverage, and a 12-year Dependability Promise with registration. Visit Maytag’s warranty page for more information.

Innovation and Style

These models feature brushed, stainless steel jacket panels for superior quality and rust-free durability. It protects the coil from damage by weather and flying debris.

Quiet Comfort

Maytag air conditioners and heat pumps include additional features for extra quiet performance, such as swept-wing fan blades, sound-reducing bases and compressor blankets.

Advanced Technology

All Maytag split system models feature all-aluminum coils for increased resistance to corrosion. These coils reduce unit weight and require less refrigerant than traditional coils.

Features and Benefits

  • Quiet PlusTM Sound Package: This package includes a Quiet PlusTM Compressor Sound Blanket and Swept Wing Fan Blade, both of which have been engineered to significantly reduce unwanted noise.
  • Designed Using Galvanized Steel: With a polyester urethane coat finish, it passes 950 hours of salt spray per ASTM Std. B117.
  • Permanently Lubricated Motor:  A heavy-duty PSC motor for long-lasting reliability and quiet operation. It requires no maintenance and is completely protected from rain and snow.
  • Removable Top Grille Assembly: Allows ease of service from the top without disconnecting fan motor leads.
  • High-Pressure Switch:  Protects against abnormally high system pressures. Auto-reset feature prevents nuisance service visits.
  • Liquid Line Filter/Drier:  Included with unit, field installed.
    One Piece Top/Orifice:  Designed for maximum airflow and quiet operation.
  • Easy Compressor and Control Access: Designed to make servicing easier for the contractor, access panels are provided to all controls and the compressor from the side of the unit.
  • Composite Base Pan:  Absorbs sound and is corrosion-resistant. Composite is also stronger and lighter than steel.
  • Micro-Channel Coils: All aluminum coils in all models provide high corrosion resistance.
  • Servicer-Friendly Jacket:  Side panels can be easily removed and replaced without removing the top grill.

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