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Technicians Available Now: April 12

Home Appliance Rebate Program

The Best brands of Household Appliances for Your Home

At Fix Appliances CA, we will always do our best to repair your existing appliances if possible. Our technicians are trained to recognize and fix common problems affordably and quickly.

On the rare occasion when an appliance can’t be fixed, we’re ready to help. Fix Appliances CA offers a competitive appliance + rebate program on our stock appliances. That’s right. We’ll actually give you money for your worn-out appliance to be used when purchasing any of the brand-new replacement appliances we have available in our store!

We Offer Rebates for Appliances in All of Our Product Line

Our home appliances rebate program isn’t restricted by appliance type. If it’s something “In Stock”, it’s part of our program. For example, we offer:

  • Dishwasher rebate
  • Microwave rebate
  • Range hood rebate
  • Garage door opener rebate

Feel free to ask us about your favourite brand. If we carry it, we’ll make sure you get the rebate you’re entitled to on your new purchase.

All of Our Technicians are Knowledgeable About the Appliance Rebate Program

If your appliance can’t be repaired or if the repair isn’t economical, our expert technicians will walk you through the basics of the appliance rebate program and how it can help you save on a brand-new replacement. If, for some reason, there are any questions they can’t answer, they’ll refer you to a client service representative who will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Who Qualifies for the Appliance Rebate?

If you’re a customer of Fix Appliances CA, do you qualify for the rebate program on any new purchase period? There are no strings or hidden conditions. The rebate program is available to all our new and existing customers.

If My Appliance is Repairable, Do I Still Get the Rebate?

It’s entirely up to you to choose to move forward with an appliance repair. If you decide you don’t want to repair that old fridge and you’d prefer to purchase a new one, you qualify for the appliance rebate program on the purchase of a new appliance from us.

Is There a Time Limit on the Rebate Offer?

Our rebate program is available whenever you need it. This isn’t a time-limited offer. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to serving you better and making it easier to upgrade to a new energy-efficient, green appliance when the time is right.

Can the Appliance Rebate be Applied to Any Appliance?

The only limitation of our rebate program is that it only applies to purchasing any new appliance in stock. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a new microwave or a new refrigerator — we’re here waiting to apply between a $25 to $80 rebate towards the purchase price of your next new appliance.

Would You Like to See a Video of How Our Service Works?

Our rebate inventory of top brands in the industry –Panasonic, Bosch, Maytag, Chamberlain openers and Cyclone Range Hood. Contact us today at (888) 242-0777 to take advantage of this great program.