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Refrigerator Too Cold

Oleg Chudnovski, CEO

Technically Reviewed by Oleg Chudnovski, CEO on Apr 08, 2024 | Written by Fix Appliances CA Editorial Contributors

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We all expect our fridge to keep our food and drinks cold. What do you do when the fridge is cooling too much, and your fridge is freezing food? There are usually some simple reasons why your fridge is too cold.

You can check a few things if your refrigerator is excessively cold. Make sure the temperature isn’t set too low by first modifying the settings. Next, check to verify if the thermostat is operating correctly. It can need to be replaced if it appears to be defective. It’s a good idea to have these checked by a qualified technician as a malfunctioning temperature sensor or control board could be another potential problem. Additionally, check that nothing is obstructing the refrigerator’s ventilation, as this can also result in the appliance being overly freezing.

If these or any other issues with your fridge have you stumped, let us walk you through some of them and show you more simple fixes, or let the experts at FIX Appliances CA help. We can tackle issues quickly with a too-cold fridge at a price you love.

The Fridge Is Too Cold

Your side-by-side or top and bottom freezer and fridge are designed to maintain items inside at an optimal temperature. However, there are occasions when issues arise, causing the refrigerator to become excessively cold. During such instances, you may notice that items in your refrigerator are freezing.

Here are three common issues that make your refrigerator too cold.

Problem With an Air Inlet Damper

This component of your refrigerator regulates the airflow from the evaporator fan housing. Typically situated where cold air enters the food storage area, it resembles louvred blinds on a window. You’ll often find it positioned at the bottom of the fridge’s interior.

You can tell the difference between this part and the cold control of your fridge because the knob that controls this damper does not have an “off” setting. If this part does not open and close easily, it may let too much cold air into the fridge, creating a refrigerator running too cold.

Main Control Board Issues

In many newer refrigerator models, all components are managed by a main electronic control board. Since this board oversees numerous aspects of your fridge’s operation, it’s wise to inspect other parts first if your fridge is excessively cold and leave the control board as a last resort.

If you suspect a problem with the board, disconnect the fridge and examine it closely. Check for any signs of burnt connections, deteriorated foil, or evidence of electrical arcing. These indicators suggest a faulty control board, which can cause the refrigerator to run continuously and become excessively cold.

Temperature Controller

If your refrigerator is too cold even on the lowest setting, the issue might lie with a faulty temperature controller. This component is responsible for supplying electricity to the compressor and fans, and it responds to changes in fridge temperature detected by the thermostat, particularly when the interior starts to warm up.

If the fan and the compressor are working, but the fridge is too cold, this could be a sign that the temperature controller is faulty. In this case, it will not be sensing the actual temperature of the fridge and may cause your fan and compressor to run far too often, thus resulting in a fridge that is too cold.

The Refrigerator Is Too Cold: How To Fix the Problem


Your fridge is designed to do things like keep your drinks like water, soda, and beer ice-cold during hot weather outside. That does not mean it is supposed to freeze those drinks solid.

So now that you see some of the culprits for why a fridge gets too cold, let us show you some simple solutions to these problems.

Replace the Air Inlet

If the air inlet is not moving properly, replacing the part is the best course of action. On some models, air leakage is kept down by a foam seal that may be rather rigid, so don’t damage this part when replacing the inlet.

If your refrigerator contains an automatic temperature-sensing bulb, ensure it is positioned properly after replacing the inlet. This bulb measures the temperature inside the fridge and then adjusts the inlet control accordingly.

Replace a Damaged or Faulty Control Board

If you do see signs of damage after inspection of your control board, there is no choice but to replace the entire board. Since this controls so many refrigerator components, it is vital to do this job correctly.

It is imperative to ensure the fridge is unplugged before working on an electrical component like the control board.

Reset, Repair or Replace a Temperature Control

Diagnosing a temperature control problem is a relatively simple process. Begin by unplugging your fridge and locating the cold control knob.

Set the knob to its midpoint position and then plug the fridge back in. At this setting, the fridge should maintain a temperature of approximately 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

During this process, ensure that the sensor bulb or wire is securely in place and free from any signs of damage. Additionally, inspect the wires to ensure they are not loose or corroded.

After completing these steps, monitor your fridge for a day or so to determine if it maintains the correct temperature. If it fails to do so, it may be necessary to replace the control.

Let FIX Appliances CA Help If the Fridge is Getting Too Cold

While many of the problems we have listed have pretty simple solutions, you may find that they are beyond what you can handle regarding ability, knowledge or time. So if you have a refrigerator temperature that is too cold, it might be easier to turn to the professionals.

That is why it is so easy to let the experts at FIX Appliances CA help. With our extensive experience in this field, we boast a skilled team and an extensive stock of parts to swiftly resolve these issues.

Check out our refrigerator repair page to see all the services and parts we provide. Please call us now at the toll-free number 888-242-0777 to get your fridge back to the perfect temperature today.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

When a refrigerator gets excessively cold and freezes items, it could be due to several reasons, such as issues with the air inlet damper, the main control board, or the temperature controller. Understanding these common culprits can help diagnose the problem.
To address these issues, you can follow specific steps, including replacing the air inlet if it's not functioning correctly, identifying and replacing a damaged control board, or resetting and repairing the temperature control. These troubleshooting actions can help restore your fridge to the desired temperature.
While some issues have simple solutions, you may encounter problems beyond your expertise. Professional technicians at FIX Appliances CA have the experience, knowledge, and resources to quickly diagnose and repair refrigerator temperature issues. They offer a wide range of services and can ensure your fridge operates at the perfect temperature. Contact FIX Appliances CA for expert assistance in resolving refrigerator problems.

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