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What to Do If the Refrigerator Fan Is Not Working?

Gaya Chudnovski

Technically Reviewed by Gaya Chudnovski on Mar 18, 2024 | Written by Oleg Chudnovski, CEO

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The average refrigerator uses 81 cents of electricity a day. However, if your refrigerator fan is not running then the cold air from the freezer is not being circulated efficiently and this cost could be doubled or even tripled. A fridge with a fan not working could even cause foods furthest from the cold air intake to become spoiled and make you sick.

If your refrigerator fan ceases operation, it is essential to inspect the fan motor’s electrical connections and wiring for any potential issues. Likewise, carefully examine the fan’s wiring for indications of damage or looseness. If everything appears satisfactory, you can consult an extensive list of typical causes and their respective solutions to address the problem and maintain optimal refrigerator performance.

To see if the fan motor is not working right, first check that nothing is blocking the fan blade. Then, try giving the fan blade a spin by hand. If it doesn’t spin easily, you should get a new condenser fan motor. If nothing is blocking it and the blade spins easily, use a tool called a multimeter to check if the fan motor is connected properly.

Reasons for a Fridge Fan Not Working

A malfunctioning freezer fan, failing to circulate cold air to the refrigerator, can lead to food spoilage, potential illness from consuming spoiled items, and a spike in your utility bill. As the fridge persistently attempts to pump cold air without proper fan circulation, it is crucial for both your well-being and financial concerns to identify the root cause of the malfunctioning fan. Some of the most common reasons why a refrigerator fan stopped working are:

1. Fan is Blocked

The fan is a physical component that is constantly spinning when on. If the freezer or fridge is so jam-packed with items that the fan is somehow blocked, it will not spin and cause the fridge fan to stop circulating freezer air into the cabin of the refrigerator. This may help you to troubleshoot a refrigerator fan motor not working.

2. Faulty Fan Motor

The motor responsible for spinning the fan blades in the refrigerator can break if struck or develop faults over time, possibly due to leaks from the fridge. If the fan motor is defective, the fan will cease to operate, even if there are no obstructions and it remains connected to the power supply.

3. Thermostat Control Issues

The refrigerator fan will stop working if the temperature in the fridge is correct. However, if the thermostat that reads the temperature has issues, it can cause the fan to stop working. You will need to gain access to and test the continuity of the thermostat and possibly replace it.


Actions to Take How to Fix a Fridge Fan

If you have diagnosed the problem or still need to check, the following list will give you the steps that you can take to find the problem causing the fridge fan to stop working and then fix the problem.

1. Remove the Obstruction

It sounds simple, but if you have food stuffed in every nook and cranny of the icebox, you might have accidentally blocked the fan from spinning. Move the food so that it is not touching the fan.

2. Test and Replace the Fan Motor

The fan motor is positioned behind the fan assembly. By using a screwdriver to dismantle the fan panel and subsequently turning off the power to the fridge, you can employ a multimeter to examine the motor’s wiring for continuity. If you encounter infinite readings from any of the connections, it indicates a faulty motor that needs replacement.

3. Replace the Thermostat

The thermostat is located on the bottom of the refrigerator’s control panel. Remove the control panel door with a screwdriver and find the metal casing held by a bracket that connects the thermostat to the fridge. If you test the two wires coming into the thermostat for continuity with infinity readings, remove the thermostat and replace it with another.

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FAQ: Top Frequently Asked Questions

The refrigerator fan not working can be caused by various issues, including blockages, a faulty fan motor, or thermostat control problems. Understanding the reasons behind it is crucial for addressing the problem.
If you've identified that the fridge fan is not working, there are steps you can take to diagnose and potentially resolve the problem. These steps include removing obstructions, testing and replacing the fan motor, and addressing thermostat issues.
FIX Appliances CA has a team of experienced and TSSA-licensed technicians who specialize in appliance repair. They offer free quotes, prioritize customer service, and have the expertise to handle refrigerator fan and other appliance repairs. If you're experiencing issues with your fridge or other appliances, they can provide reliable and punctual service to address your needs.

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