Dishwasher Repair

The service provider was very personable and knowledgeable. I appreciated how considerate and respectful he was. (He offered to remove his shoes outside before entering.) He thoroughly explained what he would be doing for the repair and why. He was able to answer all my questions explicitly. He shared the estimate with me and ensured I understood everything before approving the work. Unfortunately, he did not offer to show me the part he was replacing nor the new replacement part he installed. When I called the following day to question this, he called my back promptly. He no longer had the part in his possession. I would suggest that this be a routine part of the service provided: to show the customer the 'damaged/malfunctioning part' as well as the newly installed part. This is common practice when having automobile repairs done. It gives the customer peace of mind that the repair is legitimate. Despite this omission, I was very impressed with the customer service provided.

anne s., Toronto
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