Margo Umarin

Serge was great to deal with. He fixed a broken drum support on my Samsung washer very quickly. I had called Fix Appliances CA after having other "appliance repair" company come out just to say that they needed a special "lift tool" to take a part the washer and it's not worth to repair. I googled the specs and instructions and realized it could be not complicated job. I had Serge come out just in case it wasn't a simple replacement and that other issues needed to be addressed. I would rather let a pro do the work and not do more damage to my washing machine that might cost me more in the long run. From that first job, I had him come out to my vacation home and do work on another appliances. I would recommend Serge to anyone that needs his help and will no longer call other companies.

Margo Umarin, Scarborough, Ontario
Samsung washer machine repair
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