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Whirlpool Washer Bellow Tub Seal


In this article…

How to replace the door boot seal on a Whirlpool washing machine in just 5 steps!

Before proceeding, ensure the appliance is disconnected from a power source. Unplug it and/or turn the breaker off before doing any repairs. This is the most important step.

Now that we’ve mentioned that let’s get started!

  • STEP 1
    First, we will remove the top panel from the washer. Once removed, unfasten and remove the screws from the front panel.
  • STEP 2
    Disconnect and remove the user interface panel from the front. Be very careful when removing this panel. Watch for electric commutation. Unfasten and remove the screws and bottom cover from the front of the main panel.
    After removing these, remove the first retaining clamp that attaches the seal to the front panel. Now undo the screws holding the door latch and set it aside gently.
    Now you should be able to remove the front panel.
  • STEP 3
    We don’t need to replace any other parts except for the seal. Please be careful during the next steps.
    Disconnect the old seal from the water supply. Remove the second retaining clamp attaching the seal to the outer tub.
    Now you can remove the old seal.
    Look at how dirty and beat-up this part is! It needed to be replaced!
  • STEP 4
    Now it is time to install the new seal!
    Let’s skip unpacking and get to work!
    Attach the new seal thoroughly to the washer’s tub and secure it by retaining the clamp and make sure the water supply is on the top near the water connector. It should be facing and located this way.
    Double-check that the seal is firmly seated and in the correct position.
  • STEP 5
    Almost done!
    Put back the front panel and fix it in place by fastening the screws.
    Place the latch back in.
    Secure the seal in place with the retainer clamp.
    Connect and install the user interface panel back into place and top and bottom panels.
    Ensure that all the screws are in the right places and well-tightened once the panels are assembled.

Great job! We did it!
We hope that this post and video were helpful. Do you have any questions regarding your washing machine? Call our toll-free number 888-242-0777
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Washing machine leaking from door

Whirlpool Washer Bellow Tub Seal

The most common cause of a leaking washing machine is the door seal. They often acquire holes or tears, letting water leak down inside the washer machine, which then leaks out from underneath, but they can also leak from the door itself straight down the front of the washer machine.

How to clean your washing machine rubber door seal.

Use a scouring sponge or old toothbrush to clean the washing machine door seal and wipe clean with water. Do the same for your detergent drawer as a product can build up. If you are having trouble cleaning your machine door seal, mould may have seeped into the rubber, so you should replace the seal.

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By Oleg Chudnovski


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