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What Causes Glass Electric Cooktop on Stove to Crack?

Oleg Chudnovski, CEO

Technically Reviewed by Oleg Chudnovski, CEO on Mar 19, 2024 | Written by Olga Larina

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Glass electric cooktops are becoming popular due to their elegant appearance, functionality, and easier cleaning and maintenance. If we compare them with coil ones, glass cooktops heat more quickly and cook evenly. But they have some disadvantages as well. They are inclined to fissure due to the fragile nature of a glass surface. These cracks and chips can be exceptionally dangerous and may indeed render your cooktop unusable.

Broken Glass To Cooktop

Having analyzed customers’ requests, we’ve found out that they need the replacement and a piece of advice on what to do if it happens and how to keep the glass surface alive. Fix Appliances CA provides services for repairing and maintaining any type and model of stove cooktops, including outdoor kitchen appliances. Our licensed technicians have over 18 years of experience in helping you with glass electric cooktops.

Let’s delve into the pressing matters surrounding your stove cooktop damage: understanding the reasons behind glass top stove cracks and implementing measures to safeguard against them, thus preventing potential cracking.

Why Glass Top Stove Crack?

Glass electric cooktops on stoves can develop cracks for various reasons:

  • Thermal shock resulting from sudden temperature changes.
  • Impact caused by heavy objects or utensils.
  • Manufacturing defects or flaws present in the glass.
  • Uneven weight distribution, particularly noticeable when using oversized cookware.

When all of these elements work together, the cooktop’s glass surface becomes weakened and eventually fractures. It’s critical to take care of these problems very away to prevent more harm.

Can I Use My Cracked Glass Top Stove?

You should always keep in mind that the use of a cracked stove is NOT safe! Indeed minor splits and cracks increase the hazard of electric shock. You can supplant the glass-ceramic surface or minor splits but larger ones will require an entirely new cooktop.

Cracked Glass Stove Top Repair Cost

Most of the time, one of the important questions is how much the customer should spend on replacing the damaged stove cooktop.

As a rule, the repair prices differ from the brand, type and model. The price for a cooktop main panel ranges from $200.00 to $1000.00 Canadian dollars, excluding the replacement price. You should remember that the cost can be higher depending on whether you have a gas glass cooktop an electric or induction one. Moreover, the prices differ depending on brands and manufacturers and their sizes (the bigger the cooktop is, the higher the price).

Besides, when you choose the repair company, pay attention to the warranty. Fix Appliances CA provides a complete up to one-year warranty for the replacement part and the services.

How to Repair a Damaged Glass Top

All glass-top stoves are equipped with tempered glass, known for its durability and resistance to heat. However, despite its toughness, the surface is not immune to cracking, albeit usually confined to a specific area. The advantage lies in the localized nature of the cracks. Nonetheless, based on our expertise, these cracks have the potential to spread across the entire surface over time, necessitating prompt resolution.

Let’s delve into the primary reasons behind the occurrence of cracks on glass cooktop stoves. Understanding these factors is essential to prevent cracking and prolong the lifespan of your cooktop. The key culprits include impacts, excessive heat, and sudden temperature changes. Impact-related cracks can result from the dropping or banging of heavy objects, while rough pots and pans can induce micro-scratches that weaken the glass’s integrity over time, eventually leading to cracks. Pay close attention to prolonged exposure to high heat and abrupt temperature fluctuations during cooking, as they can create sufficient stress to cause the glass to crack. Additionally, avoid placing hot pots or pans on a cold surface or directly on food while cooking to prevent the formation of hot spots.

Thus, you should always take care of your electric glass cooktop. This is important because you won’t be able to repair it. Of course, several methods, such as epoxy and other chemicals, are used to repair cracked tempered glass, but they will not stand up to extreme heat, so the repair will not hold.

Our Fix Appliances CA repair company, with almost twenty years of experience, is ready to help you with your cracked glass coop top stove. You can find many positive reviews of our customers who contacted us and were satisfied with our services. We do understand that we live in the century of the Internet, and it’s not a problem to look for a piece of advice on what to do. The truth about fixing a crack or a chip in a glass stove top is simple, you can’t do it effectively. Upon close cooperation with manufacturers concerning this problem, we insist on the only real option of the glass cooktop replacement.

How to Replace a Glass Cooktop

If your electric glass cooktop on a stove is damaged and scratched, it’s not necessary to buy a new stove, and you can follow these simple steps to replace only a cooktop:

  1. Shut off power. To prevent electrical shock and damage to the cooktop components, you must always turn off the power to the stove before working on it.
  2. Pull the cooktop out. You can generally remove a glass top by removing screws from the brackets, holding the cooktop on the counter in front of the stovetop and then lifting it up and setting it on the counter.
  3. Remove the glass top. Follow this guide:
    a. Remove the screws that secure the burner box to the glass top
    b. Lift the glass top up slightly and unplug the wire harness connection on the user interface controls
    c. Lift the cooktop off of the burner box and discard it (that is, disconnect the user interface wire harness)
    NB: Some models set on top of a cabinet instead of an oven may require you to approach from underneath, loosen the top from support brackets and then remove and replace it.
  4. Fit a fresh glass surface. Place the new glass surface atop the burner box and connect the user interface control wire harness. Afterwards, reinstall the screws to firmly affix the glass surface to the burner box.
  5. Reinstall the cooktop on the counter. Lower the cooktop into the counter. Reinstall the mounting bracket screw.
  6. Restore electric power. Activate the electricity supply to the hob.
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Attention: Undertaking any electric appliances can be dangerous. Plug off the appliance, use only the proper tools and safety equipment mentioned in this guideline, and strictly follow the instructions. But don’t proceed if you are unsure that you understand every step and will manage to complete the replacement. A qualified and certified technician must only perform All-electric appliance repairs. Contact the professionals at Fix Appliances CA to receive qualified and specialized service with a complete warranty on the services and replaced parts.

Important: You can face the same problem with a glass cooktop on a gas range. At this point, do not try to replace it by yourself. Qualified gas appliance repairmen at Fix Appliances CA have a special “TSSA” certificate that gives the right to provide installation, maintenance and repair service for any gas home appliances.

Free Estimation to Replace the Glass Top On a Stove

If you face a problem when your electric glass stove cooktop is cracked or damaged due to any reason, it’s time to call Fix Appliances CA at 888-242-0777 or submit an online request to replace a glass top. You are sure to receive a free estimate over the phone. Don’t forget to provide us with your appliance’s brand, model and serial number. We will check the part availability. It helps to understand how fast we can receive the part directly from an appliance manufacturer or warehouse without waiting. Next, if you would like to proceed, you can appoint the day and time our repairman will do part delivery and installation.

How to Prevent Cracks and Damage

Now you are aware of the most usual reasons why the glass cooktop stove can be cracked or damaged, it’s time to discuss how we can prevent any scratches, cracks or damages. First of all, pay attention to the cookware: use a lightweight one with a smooth and flat bottom made from stainless steel or heavy-duty aluminum. Try to avoid using copper and enamelled pots that can leave behind residue that can build up on your cook leading to any damage, and cast iron, porcelain and ceramic cookware that are heavy enough and have a rough bottom.
The other thing just as important is the necessity to clean a pot and a pan after each use. Remember that food spills must be cleaned up once you finish cooking. But consider that your glass cooktop is off and completely cooled before you use cleaning agents. It helps you to prevent chemical damage or burn hazards.

If you follow the simple rules when using your glass cooktop, you are sure to enjoy cooking for many years:

  • Never slide, or lift cookware on and off.
  • Never store heavy objects over your stove (containers, ceramic dishes, microwaves and others to avoid falling).
  • Always keep the bottom of the cookware clean.
  • Read the instructions thoroughly from the manufacturer. This maximizes the lifespan of your stove.
  • Use only liquid cleaning agents or sprays and only fresh fabric to avoid mechanical damage and scratches to the glass surface.

Fix Appliances CA is one of the best and top-requested companies in the electric home appliance repair, installation and maintenance market. We are an authorized repair service for most home appliance manufacturers. With approximately two decades of experience, we continue receiving thousands of positive reviews from our satisfied customers on Google and social media platforms. We are proud of being a 7-times-winner of HomeStars Best of 2017-2022.

Special attention should be dedicated to our warranty policy. We provide a complete warranty on all our services and parts replacements, including a Satisfaction Guarantee (90 days).
You are welcome to contact us if you face these problems. And no matter in what part of Canada you live, Toronto, Barrie, Oshawa, Hamilton or any other area of GTA, we step into the breach seven days a week. Call our certified, authorized, licensed technicians, and you’re never disappointed.

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