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Why Is Your Electric Oven Not Heating but Stove Top Is

Oleg Chudnovski, CEO

Technically Reviewed by Oleg Chudnovski, CEO on Apr 09, 2024 | Written by Olga Larina

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Similar to other household appliances, your oven is prone to experiencing problems over time. In general, gas ovens are considered easier to repair as they are less complex and have fewer technical components or wiring. Additionally, gas ovens are not as commonly used in households. Conversely, electric ovens have gained popularity in Canada in recent years.

Today, electricity is one thing contemporary households use 24/7. Unfortunately, it’s not 100% reliable. So, have you recently noticed that your electric oven isn’t heating up while the stovetop works? You may need to troubleshoot it. First, you should verify that the heating element is receiving electricity and inspect it for any obvious wear or damage. The thermostat could need to be changed or calibrated if the element appears to be in good condition. Make sure the electrical connections are secure and undamaged by giving them a once-over. In the event that troubleshooting is ineffective, you may want to consider hiring a qualified technician for additional diagnosis and repair.

Fix Appliances CA has twenty years of experience in repairing cooking appliances, including electric ovens. Our oven experts have the necessary knowledge and skills in this field. You must be sure to receive qualified repair services at a high level and in no time.

No matter in what part of Toronto, Ottawa or other GTA areas you live, our technicians provide oven repair services near you.

Induction cooking panel with oven, electric stove front and top view

Basic Reasons Why the Oven Stopped Working

As with any electric home appliance, the electric oven needs maintenance and repair. Is your electric oven not heating up, burning, or cooking your food unevenly? Aside from being an inconvenience, we understand that one of the biggest concerns regarding an appliance breakdown is the potential cost should you need a replacement. It helps to save you money and ensures your electric oven lasts as long as possible.

Upon the experience of our electric technicians, in most common cases, this specific issue means that the broil element and the baking element remain functional. However, there can probably be a blown internal fuse. If it is not the fuse, it could be the temperature sensor, broken or frayed wiring, or even the oven control board breakdown.

Let’s try to investigate what to check first to discover that the oven is not working in this article. If the stove works fine, but the oven is not heating up, it means the baking and broil elements are functional, but you may have a blown internal fuse case. Our specialists confirm that there may be numerous other factors at play, and there are several potential solutions worth exploring:

  • Check power outlet
  • Heating bake or broil element
  • Connectors to heating elements
  • PCB Circuit board
  • Touchpad or control panel

Electric Oven Is Not Working but the Stovetop Is

Electric household appliances are integral to our daily lives, and the kitchen wouldn’t be complete without an oven. In our century of the Internet, it’s not a problem to look for a piece of advice on what to do when watching DIY videos. But if you are unsure that you can cope with it by yourself, we recommend contacting highly trained experts at Fix Appliances CA.

Our oven technicians shared the main issues and troubleshooting points if your oven has stopped working, but the stove is good. Here are some of them:

  1. No Power Source. When troubleshooting any electrical appliance, this should be your initial checkpoint. Nearly every electric oven requires 240 volts of AC current. A simple tripped breaker could disrupt the flow of electricity to any legs, rendering your oven powerless and unable to start.
  2. Damaged Heating Element. Most electric ovens contain two heating elements. Through regular use, these elements may degrade or sustain damage over time. A malfunctioning heating element is often the primary culprit behind an oven’s failure to heat up.
  3. Bad Relays. Ovens equipped with two heating elements typically feature two relays. A malfunctioning relay can hinder the oven’s proper functioning or prevent it from reaching the desired temperature.
  4. Electronic Control Board. Regardless of the brand, whether it’s a Kenmore or Tappan electric oven, an electronic control board is present. This component oversees the operation of the broil, baking elements, and other oven functions. If the stove is operational but the electric oven and clock aren’t functioning, inspect the control board for signs of damage, such as burning or shorts.
  5. Oven Thermal Fuse. If both heating elements fail to function, it may be due to a blown oven thermal fuse or wiring issues. Only a trained technician should diagnose and rectify these issues.
  6. Defective Oven Sensor. The oven’s control board collaborates with the oven sensor, which monitors the oven’s temperature. When the oven reaches the designated temperature, the control board interrupts the voltage to the heating elements. A defective sensor can prevent the oven from starting altogether. To check its functionality, utilise a multimeter; if insufficient resistance is detected, it’s time to replace the sensor. Some ovens utilise a temperature-sensing bulb to regulate temperature; if the bulb is loose or burnt out, readjustment or replacement may be necessary.
  7. Burnt out Selector Switch. This switch facilitates the adjustment of oven settings from bake to broil and vice versa. A ticking or defective selector switch can impede the oven’s proper operation.
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Our electric oven technicians would not recommend you to check and fix those problems unless you are qualified in this regard. Considering the involvement of various meters to check such stuff, it is better to hire a pro. You are welcome to contact us to schedule the most convenient time to resolve any issues with your oven.

Fix Appliances CA — Your Trusted Authorized Appliance Repair Service

Fix Appliances CA is one of the best and most experienced companies in the electric home appliance repair market. We are an authorized repair service for most brands. The work of our professionals with more than eighteen years of experience is reflected in thousands of positive reviews from our satisfied customers, including Google and many different social media platforms such as Yelp, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and others. We are proud of being a 7-times-winner of HomeStars Best of the Best.

We want to pay special attention to our warranty policy. If you have any of these problems with your electric oven, contact us without hesitation. And no matter in what part of Canada you live, Toronto, Ottawa or any other area of GTA, we are at your service seven days a week, including holidays. Call our authorized, certified, and licensed technicians, and you will be satisfied with our well-done job.

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2 comments on “Why Is Your Electric Oven Not Heating but Stove Top Is

The oven of my electric stove turns on but it does not reach the temperature of 350 degrees. Could it be the element or something else?

Hello Janet Ingrao
Thank you for your question. Typically, when an element is burnt out, it results in no heating whatsoever. The primary and most prevalent cause of this issue is a malfunctioning temperature sensor within the oven, which can prevent it from reaching the desired temperature. The second potential cause is a faulty control board.

For further information, please refer to our blog post titled “5 Reasons Your Electric Oven Isn’t Heating Up and Tips for Understanding Why.

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