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Why You Should Choose Authorized Appliance Repair Company?

Oleg Chudnovski, CEO

Technically Reviewed by Oleg Chudnovski, CEO on Jan 12, 2024 | Written by Olga Larina

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Household appliances assist us with in-home functions such as cooking, cleaning, and preservation. All of them make our everyday tasks easier. When any of them is out of order, it frustrates us, and the main goal is to find the best company and receive quality services. Suppose you live in Toronto, Ottawa or any other part of the GTA area and Southern Ontario. In that case, there is a challenge to find not only the nearest repair company but the one which provides professional service at reliable prices and gives a warranty on the parts and work.

When you start looking to hire a home appliances serviceperson or a company, you should focus on their professional knowledge, skills, and experience. There is a difference between factory-certified specialists and non-certified ones. As we always face the appearance of new and modern household appliances, we should choose factory-trained pros even more often than we can expect. They receive ongoing training and learn product features that are constantly updated and new advances in specific appliances and brands.

If you’d like to receive the best results, work with an appliance technician who is familiar with the appliance brand and whom you can trust. In this case, you can feel free to contact Fix Appliances CA, which is one of the most professional with many years of experience companies in Canada and its appliance repair market with a factory-trained staff.

Today we prepared the most crucial issues on advantages based on our experience of why an authorized appliance repair company is the best choice that satisfies your needs and expectations. And you are sure to benefit from receiving repair services from technicians with more specialized knowledge and expertise.

Professional Appliance Repair

Certified Appliance Repair

The certification requirements for home appliance repair depend on the province or territory in Canada. And the appliance repair technicians need to get certification from the authority to start working.

You must enroll in a vocational or trade program to become an appliance technician. Some specializations may require you to complete an apprenticeship program, additional training, or certification, like those that work with appliances using hazardous materials such as cooling refrigerants or others. Thus, you are sure that the serviceperson has the knowledge, skills and ability to work with any residential or light commercial appliance and fix it.

The most recognized appliance repair certification in the USA for repair technicians is NASTeC, the National Appliance Service Technician Certification, which offers four levels of certification: kitchen appliances, refrigeration, laundry appliances, and all-type technician. This trade is voluntary in Ontario, meaning completing an apprenticeship program is optional, and certification is not legally required to practice the trade.

Additional certification is available voluntarily and may increase your earning potential. Organizations like the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians offer certification. The other certificate that is necessary and issued by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is the WSIB certificate. It means the company is registered with the WSIB and guarantees that all required premium remittance and reconciliation forms have been filed. This protects the companies financially if something goes wrong or the repairman gets hurt while on a customer’s property.

Licensed Appliance Repair

Sometimes, providing household repair services is not enough to have certificates. You need a license. It depends on the types of repair services the company offers. Specialized tradespeople, like electricians, plumbers, and gasfitters in Canada, may also need additional certification and training through their province. For example, they may have to be a registered apprentice or certified journeyperson to perform work related to their trade.

In most Canadian provinces, specialized trades require either a certificate of qualification or a license. A certificate of qualification certifies that you have met the requirements in your province or territory related to practicing your trade and that you have passed an exam.

When discussing a business, you should pay attention if the company you hire is licensed and insured. Most home appliance repair companies have license numbers to be provided upon request. It won’t be difficult to verify this information.

The other important license is a liability license that protects customers from receiving bad-quality services at the fault of an unprofessional repairman.

Gas license TSSA Technical and Safety Authority certificates give the right to work with any gas appliances, i.e. to install, maintain and repair. Of course, there can be a variety of other licenses connected with a specific repair or services, for example, an electronic license to repair or service electronic equipment and/or home appliances; a special license is necessary to provide electrical services (it is necessary when you work directly with electricity, e.g. install new sockets, panels or extend new wiring). A special license is obliged to provide refrigeration technicians are expected to hold a certain certification that licenses them to perform charging refrigeration systems. This certification demonstrates that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to safely perform freon recharge duties professionally, properly, and environmentally.

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Refill or Discharge a Refrigerator with Freon

Authorized Appliance Repair

The authorization requires special attention on your part. You only benefit if an appliance repair company is factory-authorized. It means that all technicians went through the training course from the certified trainer on the appliance they are repairing (type, model and brand). Furthermore, the factory certification protects the customer in different ways, including evaluations of service history and experiences, criminal background checks, insurance liability coverage and regulatory compliance. These and many other details are sure to be verified by the manufacturer routinely.

Advantages of receiving authorized appliance repair services:

  1. Know-how and proficiency. Appliance technicians know the latest technologies and diagnostic, repair, and maintenance techniques and methods. Besides, they have hands-on experience in using test equipment. If there are any known product issues or recalls, each factory-trained specialist will know about them and provide the appropriate solutions.
  2. Using original parts.  Such companies use only manufacturer-supplied parts in their inventory and provide customers with these authentic components. In this case, there is no necessity to wait until the required parts arrive; they contact the manufacturer directly if they encounter any difficulties, and you benefit from ready access to genuine parts for your appliance. Moreover, all these parts are tested for reliability.
  3. Warranty. An authorized service provider is a company that has been cleared to work on a product that is still under warranty by another company without voiding the warranty. It means that the company completed a certification test administered by the company of the product that they would be servicing. As a rule, these technicians are trained and understand all warranty details and peculiarities and can act on behalf of the manufacturer for all kinds of covered repairs.
  4. Repair services costs.  Any factory-certified company typically offers the most competitive rates for the quality of service you receive. It’s crucial when you are looking for a reliable appliance repair service. Fix Appliances CA offers affordable prices that are recommended by authorized companies and are completely adjustable to the price policy of the companies.

Some of the most popular appliance brands customers buy to furnish their kitchen and laundry rooms are LG and Panasonic. Despite being Asian companies, their products are used in every house, including a microwave or a refrigerator, a washing machine or a dryer and others. Of course, these companies have their representative offices in Canada. No matter what brand of domestic appliance you use, either Korean company LG, Japanese company Panasonic, New Zealand company Fisher & Paykel DCS or European brand Bertazooni, you must be sure that your appliance is in good hands.

Fix Appliances CA is trusted for factory-certified LG repair and is also qualified to service Panasonic appliances. If you face any problems with your home appliance, our factory-certified technicians can help. We are authorized to provide repair services for major other brands, such as Bertazzoni, Fisher & Paykel DCS, Fulgor Milano and others. The full information you can find on our brand page.

Professional Appliance Repair

As you can see from the above, if the company that provides appliance repair services has all the necessary certificates and licenses and their qualified technicians are factory-trained, you can trust the repair of your home appliance. All described above peculiarities give Fix Appliances CA the right to be a professional appliance repair company in Canada. When you choose the right professional company, remember all these things that can help you obtain the best quality and excellent repair services. It saves you time, and you will enjoy well-done repair that extends the lifespan of your favourite domestic appliances.

Fix Appliances CA – the best trusted and authorized repair center to contact


FIX Appliances CA™ is the largest company in the Canadian market of household appliance repair, with the head office located in the GTA area. We are always nearby, and thus, you can contact our customer representatives by sending a quote online or calling the toll-free number 888-242-0777 from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm, including weekends and holidays. We provide our services in many places of the GTA and Southern Ontario area, including Ottawa, Toronto and other cities in Southern Ontario.

If you want to get more information on choosing the best appliance repair company, read our article “8 Steps To Choosing A Good Appliance Repair Company in Ottawa”. And you never “lose the game” in receiving your household appliances like a new one with a warranty on the replaced parts and repair services.

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