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Technicians Available Now: November 29

Authorized Blomberg Appliance Repair Service

Authorized Repair Service Provider for Blomberg Appliances

FREE Service Call with ANY Repair.
FIX Appliances offers reliable, same-day Blomberg repair services throughout Toronto and the GTA. We are an authorized appliance repair service for Blomberg appliances and provide manufacturer-certified services, including a warranty. Our customer support centre is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.

Call us, and we can help at 888-242-0777

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  •  Factory Certified

    Factory Certified

    Licensed technicians with over 15 years of experience

  • TSSA Gas Contractor

    TSSA Gas Contractor

    Fully certified in gas appliances service, repair & installation

  • Complete Warranty

    Complete Warranty

    Each repair is covered by service and parts warranty

  • Authorized Repair

    Authorized Repair

    Authorized service centre for most appliance manufacturers


Get Certified Repair Service for All Your Blomberg Appliances

We are an Authorized Appliance Repair Service for Blomberg appliances and provide manufacturer-certified service‎.

In need of a trustworthy repairman to help troubleshoot your Blomberg appliances? You don’t have to look further if you have problems with your dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, stove, or washing machine.

FIX Appliances CA is ready to help you any time of the day. We offer Blomberg appliance repair service anywhere in the GTA or Simcoe County. With our skilled professionals handling all sorts of Blomberg appliance repairs, you will receive 100 percent genuine service throughout the day.

Our qualified technicians are fully trained and equipped with the latest, up-to-date knowledge to fix your Blomberg appliances successfully. Therefore, you will have peace of mind that an expert is only working on your appliance problems.

Flexible and Same-Day Repair Service

It doesn’t matter what day and time you need our help. Fix Appliances CA’s technicians are always available to serve you. We have assigned ample repairmen in Canada to ensure we accommodate all repair requests in the area.

This means whatever time you need our assistance. Whether it’s on a weekday, weekend, or holiday, we will surely come and help you. You can even schedule our visit at your most convenient day and time.

Highly Skilled Technicians

With over 15 years in the appliance repair service business, our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in repairing all kinds of appliances, particularly Blomberg refrigerators, hoods, ranges, cooktops, ovens, dishwashers and laundry.

We are backed with decades of experience and training certifications, making us the leading appliance repair service in southern Ontario. So, if you need a reliable team to work on your appliance issues, FIX Appliances CA is your way.

Hassle-Free Repair

Our technicians are armed with technical knowledge in troubleshooting appliance issues and equipped with the right tools and parts to make every home visit successful.

Before leaving your home, we ensure that your Blomberg stove or any other appliances are working well and efficiently again. So, you can rest easy knowing you can do your chores without hassle.

Blomberg Refrigerator Repair

Is your Blomberg fridge not cooling? Well, that calls for urgent appliance repair help.

Never let a day pass with a damaged refrigerator, as it may spoil food. If this is the case, call FIX Appliances CA. We do Blomberg refrigerator repair and can handle all sorts of problems, including:

  • The refrigerator is not cooling
  • The refrigerator is not turning on
  • The refrigerator is producing unusual noise

If you’re having trouble with a fridge in Toronto or other areas in Ontario, we are available from 07:30 am to 09:00 pm to help you repair your Blomberg fridge. Please get in touch with us today.

Blomberg Washing Machine Repair

Blomberg washing machines are designed with high-tech features to ease washing your clothes. However, with regular use, it’s normal for your machine to malfunction. If you notice that your washing machine is not working as usual and having these problems:

  • Spinner not spinning
  • The machine is not turning on
  • Clothes aren’t washed well

Call the best Blomberg washing machine repair. FIX Appliance CA can do same-day servicing any time of the week. Call us anytime.

Blomberg Dryer Repair

Blomberg dryers are developed with many useful features to provide unparalleled clothing care. But sometimes, it will act up and stop working on the most unexpected days.

If issues with your dryer start to show up like:

  • The dryer is not spinning
  • The dryer is making a noise
  • The dryer is not starting on
  • The dryer is not heating on

Immediately call for help. FIX Appliances Repair can troubleshoot any dryer model, including Blomberg. You can reach us through phone or online booking and expect immediate, same-day assistance from our friendly and highly skilled staff.

Blomberg Oven and Stove Repair

If your Blomberg oven is acting up and giving you a hard time cooking your meals for the family, call FIX Appliances CA for authorized Blomberg oven repair. We can fix all the problems with your oven and stove.

If your appliance shows the following issues, contact us immediately for Blomberg stove repair.

  • Stove not heating
  • Not turning on
  • Showing error messages

We are always ready to assist you any time of the day, even on weekends or holidays.

Blomberg Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers make dishwashing more convenient and efficient. But if you see that your dishwasher is no longer doing its job than usual, something is wrong.

FIX Appliances CA can handle Blomberg dishwasher repair. Our technicians are familiar with servicing all types of Blomberg dishwashers, including:

  • Built-In
  • Double
  • Portable
  • Countertop

Therefore, you can get the best service for your money. Contact us today!

Blomberg Range Hood Repair

Blomberg range hoods are made with high-quality, environmentally friendly, and fashion-forward components that offer ease of use for owners.

If you need help with your kitchen range hood, ensure you only deal with a company with a long-standing track record of troubleshooting air ventilation systems.

  • Maintenance and replacement of filters
  • Repair any range hood
  • Consultation for installation service

Feel free to reach out anytime, and we will visit your home on your most convenient day.

Reliable Service & Repair

FIX Appliances CA is a leading provider of affordable appliance repairs. We have over 17 years of industry experience. Using this experience, we can offer reliable white goods repairs. No matter the problem, our skilled technicians will be able to fix it.

Call or text us for authorized Blomberg appliance repair service “Request Service” or call the toll-free number 1-888-242-0777 today.

Reliable Service & Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a 90-day guarantee for all of our work. Our team will even give you a discount for a new appliance from our store if your old one is beyond repair. Our reps are standing by at 1-888-242-0777, or you can contact us at our request page to set up a service call for estimates. Contact us today to find out more about costs and estimates.
Since there are several factors to consider when checking to see why a dryer is not turning on, you should make an appointment for our technician to come out with a multimeter and test your dryer's electrical wiring and sockets. Our technicians can do this work quickly and bring replacement parts for proper repairs.
A dishwasher that smells like burning or burnt rubber and plastic can be a serious issue that can become dangerous. Our team of highly qualified technicians can safely and quickly assess the smell and make the proper repairs. Call today at 1-888-242-0777 or set up an appointment on our request page.
Our team has diagnosed and repaired virtually every washer brand, and if we can’t fix your old one, we will give you a discount on a new appliance from our store through the rebate program we have set in place. Call us today at 1-888-242-0777 or give us the details of your appliance on our request page to get our specialists to troubleshoot and order the needed parts.
Our team will take your call or information from our request page. We offer same-day service and can order replacement parts for you. We even have a ninety-day guarantee for any of our appliance work to give you peace of mind about a fridge that won’t get cold.