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Kenmore Appliances is a brand of house Sears Kenmore Appliance Repair hold appliances sold by Sears since 1927. The products are currently produced by manufacturers such as Whirlpool, GE, Panasonic, Sanyo, LG, Bosch, Electrolux, and Mabe Mexico. The brand is controlled by Sears Holdings, and owned by KCD IP, LLC, a special purpose entity created by Sears Holdings for securitization purposes. The name “KCD IP” is an acronym for Kenmore Craftsman DieHard intellectual property. Today the brand is sold at all Sears Holdings stores, including Sears and, since 2005, at Kmart. The first Kenmore branded product was a washing machine introduced in 1927. The first Kenmore vacuum cleaners were introduced in 1932. Kenmore’s upscale line of appliances is known as the Elite line. Kenmore also has a professional line of appliances called Kenmore Pro.

1913 – The Kenmore name first appears on a Sears product, a sewing machine
1927 – Sears first applies the Kenmore brand name to washing machines
1932 – Kenmore vacuum cleaners debut
1933 – Kenmore is officially registered as a Sears trademark. The Toperator washing machine centralizes wash, drain, and wringer controls for the first time
1936 – Sears sells its 1 millionth Kenmore laundry appliance
Materials are rationed — Kenmore appliances sold only to customers with demonstrated needs
1947 – Sears sells the first automatic, agitator-type Kenmore washing machine
1957 – “Wash ‘N Wear” cycle debuts for Kenmore washers
1971 – Sears offers Kenmore microwave ovens and trash compactors
1984 – Kenmore with Ultra Wash® dishwasher is introduced as “America’s Best Dish washing System” among leading brands
1987 – Kenmore becomes America’s best-selling brand for ranges and canister vacuums
1993 – Kenmore “Super Efficient Refrigeration” surpasses federal energy standards by 29 percent
1995 – Sixty percent of American homes have a Kenmore product
2000 – Kenmore Elite® appliances generate more than $500 million in hard-line sales since their introduction in 1999
2001 – The HE3t washer is the latest in revolutionary laundry product from Kenmore. Superior cleaning, sleek design and energy-efficient performance make the Kenmore HE3t America’s best front-loading washer among leading brands, based on overall performance, including cleaning, capacity and water and energy usage.

Kenmore Fact Sheet
– Kenmore is the number one player in the appliance industry.
– More people buy Kenmore than any other brand.
– Kenmore’s market share is extraordinary — 50 percent higher than its closest competitor.
– Kenmore knows today’s homeowners want convenience along with style, ergonomic design and ease of use: stainless steel refrigerators that provide ice and filtered water through-the-door, ranges with sensors that control the cleaning process, dishwashers with anti-bacterial cycles, microwave ovens that cook with waves of radio frequency and washing machines that fluff clothes at the end of the cycle.
– Kenmore appliances are available exclusively through Sears’ 870 full-line department stores, retail outlets and a variety of online offerings accessible at the company’s Web site at www.sears.com.
– Kenmore is the best known name in appliances.
– It is ranked one or two in every major appliance category.