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Viking Appliance Repair

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FIX Appliances offers reliable, same day Viking repair services all over Toronto and the GTA. Our customer support centre is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.

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  •  Factory Certified

    Factory Certified

    Licensed technicians with over 15 years of experience

  • TSSA Gas Contractor

    TSSA Gas Contractor

    Fully certified in gas appliances service, repair & installation

  • Complete Warranty

    Complete Warranty

    Each repair is covered by service and parts warranty


Viking is an American appliance company begun by Fred Carl, Jr. in 1984. In 1989 the company took up permanent operation in Greenwood, Mississippi. Viking initially began manufacturing professional appliances for the residential market. The company offers cooking, kitchen ventilation, clean-up, and refrigerator lines of premium products. Also, they have an outdoor cooking line.

Viking divides its product lines into three categories. The Professional is their original; the Designer is a less expensive home line, and the Commercial line is for commercial kitchens and restaurants. The company won many designs and innovation awards in its brief history. They also added several new products to their lines.

Viking appliances are dependable quality units that should last a long time. However, regular use and wear and tear can cause problems. Call FIX Appliances CA for Viking appliance repair in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area if it isn’t working as it should. Our experts are certified and trained to get your Viking unit working like new.

RED TAG REMOVAL: Are your GAS appliances shut off by Union Gas or Enbridge suppliers due to a RED TAG? We are fully licensed and authorized by TSSA  to turn it back on the spot.

Freestanding Ranges

Whether you have a Tuscany (TVDR) model, or a Series 3 (VGI3), 5 (VGR5), or 7 (VGR7), our team has the experience to fix and maintain your range or gas stove. If you experience any of the following problems, contact our customer reps, and arrange a service call.

  • An igniter doesn’t work.
  • The convection fan is noisy.
  • The oven door doesn’t close or seal.
  • The oven or stove-top element doesn’t work.
  • Gourmet-Glo™ broiler won’t work.
  • ProFlow™ convection baffle isn’t working.
  • The stove or oven doesn’t work.
  • Food cooks unevenly.


Is your Viking range-top scorching your soup or burning your eggs? Let the experts at FIX Appliances CA get your range-top providing a dependable cooking experience again. Our professionals are certified and experienced with Series 5 (VRT), 7 (VGRT), or other models. Contact our service reps if you require a rangetop repair and your range has any issues, including:

  • One or more elements don’t work.
  • The range top doesn’t work.
  • CoolLit™ LED lighting isn’t working.
  • Knobs don’t control the heating element.
  • A SureSpark™ ignitor isn’t functioning.
  • VariSimmer™ setting doesn’t work.

For your service, our reps are there from 8 am to 9 pm to schedule the repair of your rangetop.


If your Viking gas (RVGC), electric (RVEC), radiant (VECU), or induction (VICU, MVIC) cooktop in the Professional, Viking, or Virtuosa 6 series isn’t performing to your expectations, give FIX Appliances CA a call. Our troubleshooting technicians are available between 8 am and 8 pm and will get your cooktop working as it should. We will source the right parts and fix these issues:

  • The cooktop doesn’t work.
  • Element indicators or touchpad isn’t working.
  • One or more controls don’t work.
  • Some elements aren’t working.
  • An ignitor isn’t functioning.

Call, text, or email our customer service center and arrange a service appointment with one of our cooktop repairmen.


At FIX Appliances CA, we know there are many Viking oven options, and our technicians are skilled and trained to provide Viking oven repair for Series 3, 5, 6, and 7 models, plus others. Whether French-door electric (VSOF), thermal convection (MVSOE), steam/convection (MVSOC), or electric (RVSOE), single or double, our team will get it working so you can cook up a feast.

  • Food won’t bake evenly.
  • The self-cleaning function doesn’t work.
  • ProFlow™ convection baffle isn’t working.
  • Error messages are displayed, or the display is blank.
  • The door doesn’t open or close as it should.
  • Gourmet-Glo™ broiler won’t work.
  • Touchpad functions don’t work.
  • The oven doesn’t work.

Call, email, or text us for an ASAP Viking oven repair. Our service reps are available between 8 am and 9 pm to answer your questions and arrange Viking oven repair.


Is your Viking microwave not working? Contact the experts at FIX Appliances CA and have us get your under-counter (VMOD), conventional (VMOS, RVM), microwave hood (VMOR, RVMH), or convection microwave (VMOC, RVMH) working properly. Our professionals will repair all problems, including:

  • Faulty displays.
  • Turntables that won’t rotate.
  • LED or lighting not working
  • Touchscreens that don’t function.
  • The microwave doesn‘t work.
  • The convection or ventilation fan is noisy or not working.
  • Error messages are displayed.
  • Food heated or cooked unevenly.
  • The timer isn’t working.

Warming Drawers

Does your Viking warming drawer leave your food too cold or hot? If it doesn’t hold the temperature just right, our service specialists will get your warming drawer (RVEWD, VWD, MVD) warming, so even Goldilocks would be happy! For any issues, including:

  • The drawer doesn’t maintain temperature.
  • The drawer won’t open or close properly.
  • The controls don’t work.
  • The drawer doesn’t heat.

Call, text, or email the FIX Appliances CA consultants between 8 am and 9 pm.

Range Hoods

Food odours and cooking smoke can ruin a dinner party, so if your Viking over-the-range hood (ventilation system) isn’t working, reach our customer reps asap. Our experienced technicians will get your system working as it should. Whether a wall hood (VWH, TVWH), chimney (VCWH, RVCH), island hood (VCIH), custom (VBCV), or downdraft (VDD) ventilation system, we’ll get you smoke and odour-free in no time. Contact us if your ventilation demonstrates any issues, including:

  • The ventilation system isn’t working.
  • The lighting doesn’t work.
  • Controls aren’t responsive.
  • The fan rattles, squeaks, or squeals.
  • The downdraft system is stuck.


We repair and maintain built-in (VCRB), side-by-side (VCSB), freestanding (RVRF), under-counter refrigerators (VRUI), and freezers (VCFB), plus ice machines (FGNI) in all models and series. Give our customer reps a call if you need Viking refrigerator repair and experience any of the issues with your unit, including:

  • The refrigeration system doesn’t work.
  • The coolant is leaking.
  • The drain hose seems to be plugged.
  • The Plasmacluster™ doesn’t remove smells.
  • The ice maker isn’t working.
  • Doors or drawers don’t seal properly.
  • The Humidity Zone™ drawers aren’t keeping fruits and vegetables fresh.
  • The ice maker leaks.
  • The unit makes strange noises.
  • The ProChill™ isn’t working as the fridge or freezer is too warm or too cold.
  • LED lighting doesn’t work.

Contact us today for speedy Viking fridge repair services in Toronto and GTA! Our technicians are available from 8 am to 8 pm to get your Viking refrigerator working as it should.


If your Viking dishwasher (RVDW, FDWU) needs a repair, call FIX Appliances CA. No matter the model or series, our experts will determine and repair the problem so you can sit and relax. Contact our service reps for all your Viking dishwasher repairs, including:

  • The dishwasher won’t work.
  • LED or controls don’t work.
  • Water doesn’t drain fully.
  • There is water leaking onto the floor.
  • Quiet Clean™ doesn’t work; the dishwasher is very noisy.
  • The dishwasher starts and then stops mid-cycle.
  • It doesn’t clean the dishes.
  • The water softener isn’t working.

Our representatives are available to facilitate your repair from 07:30 am to 9:00 pm.

Outdoor Cooking

We have a certified team of experts at FIX Appliances CA to get you grilling again. We’ll fix and maintain your grill (VQGI) and side burners (VQGSB or PB) and keep your warming drawers (VQEWD) maintaining temperature. Call 647-503-6655, text, or email us for all your outdoor cooking repair and maintenance needs. Our repairmen are factory-trained and certified to deal with any issues, including:

  • The burners won’t ignite.
  • The system requires seasonal cleaning and maintenance.
  • The grill has developed hotspots.
  • The grill lighting doesn’t work.
  • The rotisserie won’t rotate.
  • The temperature gauge is faulty.
  • Heat controls don’t work.
  • Moisture and temperature settings are not accurate.

Outdoor Refrigeration

Tired of traipsing into the hose because your under-counter refrigerator or ice machine doesn’t work? Our certified technicians will have them working so you can chill out as you wish. We’ll fix the problems, including:

  • The refrigerator or ice maker doesn’t work.
  • The fridge is too warm or too cold.
  • The ice machine isn’t cold enough or is too cold.
  • The doors don’t seal or latch.
  • The lighting doesn’t work.
  • The coolant is leaking.

For prompt and dependable Viking appliance repair service in Toronto, Markham and other GTA communities, contact our customer reps between 07:30 am and 9:00 pm to schedule an appointment.

Reliable Service & Repair

FIX Appliances CA is a leading provider of affordable appliance repairs. We have over a decade of industry experience. Using this experience, we can offer reliable white goods repairs. No matter the problem, our skilled technicians will be able to fix it.

Call or Text us for Viking appliance repair service FIX Appliances CA online or by calling the toll-free number 1-888-242-0777 today.

Reliable Service & Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

If our experienced technicians cannot fix that appliance problem on the same day, they can find the part that will work for replacement. Ordering and installing the part will be done as quickly as possible and can be done on almost every type and model of appliance. Call or contact us on our request page to learn more about the brands of appliances we service.
Sure, we can. Same-day service is one of the things we strive for, and if our technicians can’t fix the problem in your appliance that same day, they will order the part for repair and replace it as soon as possible.
Anything that is out of the ordinary about the appliance will help aid our technicians. However, part of all FIX Appliances CA technician training is to spot problems and find parts or repair solutions, so even if you have no clue what to tell our guys, you are still in good hands.
Home appliance service will always be done with respect and courtesy when you order service from FIX Appliances CA. Our team of professionals has worked in our customers' homes and businesses for over fifteen years, and we take pride in our work and service. Call us at (888) 242-0777 or at our request page to speak to one of our friendly team members.