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Bosch Appliance Repair Service

Licensed Expert Service

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FIX Appliances offers reliable, same-day Bosch repair and installation services all over Toronto and the GTA. Our customer support centre is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.

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  •  Factory Certified

    Factory Certified

    Licensed technicians with over 15 years of experience

  • TSSA Gas Contractor

    TSSA Gas Contractor

    Fully certified in gas appliances service, repair & installation

  • Complete Warranty

    Complete Warranty

    Each repair is covered by service and parts warranty

  • Authorized Repair

    Authorized Repair

    Authorized service centre for most appliance manufacturers

Why Choose Us for Bosch Appliance Repair?

FIX Appliances CA repairs and services Bosch appliances in the Toronto, Oshawa, Hamilton, and Barrie areas. Our company has highly trained Bosch technicians. You will be pleased with how our troubleshooting professionals fix the problem and get your Bosch appliance working like new in case it is malfunctioning, not cooling, heating, or draining. Having more than seventeen years of experience, a qualified team of Bosch appliance experts, and thousands of positive reviews talk to themselves. We offer Bosch repair service near me and provide up to a one-year warranty.


Fair Price

Fair Price

The best services at reasonable prices!

Best Quality

Best Quality

Licensed and Certified Appliance Experts!

Convenient Time

Convenient Time

Available seven days a week, including holidays!

Do not waste your time looking for a Bosch repair service. Contact Fix Appliances CA, a licensed Bosch repair company, and trust your problems with our specialists. We’ll resolve any issues within the shortest possible period and at competitive prices.

✓ Availability Same day, 7 days a week
✓ Service Areas All over Toronto, Ontario, and the GTA
✓ Experience 17+ Years
Bosch Microwave $90-$130
Bosch Range Hood $100-$150
Bosch Dishwasher $110-$180
Bosch Dryer $120-$190
Bosch Washing Machine $130-$200
Bosch Cooktop, Stove & Oven $150-$220
Bosch Refrigerator $160-$250
Bosch Gas Appliance $170-$280

*– All the above prices are approximate and may vary depending on the services’ complexity and the appliance’s brand and model. 

Do you need a professional service that can trust your Bosch appliance repair to get your dishwasher draining? Do you need a filter in your washing machine replaced? Or need regular, reliable maintenance to keep your Bosch appliance working and looking like a new one?

FIX Appliances CA is the most highly skilled troubleshooting team of Bosch licensed technicians you have ever hired. Our expert service providers are qualified Bosch appliance repair specialists. We’ll get your kitchen appliances, washer and dryer, and even your air conditioners working like new. We’ll carry out regular Bosch installation and repair service and maintenance using only authentic parts to keep them working correctly.

FIX Appliances CA aims to provide the best Bosch repair service near me in the GTA areas to fix your appliance problems and provide long-term solutions so you can enjoy your Bosch appliances longer. No matter what Bosch appliance and model you have, we offer customer service in Toronto and the GTA areas seven days a week, including holidays.


Bosch Refrigerator Repair

Does your Bosch refrigerator need repair? Not cooling or keeping the ice cubes frozen? Our courteous repair technicians specialize in Bosch refrigerator repair. They’re always on standby and ready to service all Bosch models, including built-in, stand-alone, French door, single door, wine coolers and freezers.

We want to mention details you can find in Bosch refrigerators that make them one of the best in the market: Bosch Refreshment Center™, FarmFresh System®, VitaFreshPro®, ENERGY STAR® qualified, and Home Connect™. We install, repair, and maintain the most widely spread models: B36BT935NS, B30BB935SS, B09IB91NSP, B11CB50SSS, B18IF905SP and others, the quality and reliability of which you can enjoy.

Our specialists are equipped to fix all your Bosch refrigerator problems and answer all your questions about your model and the parts and service required. Contact FIX Appliances CA if you need a Bosch fridge repair for any problems:

  • The door isn’t sealing.
  • Ice maker clogs, jams or leaks.
  • Makes strange banging noises.
  • The drain hose constantly freezes or is not draining.
  • The freezer doesn’t freeze.
  • Food spoils quickly when the fridge is set correctly.

Our highly skilled, certified Bosch technicians work around your busy schedule to do service and repairs when it is most convenient for you. We’re here seven days a week, evenings and holidays, so when you need us, we’ll be there to get your Bosch refrigerator working like new.

Bosch Washing Machine Repair

Is your Bosch washing machine not working correctly, and is dirty laundry piling up? Don’t wait! Give FIX Appliances CA a call, and our troubleshooting specialists will fix the problem. No matter where you live, we offer Bosch repair near me in Toronto, Oshawa and other GTA areas.

Bosch’s 24-inch washing machines offer a sleek design in a compact size with a large capacity, accommodating up to 18 bath towels in a single load: WAW285H2UC, WAW285H1UC, WAT28400UC, etc.

Our highly skilled and qualified professional technicians are available seven days a week for Bosch washing machine repairs, including holidays. They’ll get your washer filling, spinning, rinsing and draining like new. Our specialists fix these common errors and repairs and will troubleshoot and solve the less common issues:

  • Water leaking from worn seals, pumps or valves.
  • Strange noises or banging.
  • The washer doesn’t start.
  • Error messages or timer errors.
  • The washer doesn’t fill, won’t spin, or is not draining.
  • Burning smells.
  • The lid or door won’t open or leak.
  • The filter needs replacement.

If your Bosch washing machine has one or more problems, call our specialists, and we’ll get your washer working correctly.

Bosch Dryer Repair

Is your Bosch dryer not working? Clothes come out wet and cold or, worse, smelly and need another wash? No matter the model and type of Bosch dryer you have (WTG865H4UC, WTG86403UC, WTW87NH1UC and more), our professional dryer technicians are ready to define the problem and solve it as soon as possible.

Give us a call if your dryer is experiencing any of these issues:

  • The dryer turns on but doesn’t spin.
  • It makes odd noises, vibrates, or burning smells.
  • The dryer runs, but no heating occurs.
  • It runs, but the clothes don’t dry.
  • The dryer shuts off quickly after starting.
  • The dryer doesn’t work at all.

Thus, if you face any of these issues with your favourite appliance, you can rely on our experts who suggest the best Bosch dryer repair near me.

Bosch Oven & Stove Repair

When you want a home-cooked meal, you don’t have time for an oven that won’t bake or a stove that doesn’t heat! From size to colour, design options to cooking technologies, there is a lot to consider when choosing a Bosch appliance, considering the size. The most common are 24”, 27”, and 30”, and the latest achievements such as SteelTouch Buttons, SpeedChef Cooking Cycles, QuietClose doors, Home Connect, etc. (HMC80252UC, HBL5351UC, HBLP451UC, HMC87152UC, HBL5754UC, HSLP451UC, HBL5451UC).

Bosch kitchen appliances often last long, but even daily wear and use can cause parts to fail. When that happens, call FIX Appliances CA immediately. Our experienced team will have you prepare delicious home-cooked meals in short order.

We will handle your Bosch stove repair professionally and guarantee same-day repair service for your Bosch oven or stove. If you experience any of these issues with your Bosch stove or oven, contact FIX Appliances CA and our team will be there to assist you:

  • The oven doesn’t heat.
  • Food isn’t baked evenly.
  • The oven broiler won’t work.
  • The oven light doesn’t work.
  • The oven door won’t close properly.
  • The stove element doesn’t light up.
  • The stove element stays on when turned off.
  • Stove elements spark.
  • The oven or stove makes unusual noises when turned on.

Our friendly customer service representatives are available from 7 am-9 pm on holidays and weekends. Call our Bosch oven repair experts anytime your stove or oven needs a fix.

Bosch Dishwasher Repair

Bosch dishwashers are full-sized to fit the modern kitchen. Their unique design allows them to install perfectly flush for a built-in, fully integrated look, whether a 24” dishwasher or a compact 18” dishwasher. All Bosch dishwashers are ENERGY STAR qualified. Several series are popular in the market: Benchmark, 300 series, 500 series, and 800 series of different sizes and materials (SHXM88Z75N, SHXM88Z75N, SHPM65Z55N, SGE53B55UC, SPV68B53UC, SPE53B55UC).

Need a dependable Bosch dishwasher repair service and maintenance team in the greater Toronto area? FIX Appliances CA keeps your dishwasher and other kitchen appliances working like new. Call our customer service experts if your Bosch dishwasher isn’t cleaning your dishes or is leaving puddles on the floor, or any of the following issues:

  • Dishes aren’t dry.
  • Makes unusual noises.
  • Not draining.
  • It doesn’t seem to get enough or any water.
  • It won’t start.
  • Stops in mid-cycle.

Contact us from 7 am – 9 pm any day, and we guarantee to repair your appliance as quickly as possible. We’ve almost 17 years of troubleshooting experience from the oldest to the newest models and styles. If you need Bosch dishwasher repair in Toronto or any other areas of the GTA, you are welcome to contact our licensed technicians to solve any of them.

Bosch Range Hood Repair

Bosch range hoods are made with high first-class, environmentally pleasant, and fashion-ahead components that provide ease of use for proprietors. Among the most popular type, you can find the one that suits your kitchen style the best: chimney wall hood (HCB56651UC, HCG56651UC, HCP86641UC, HCB50651UC from 30” to 36”), downdraft vent (HDD86051UC, of 30” and 37”), under cabinet (DUH36252UC, DPH36652UC, DUH30152UC, and other of different size from 30” to 36”), pull-out hoods, custom insert hoods and island hoods (HIB82651UC,800 series of 42”).
FIX Appliances CA has been diagnosing and repairing kitchen air ventilation systems for over a decade. Our qualified and licensed technicians will ensure your Bosch unit will be repaired and working efficiently and correctly so you can relax.

We provide the following services:

Your time is valuable, so we know you need us quickly when you call us. Our highly-trained Bosch repair technicians are ready to help you at any hour of the day.

Bosch Microwave Repair

Bosch microwaves are not appliances that can heat something, but you can enjoy faster cooking by combining oven-quality cooking with convection, AutoChef®, broil and microwave. There are a great variety of types and models and sizes. Fix Appliances CA offers the installation, repair, and maintenance of the following microwave types:

  • Built-in microwaves – are designed to match your Bosch wall oven perfectly and are built for speed and convenience. A spacious interior and convenient automatic sensor programs simplify cooking for great results every time (HMB57152UC, HMB50152UC).
  • Bosch over-the-range microwaves cook and have built-in and multi-speed ventilation to remove steam, smoke, grease, and odours efficiently. Models with the convenience of convection cooking allow the use of the microwave as a second oven and feature a durable stainless steel cavity that makes clean-up easier (HMV8044C, HMV5053C, HMV3053C).

If you mention that your microwave is not working properly and you face the following issues, contact our professional to fix your Bosch microwave appliance near me:

  • Microwave not heating
  • Turntable not spinning
  • It won’t start
  • The microwave light bulb is not working
  • It shuts off after a few seconds
  • Microwave buttons not working

We are available seven days a week by phone at 888-242-0777. You can always submit a request online to receive qualified help and advice on the same-day repair service.

Bosch Gas Appliance Repair

Fix Appliances CA specializes and is knowledgeable in Bosch gas appliance repair, maintenance and installation. Having almost two decades of experience in the gas repair market, we implement our knowledge and skills to provide the best high-quality services.

We service all types and models of Bosch gas appliances, including ranges, ovens, cooktops, and dryers, if you have the following issues:

  • Feel gas smells.
  • Weak burner flame.
  • It starts and stops working suddenly.
  • The surface burner won’t light.
  • The cooktop keeps clicking.
  • The noisy flame.

All our technicians at Fix Appliances CA are highly trained Bosch gas appliance repair experts with current TSSA ( Technical Standards and Safety Authority Certificates). They will fix your problems as soon as possible and at the highest level. Trust our company’s gas pros; you will get a quality job at reliable prices. Our representatives are available at 888-242-0777 or make a request online.

Not sure if it's easier to replace or repair? Call Us!

Fix Appliances CA is a licensed Bosch appliance repair company. When you face a problem with any kitchen or laundry appliance, you can ask what will be better for you: to replace or the appliance is worth the repair. In this case, only a professional staff can answer your question.

Our team of appliance experts is ready to offer all types of repairs if you need them, but first, you should contact our Bosch appliance repair customer service and schedule an appointment. And when our Bosch technicians visit your place, define the problem and estimate the approximate cost for the repair, they will be prepared to advise you. Keep in mind we always follow the 50% rule. Thus, you must be sure that we do this if your appliance is worth the repair.


What Our Customers Say About Bosch Appliances Repair

HomeStars Best of the Best '22, Best of Award '22, – Winner 9 Times. Thank you to HomeStars and to all our customers for their support!

Dima came to our house within 24 hours of our call to inspect our stove which was not working. He diagnosed the entire appliance, testing new parts and then advised the unit was not the issue, but likely power surges within our home. He spent two hours diligently working through the matter explaining things and trying to find the problem. Despite this, he only charged us for the service call. I would recommend Dima and use him again

rating fixappliances - Anonymous
Anonymous, Mississauga
August 20, 2019

Our oven had an F11 error and Fix appliance’s came in and fixed the issue.

rating fixappliances - Psf
Psf, New Tecumseth
August 12, 2019

Oleg arrived promptly and took a thorough look at the fridge. Although it is not worth repair I was happy to pay the service rate for the expert opinion and related good advice I received. I will use this company again and recommend them

rating fixappliances - Pete in Barrie
Pete in Barrie, Barrie
April 22, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

At FIX Appliances CA, fast and reliable appliance repair is our mission. Our TSSA-qualified technicians stand by to take care of maintenance calls for problems seven days a week.
Electrical repair is our specialty, and our TSSA-qualified and factory-trained technicians can handle any issues that may cause a dryer to stop running. Whether it is a repair or replacement of parts, FIX Appliances CA can handle the job. Call us today at 1-888-242-0777 or contact us at our request page.
Even if your fridge is old or discontinued, our team can source the correct parts for a proper replacement. Call us today at 1-888-242-0777 or request a quote on our request page.
When you call FIX Appliances CA for service, you will get a TSSA-certified and factory-trained technician. This means that our technicians know how to diagnose the problems with your appliance and order the correct parts the first time, saving you time and money. Call us to learn more about our services and schedule an estimate on your appliance repair.