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Appliance Repair in Oshawa

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FIX Appliances offers reliable, same day Gas and Electric appliance repair services in Oshawa and surrounding areas of Durham region! Residential and Commercial.
Our customer support center is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.

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  •  Factory Certified

    Factory Certified

    Licensed technicians with over 15 years of experience

  • TSSA Gas Contractor

    TSSA Gas Contractor

    Fully certified in gas appliances service, repair & installation

  • Complete Warranty

    Complete Warranty

    Each repair is covered by service and parts warranty

  • Authorized Repair

    Authorized Repair

    Authorized service centre for most appliance manufacturers

The Durham region forms the east end of the GTA area. And of course, residents of any place in this region need the professional service of Durham’s appliance repair, either residential or commercial appliance repair near me. Thus, FIX Appliances CA is ready to offer the best services for refrigerator or fridge freezer repairs, washer or dryer repairs, and stove and oven repairs when you are in the Durham region.

Oshawa is the largest municipality in the Regional Municipality of Durham, Canada. No matter where you live, you need appliance repair in the Durham region. Is your fridge failing, dishwasher leaking, or stove trying to flambé your soufflé? Tired of doing dishes because your dishwasher doesn’t?

Your kitchen appliances should last for years. If you have an appliance that isn’t working up to your expectations, contact FIX Appliances CA! We’ll have our experts out the same day to get your major appliances working like new. Having approximately two decades of experience, our technicians are always near me.

Don’t let your laundry pile up! Please call, text, or email us for quality appliance repair in Oshawa and the Durham region. We’ll have a repairman out to fix the problem. It is unnecessary to look for Durham’s appliance repair. Qualified specialists at FIX Appliances CA are as close as possible to handle any appliance repair in Oshawa.

Professional Appliance Services We Provide in Oshawa

We service and repair a variety of appliances, including:

Why Choose Us for Appliance Repair in Oshawa?

Almost two decades of experience, a professional team of factory-trained experts, and thousands of reviews from satisfied customers talk to themselves. If you need appliance repair in Oshawa, we service all appliances of any make providing up to a one-year warranty.

Fair Price

Fair Price

The best services at reasonable prices!

Best Quality

Best Quality

Licensed and Certified Appliance Experts!

Convenient Time

Convenient Time

Available seven days a week, including holidays!

Do not waste your time looking for an appliance repair Oshawa, contact us, trust your problems with our experts and receive excellent appliance repair services by Fixappliances. We’ll handle any problems in no time and at affordable prices.

✓ Availability Same day, 7 days a week
✓ Service Areas All over Toronto and the GTA
✓ Experience 17+ Years
Microwave $90-$130
Range Hood $100-$150
Dishwasher $110-$180
Dryer $120-$190
Washing Machine $130-$200
Cooktop, Stove & Oven $150-$220
Refrigerator $160-$250
Gas Appliance $170-$280

*– All the above prices are approximate and may vary depending on the complexity of the services provided and the brand and model of the appliance itself.

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair Oshawa

Do you have refrigerator difficulties in Oshawa? We can imagine how frustrating it is having a faulty refrigerator. At Fix Appliances CA, our aim is to deliver efficient solutions for getting your refrigerator back on track.

Our trained technicians specialize in diagnosing and fixing a variety of refrigerator issues, including:

  • Insufficient cooling
  • Excessive noise
  • Water leaks
  • Ice accumulation
  • Faulty compressor
  • Defective thermostat
  • Cracked door seals
  • Electrical difficulties
  • Freezer is not freezing
  • Refrigerator is not running at all

Whatever the problem, we’re here to help. We prioritize rapid and dependable repairs to reduce any disruption you may experience.

Our trained technicians take a step-by-step approach to determine why your refrigerator isn’t working properly. They’ve been doing this for a long time, so they’re quite adept at resolving all types of fridge issues, such as when it’s not cooling properly or there’s an electrical problem.

Our technicians are completely assured of what to do to provide same day appliance repair Toronto and quick yet long-term solutions.
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Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair Oshawa

Do you have problems with your Oshawa washing machine? Our committed staff at Fix Appliances CA is here to help you resume your laundry routine by offering trustworthy washing machine repair services.

Our skilled technicians identify and resolve a variety of washing machine problems using a methodical manner, including:

  • Improper drainage
  • Generating strange noises
  • Putting error codes on display
  • Not whirling or frenzied
  • Water leaking
  • Not adding water
  • Failing to finish cycles
  • There are electrical problems
  • Issues with the lid or door
  • Overly pronounced vibration

With the use of cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and industry-best practices, our goal is to provide prompt and effective repairs. We are prepared to handle any task with accuracy and skill, whether it involves replacing a broken pump, repairing a broken motor, or addressing electrical problems.

Your laundry routine shouldn’t be interrupted by a broken washing machine anymore. Reach out to us immediately, and allow our skilled staff provide dependable washing machine repair services in Oshawa to help your appliance operate again.

Our technicians are completely assured of what to do to provide same day appliance repair Toronto and quick yet long-term solutions.
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Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair Oshawa

Having trouble with your Oshawa dryer? Your dryer is broken, which is causing your laundry piles to grow? Don’t worry at all! At Fix Appliances CA, we are the experts you should consult for any dryer repair needs.

Our skilled experts have experience identifying and fixing a wide range of dryer problems, such as:

  • Improper heating
  • Drying clothing takes too long
  • Generating strange noises
  • Not falling or whirling
  • Not activating at all
  • Being too hot
  • Not turning off
  • Putting error codes on display
  • Electrical problems
  • Issues pertaining to the dryer drum

Whatever the problem, our staff has the knowledge and resources to take it on head-on. To identify the fundamental cause of the problem, we first do a comprehensive inspection of your dryer. Then, in a flash, we’ll have your dryer operating again thanks to our experience and the newest repair methods.

We at Fix Appliances CA are aware of the inconvenience that a broken dryer may cause. For this reason, we’re dedicated to provide prompt, dependable, and reasonably priced repair services so you may easily resume your regular activities.

Our technicians are completely assured of what to do to provide same day appliance repair Toronto and quick yet long-term solutions.
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Range, Oven and Stove Repair

Range, Oven and Stove Repair Oshawa

Do you have problems with your Oshawa stove, oven, or range? Your kitchen appliance isn’t working, so you had to postpone your cooking plans? Don’t worry! We at Fix Appliances CA are your go-to experts for thorough range stove repair services, making sure your kitchen continues to operate as intended.

Numerous range, oven, and stove issues can be expertly resolved by our knowledgeable specialists, including:

  • Temperature swings or uneven heating
  • Not lighting or maintaining a flame
  • The oven isn’t getting hot enough
  • Displaying error messages or broken controls
  • Problems with the hinges or oven door
  • Electrical issues
  • Odors or discharges of gas

Our professionals thoroughly inspect your appliance upon arrival in order to determine the root of the problem. Equipped with their experience and the most recent repair methods, they’ll work hard to have your stove, oven, or range operating at its best.

We carry all the necessary tools and equipment with us so that we can do range, oven, and stove repairs correctly the first time. We have everything you need to address a variety of problems, from diagnostic tools to specialty replacement parts.

Don’t let your meal preparations be derailed by a broken stove, oven, or range. Call us right now, and allow our staff to take care of all your Oshawa repair needs so you can resume cooking with confidence!

Our technicians are completely assured of what to do to provide same day appliance repair Toronto and quick yet long-term solutions.
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Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair Oshawa

Having problems with your Oshawa dishwasher? Do you hate having to wash the dishes by hand because your dishwasher isn’t working well enough? Put an end to your worries! We are the committed team at Fix Appliances CA, providing thorough dishwasher repair services to keep your kitchen efficient and spotless.

With a vast inventory of replacement parts and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, our knowledgeable experts are ready to handle any dishwasher issue, including:

  • Improper drainage
  • Not fully washing the dishes
  • Water leaking
  • Not adding water
  • Putting error codes on display
  • Generating strange noises
  • Problems with doors or latches
  • Electrical failures

We take great satisfaction in being on time when it comes to dishwasher repair, consistently showing up at your house at the appointed hour. Our amiable professionals treat your house with the highest respect and bring with them a lot of experience and a polite approach.

Keep the dishes clean at all times. Contact us right now, and let our team of experts take care of all your Oshawa dishwasher repair needs so you can start enjoying spotlessly clean dishes once more!

Our technicians are completely assured of what to do to provide same day appliance repair Toronto and quick yet long-term solutions.
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Range Hood Repair

Range Hood Repair Oshawa

Are you having issues with your range hood in Oshawa? Are you exhausted of your cooking space smelling like food because your range hood isn’t functioning properly? Don’t worry! For thorough range hood repair services that guarantee your kitchen stays hygienic and fresh, choose Fix Appliances CA.

Regardless of the kind or brand of gadget, our knowledgeable specialists have the know-how and resources necessary to tackle any range hood repair problem. We can provide you with a wall-mounted, under-cabinet, or island range hood.

With a large supply of replacement parts and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment at their disposal, our professionals can handle a wide range of different range hood brands issues, such as:

  • Not getting rid of cooking smells completely
  • Strange or loud noises produced while functioning
  • Not enough airflow
  • Problems with controls or lights
  • Malfunctioning of the motor
  • Electrical issues

Our specialists’ ability to identify and fix any more appliances you may have in addition to the particular equipment you called us for is one of their specialties. Therefore, don’t worry—if we come to mend your range hood and discover another appliance that need maintenance, we’ll take care of it as well.

Give up on letting a broken range hood ruin your meals anytime soon. You can submit a request online or call 647-503-6655 right now, and allow our team of experts take care of all your range hood repair needs in Oshawa so you can once again enjoy a kitchen that is fresh and clean

Our technicians are completely assured of what to do to provide same day appliance repair Toronto and quick yet long-term solutions.
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Microwave Repair

Microwave Repair Oshawa

Do you have problems with your microwave in Oshawa? Experiencing chilly dinners as a result of a malfunctioning microwave? You can trust Fix Appliances CA to provide you with dependable microwave repair services and discount coupons, guaranteeing that your food is heated to the perfect temperature and you are saving some money.

A wide range of microwave issues can be handled by our knowledgeable specialists:

  • Improper food heating
  • Not activating
  • Putting error codes on display
  • Generating strange noises
  • Problems with doors or latches
  • Electrical failures

Our flexibility is one of the advantages of our service. Our experts will arrive at your location at a time that works best for you, and they will complete the task promptly and effectively.

Don’t allow a broken microwave to ruin your dinnertime schedule any longer. You should contact us right now to address all of your Oshawa microwave repair needs.

Our technicians are completely assured of what to do to provide same day appliance repair Toronto and quick yet long-term solutions.
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Gas Appliance Repair

Gas Appliance Repair Oshawa

Having problems with your gas appliances in Oshawa? Is your malfunctioning gas appliance causing you to worry about safety? You can be confident that Fix Appliances CA is your go-to source for gas appliance repair because we put your safety first.

Our knowledgeable specialists are equipped to handle a variety of major brands gas appliance issues:

  • Gas stove won’t light up
  • The gas oven is not getting hot
  • Finding and fixing gas leaks
  • Problems with the pilot light
  • There is no heating of the gas dryer

The most important consideration for gas appliances is safety. To protect you and your house, our experts follow stringent safety procedures and rules. To handle gas-related problems in a safe and efficient manner, they employ specialized tools and precise labor.

When it comes to gas appliance repair, we know how important peace of mind is. For this reason, in order to handle gas appliances with skill and care, our specialists go through extensive training and certification.

Our goal at Fix Appliances CA is to provide your gas appliance repair needs quick, dependable, and secure. Call 888-242-0777 or make an appointment online right now, and let our professionals take care of all your Oshawa gas appliance repair needs, guaranteeing the security and comfort of your house.

Our technicians are completely assured of what to do to provide same day appliance repair Toronto and quick yet long-term solutions.
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Various Examples of Our Successful Assistance in Oshawa

Appliance Repair in Oshawa Case 1

The client expressed concerns that the dryer would not heat up. After doing a multi-point assessment, our specialist found that the thermal fuse and heating element were both damaged. He changed the broken components. The appliance was disassembled, put back together, put in its original location, and tested thoroughly. After the work was completed, there were no problems at all. Everything worked as it supposed to.

Appliance Repair in Oshawa Case 2

The client reported that the refrigerator is not cooling. We conducted a multi-point inspection with our professional. Concluded that there was damage to the inverter. defective part was replaced. After assembly, the appliance was tested extensively and put back in its original state. The refrigerator cools and operates smoothly. No difficulties appeared once the job was completed.


Appliance Repair in Oshawa Case 3

The customer was worried that the oven bake section is not heating. Our professional conducted a in-depth inspection. We determined that the blown thermal fuse was damaged. The technician replaced the brocken element. The appliance was assembled, returned to its original condition and placement, and thoroughly tested. The oven worked like a new one. There were certainly no issues once the job ended.


Oshawa Service Area. Region of Durham

Serving all residential and commercial areas in Oshawa and surrounding neighbourhoods. Scarborough, Pickering, AjaxWhitby, Courtice, and Bowmanville area.

Licensed Repair of All Appliance Brands

Our company employs the greatest appliance repair professionals and serves over 90 brands, so you won’t have to call two companies if you have appliances from different brands. In addition, we offer same-day service for all brands of appliances based on our expertise, experience, and skills. Here are some of the most popular brands: AmanaAvantiAskoBlombergBoschBertazzoniCapitalCycloneDacorDCS Fisher & PaykelFhiabaFrigidaireFulgor MilanoGEFalmecIkeaHuebschInglisJenn AirElectroluxKitchenAidKenmoreLiebherrLGMaytagMielePanasonicPremierThermadorSub-ZeroSamsungSirius Range HoodSpeed QueenTrueVikingUniqueWhirlpoolWolfZephyr and many more. Most of our gas and electrical appliance repair bookings for fixing appliances are attended on the same day.


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What Our Customers Say About Us

Discover how Fix Appliances maintains a 5-star service record since day one in Oshawa area.

Our 7 year old Whirlpool fridge would not defrost anymore and was icing up on a regular basis. I had a pleasant conversation with the agent that answered my call for service and was provided an appointment time the next day between 11 and 1. Oleg arrived at 10:30(early is much better then late!). He was very polite and knowledgeable and explained to me in detail what he suspected the issue to be, how he would test the items first to confirm what needed replacing(defrost timer,defrost heater assembly) and clearly advised me of what the cost would be. He had the parts needed with him and with my go ahead was able to repair our fridge within the hour explaining to me what he was doing and showing me what he was doing all along which I appreciated.. As it turned out it needed a new control board which was the most expensive part, but his price was more then reasonable and lower then what we were expecting! Our fridge is now working A1 again for which we are thankful. I would not hesitate in recommending this company to friends or family and would also reach out to them if we ever have any issues in the future. Thank you were great!

review - Happy C., Wasaga Beach, ON
Happy C., Wasaga Beach, ON
Whirlpool Fridge Repair
April 09, 2024

Oleg arrived promptly and took a thorough look at the fridge. Although it is not worth repair I was happy to pay the service rate for the expert opinion and related good advice I received. I will use this company again and recommend them

review - Pete in Barrie, Barrie
Pete in Barrie, Barrie
January 22, 2024
Our Oshawa appliance repair technician can help you!

Oshawa is a city in southern Ontario on the Lake Ontario shoreline. It lies in Southern Ontario, approximately 65 kilometres east of downtown Toronto. It is commonly viewed as the eastern anchor of the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe. It is the largest municipality in the Regional Municipality of Durham.

Our Oshawa appliance repair technician can help you! Appliance Repair in Oshawa

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a very old household device, and it's broken, we usually don't recommend fixing it. New problems may appear and costs will increase dramatically. If you want us to help you to make the right decision, we can send a specialist to you to help identify the cause of the breakdown and estimate the cost of repairs. If repairs are expensive, it will be advised for you to purchase a new appliance. In addition, we can offer you our discount system. It will allow you to buy new equipment in our store using advises of our specialists, and at the same time save you money.
Our technicians are able to repair both large and small appliances everywhere in Oshawa. You can call 1-888-242-0777 between 7:30 am and 9:00 pm to request a repair service or submit a request through our website. Select the option that best suits your needs.
We can send a technician on the same day you contact us because we understand how uncomfortable it can be to go without a necessary appliance. If you want us to visit you as soon as possible, just fill out a special form on the website, and we will contact you immediately.