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Technicians Available Now: April 12

Authorized Dacor Appliance Repair Service

Authorized Repair Service Provider for Dacor Appliances

FREE Service Call with ANY Repair.
FIX Appliances offers reliable, same-day Dacor repair services throughout Toronto and the GTA. We are an authorized appliance repair service for Dacor appliances and provide manufacturer-certified services, including a warranty. Our customer support centre is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.

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  •  Factory Certified

    Factory Certified

    Licensed technicians with over 15 years of experience

  • TSSA Gas Contractor

    TSSA Gas Contractor

    Fully certified in gas appliances service, repair & installation

  • Complete Warranty

    Complete Warranty

    Each repair is covered by service and parts warranty

  • Authorized Repair

    Authorized Repair

    Authorized service centre for most appliance manufacturers


Get Certified Repair Service for All Your LG Appliances

We are an Authorized Dacor Appliance Repair Company, and we provide manufacturer-certified Dacor appliance customer service in  Toronto, Barrie, Collingwood, Oshawa, Hamilton and other GTA areas in southern Ontario, Canada‎.

Dacor has been improving kitchen appliances for more than half a century. Stanley M. Joseph began in 1933 with a retail appliance store. He learned what customers wanted and what needed improvement. In 1948, he and his brother Anthony produced the Stanthony Ventomatic, the original self-contained kitchen ventilation system. They incorporated Stanthony Corp in 1950, creating the first countertop or built-in electric kitchen BBQ and a Combined Ventilating Hood and Warming Compartment.

In 1965, Distinctive Appliances Corporation, otherwise known as Dacor, was incorporated. Dacor focuses on producing and innovating appliances for home and industry, including a full product range of modular appliances. Dacor introduced interchangeable elements to their modular cooktops, creating more flexibility and making maintenance and repair easier.

The innovations continued with continuous cooktop grates, a self-cleaning built-in oven that set the industry standard, a sealed burner range — an industry first, and a 30-inch dishwasher capable of cleaning a serving set of 24 pieces. Dacor has earned numerous industry awards, including the Le Cordon Bleu Seal of Excellence. Innovation and success attracted attention; in 2016, Samsung Electronics America acquired Dacor.

Dacor kitchen appliances are built to last for years, but regular use can cause wear and tear that needs repair. For the best service in Canada, call on the experts at FIX Appliances CA for all your Dacor appliance repairs. Our highly skilled and trained repair specialists make us your premium Dacor appliance repair service.

Dacor Refrigerators Repair

Dacor refrigerators should keep milk cold and lettuce crisp, so if it doesn’t, give the trained technicians at FIX Appliances CA a call. We service all current and discontinued refrigerator and freezer models in the Column (DRR & DRZ), French Door (DRF), Side-By-Side (DYF), and Wine and Beverage (DRW) lines.

Our service specialists will fix and repair your Dacor cooling appliance problems, including:

  • The refrigerator or freezer is not cooling or freezing food
  • Push-To-Open Door Assist isn’t assisting
  • The door won’t seal or latch
  • The touch control panel has an error message
  • PreciseCooling™ technology seems to be off
  • A dedicated compressor or evaporator is failing
  • LED lighting leaves you in the dark
  • iQ Remote View™ dual cameras aren’t functioning
  • The filtered water dispenser is clogged
  • Coolant is puddling on the floor

Our repair experts will have your Dacor refrigerator or freezer working like new, and give us a call!

Dacor Ranges and Range Tops Repair

Dacor ranges and range tops are the centers of attraction in most kitchens, but if it burns or scalds your favourite foods, it’s time for a service call. Our FIX Appliances CA troubleshooting technicians will have you whipping up delicacies in no time. Whether gas (DOP & DTT), dual-fuel (DOP & DTT), or steam (DOP), our TSSA-certified techs will repair and maintain your appliance, and we only use approved parts.

Let Canada’s best repair your Dacor range top or range concerns, including:

  • Infrared broilers don’t seem to be working
  • iQ Connect WIFI system capabilities don’t connect
  • Bluetooth ConnectOn technology is failing
  • The dual 3 or 4-Part Pure Convection system doesn’t cook evenly
  • LCD touch screen displays error messages
  • Digitally controlled programming isn’t functioning
  • Illumina Knobs aren’t illuminating
  • Pre-programmed settings won’t function
  • Dual-valve SimmerSear burner is not working properly
  • Steam roasting or baking reservoir doesn’t open
  • The Built-in electric griddle isn’t heating evenly

If your Dacor range or range top isn’t working as it should, call FIX Appliances CA, and we’ll fix it so it does!

Dacor Cooktops Repair

Gas (DTG) or Induction (DTI) Dacor cooktop models enhance any kitchen. However, if the cooktop isn’t working as it should, call repair specialists at FIX Appliances CA. Our TSSA-licensed repairmen will repair and maintain all your Dacor appliances.

  • Auto-connected hood won’t activate.
  • Bluetooth and ConnectOn auto-responsive technology isn’t responding
  • The temperature sensor is failing
  • Dual-Valve SimmerSear Burners aren’t working
  • Perma-FLAME isn’t keeping a gas element lit
  • VirtualFlame™ on the induction cooktop doesn’t light up
  • Preset cooking modes don’t function
  • Flexible cooking modules won’t work
  • The LCD control panel displays errors

Call, text, or email our customer service representatives between 07:30 am and 09:00 pm for all your Dacor kitchen appliance repairs.

Dacor Wall Ovens Repair

Is your wall oven cooking unevenly? Are soufflés and roasts drying out? Contact FIX Appliances CA for all your Dacor wall oven repairs. Our service experts will repair and maintain your single (DOB), double (DOB), or combination (DOC) wall ovens. No matter what the problem is, we’ll fix it:

  • The oven won’t heat or cook
  • Steam-Assist reservoir won’t open
  • The LCD control panel displays error messages
  • The control panel isn’t working
  • Pre-programmed settings don’t function
  • The dual 4-part Pure Convection system is cooking unevenly
  • WIFI capabilities repeatedly fail
  • The broiler does not heat up
  • Self-cleaning won’t work

Dacor Range Hoods and Ventilation Repair

Dacor ventilation systems are state-of-the-art, but if something can go wrong, it usually does. For all your Dacor kitchen appliance repair services, call FIX Appliances CA. Our team will fix wall hoods (DHD), downdraft models (MRV), and island hoods (DHD). Whatever the problem is, our troubleshooting technicians will repair it:

  • Bluetooth and ConnectOn auto-responsive technology won’t automatically connect
  • LED lighting dims as the fan accelerates
  • The Four-speed fan is loud
  • Touch-screen doesn’t respond to touch
  • Down-draft won’t extend or retract
  • Can’t remove or replace the filter
  • The step-less blower speed isn’t performing as it should

Dacor Microwaves Repair

Microwaves are a modern convenience found in most kitchens. So, if your Dacor microwave is proving less than convenient and needs a repair, text, email, or call FIX Appliances CA. Our skilled service technicians will have your microwave-in-a-drawer (DMR) working like new.

Contact our customer reps between 07:30 am and 9:00 pm for all your microwave problems.

  • The microwave doesn’t cook evenly
  • Pre-set functions aren’t functioning
  • The automatic drawer is sticking
  • The touch screen doesn’t respond
  • The digital screen displays error messages
  • The moisture sensor isn’t adjusting power or temperature
  • Multi-sequence cooking won’t work

Dacor Warming Drawers Repair

A warming drawer is great for entertaining. Not only does it warm food, but it also warms tableware in preparation for serving. So, if your Dacor warming drawer produces no heating when needed, call for expert service with FIX Appliances CA. We service and repair all models (DWR, HWD, IWD, OWD).

  • Auto-timed shut-off doesn’t function
  • The drawer won’t open or close easily
  • The drawer isn’t warming or maintaining the temperature
  • Electronic controls won’t work

Dacor Dishwashers Repair

A dishwasher has become a kitchen appliance staple, so contact FIX Appliances CA if your Dacor dishwasher (DDW) isn’t cleaning as it should. Our troubleshooting service team will have it working back as new. We’ll fix the problems, including:

  • The dishes aren’t clean
  • WaterWall mechanism seems to be stuck
  • AutoRelease™ isn’t working
  • Zone booster is leaving plates dirty
  • The dishwasher is noisy
  • Water is pooling on the floor during operation
  • Touch controls don’t function

Dacor Outdoor Kitchen Repair

Dacor outdoor kitchen appliances offer high quality and innovation for all your entertainment needs. But if the grill isn’t working as it is supposed to, call the trained and TSSA-certified service technicians at FIX Appliances CA. We’ll get your outdoor grill (OB) sizzling as it should.

  • The infrared rotisserie doesn’t function
  • The rotisserie won’t turn
  • The temperature gauge is faulty
  • The gas element isn’t working
  • The side burner doesn’t turn on

For all your Dacor appliance repair services, contact our call center at 888-242-0777 between 7:30 am and 9:00 pm.

Not sure if it's easier to replace or repair? Call Us!

Fix Appliances CA is an authorized Dacor appliance repair company equipped to address any issues you encounter with your kitchen, laundry or outdoor appliances. When you’re unsure whether it’s more prudent to replace or repair your appliance, this decision can only be reliably made by experts.

Our highly trained team is fully prepared to perform a wide range of repairs, but your first step should be contacting our Dacor appliance repair customer service to arrange an appointment. Once our Dacor technicians identify the problem and provide an estimated repair cost, they will be ready to offer their professional advice. It’s important to note that we strictly adhere to the 50% rule, so you can have confidence in our guidance if your appliance warrants repair.


What Our Customers Say About Dacor Appliances Repair

Homestars Best of the Best '23, Best of Award '23, – Winner 9 Times. Thank you to HomeStars and to all our customers for their support!

Our 7 year old Whirlpool fridge would not defrost anymore and was icing up on a regular basis. I had a pleasant conversation with the agent that answered my call for service and was provided an appointment time the next day between 11 and 1. Oleg arrived at 10:30(early is much better then late!). He was very polite and knowledgeable and explained to me in detail what he suspected the issue to be, how he would test the items first to confirm what needed replacing(defrost timer,defrost heater assembly) and clearly advised me of what the cost would be. He had the parts needed with him and with my go ahead was able to repair our fridge within the hour explaining to me what he was doing and showing me what he was doing all along which I appreciated.. As it turned out it needed a new control board which was the most expensive part, but his price was more then reasonable and lower then what we were expecting! Our fridge is now working A1 again for which we are thankful. I would not hesitate in recommending this company to friends or family and would also reach out to them if we ever have any issues in the future. Thank you were great!

rating fixappliances - Happy C.
Happy C., Wasaga Beach, ON
Whirlpool Fridge Repair
April 09, 2019

Repair of water dispenser on fridge. Original part had worn out. Diagnosis was fast and accurate and the repair was carried out quickly.

rating fixappliances - Devin Moggy
Devin Moggy,
Fridge repair
March 29, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

At FIX Appliances CA, fast and reliable appliance repair is our mission, and our TSSA-qualified technicians are standing by to take care of maintenance calls for problems seven days a week.
Our team has diagnosed and repaired virtually every washer brand, and if we can’t fix your old one, we will give you a discount on a new appliance from our store through the rebate program we have set in place. Call us today at 1-888-242-0777 or give us the details of your appliance at our request page to get our specialists to troubleshoot and order the needed parts.
Our team will take your call or information from our request page. We offer same-day service and can order replacement parts for you. We even have a ninety-day guarantee for any of our appliance work to give you peace of mind about a fridge that won’t get cold.
All our technicians must go through the TSSA certification and factory training of major brand appliance models before they are hired. That's how we can guarantee our work for you. Call us at 1-888-242-0777 or reach out to us on our request page to find out more about our team and the service we provide.