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Haier began as an importer in China in the 1930s and became a state-run operation. In 1984, The Haier Group was created to manufacture home refrigerators and other appliances for the domestic Chinese market. The company was encouraged to expand globally, becoming one of the best known and most profitable Chinese companies. They initially competed in niche markets like wine coolers and compact refrigerators in the U.S. to build brand recognition.

In 2002, Haier set up its New York headquarters for the U.S. and a manufacturing plant in Camden, SC, to design and manufacture specifically for the American market. In 2011, Haier became the top-selling company in the world by retail volume for household appliances.

Haier currently markets seven brands: Haier, Aqua, Candy, Casarte, Fisher & Paykel, GE Appliances, and Leader. Fisher & Paykel were acquired in 2012, GE Appliances of America in 2016, and Candy (including Candy, Hoover, & Rosières Brands) of Italy in 2019. Their practice is to infuse research and development money and pushing quality control and innovation while maintaining nation-based operations.

Haier kitchen appliances, plus washers and dryers, are well made and seldom require repair. However, wear and tear can cause even the best appliances to fail. When that happens, it’s good to know FIX Appliances CA is your Haier appliance repair service. When you call, text, or email our customer reps, you’re calling on the best repair service in Canada. Our service technicians are highly skilled and trained in Haier appliance repairs.


Refrigerators and freezers should maintain temperature and keep celery crisp and ice-cream hard. If your Haier refrigerator isn’t cooling properly, call our superior service techs at FIX Appliances CA. They’re trained to service all current and discontinued models, including French Door (QNE & HRF), Quad Door (HRQ), Bottom Freezer (HRB), Top Freezer (HA), and Beverage Centers (HEBF).

Contact our customer service for all your Haier fridge or freezer problems:

  • Door won’t stay shut or sealed
  • Internal water dispenser is leaking or not working
  • Ice maker leaks or isn’t making ice
  • LED lights flicker
  • Sabbath mode doesn’t function
  • Compressor bangs when cycling on or off
  • Humidity crispers aren’t keeping vegetables crisp and fresh
  • Quick Cool and Quick Freeze don’t work
  • Touch display isn’t illuminating
  • Adjustable thermostat won’t maintain temperature
  • The fridge or freezer is not cooling or freezing

For all your Haier refrigerator service or repairs, rely on FIX Appliances CA!


Food prep for a family or gathering should be a piece of cake with a Haier range, but if it’s not cooking evenly or an element won’t heat, you need to call FIX Appliances CA! Our service experts are TSSA certified use approved parts and will have your Electric (QAS), Gas (HCR), or Gas-Convection (QGAS) range working as it should. Call for all your range concerns, including:

  • The convection fan is rattling
  • Triple-ring burners aren’t performing properly
  • Halogen light burnt out and can’t remove it
  • Cooking modes don’t function
  • Gas element won’t ignite
  • Food doesn’t cook evenly
  • Digital display is dark
  • Oven light won’t work
  • Broiler element isn’t heating

If your range isn’t working, then FIX Appliances CA should be! Call, text, or email our service reps between 8 am and 9 pm to arrange a visit.

Wall Ovens

Does your Haier wall oven leave your cookies burnt and roasts raw? For all your oven issues, contact FIX Appliances CA. Our skilled technicians service all current and discontinued Single European Convection (HCW) models. So, no matter what the problem, they’ll repair it, including:

  • Oven doesn’t work
  • Touch pad controls are not responsive
  • Some cooking modes don’t function
  • LED screen is too dark to read
  • Self-cleaning function won’t work
  • Broiler is not heating
  • Door won’t seal or lock
  • Oven cooks food unevenly


Haier microwaves make quick work of heating leftovers or thawing last minute meal ideas, but if they’re not functioning as they should, call FIX Appliances CA! Our highly skilled repair personnel will have your Smart Over-the-Range (QVM) and Over-the-Range (HMV) microwave working in no time. Give us a call if your appliance has any issues, including:

  • Microwave doesn’t work or cook evenly
  • Touch screen isn’t responsive
  • Built-In WiFi won’t connect or stay connected
  • Scan-to-Cook technology misreads barcodes
  • Voice-Enabled hands-free function doesn’t function
  • Steam clean control isn’t working
  • The Steam Cook function doesn’t steam
  • Auto-sensor doesn’t sense properly
  • The LED controls are too dim to read
  • Some function buttons won’t activate

Call, text, or email our customer service reps between 8 am and 9 pm to arrange a service visit.

Vent Hoods

Haier vent hoods are Kitchen Hubs (UVH) or Chimney Vents (HCH) for over counter or island and peninsula cook areas. The multi-function ventilation systems filter and quietly remove moisture, fumes, and smoke, but if they’re too noisy or don’t work, call the experts at FIX Appliances CA. Our troubleshooting techs will fix the problems, including:

  • Vent hood doesn’t turn on
  • Fan rattles or squeals
  • The 4-speed fan only has one or two speeds
  • Dual camera system is foggy
  • Push-button controls stick or don’t work
  • Grease filters are stuck
  • Media system won’t connect to WiFi
  • LED or halogen lighting has dimmed
  • Guided cooking and U+ Connect Smart Home App won’t connect
  • Google apps or Google Assist don’t respond
  • Touch screen controls don’t function


Is your Haier dishwasher leaking or leaving dishes grimy? FIX Appliances CA repair specialist will fix your Smart Built-In (QDP) or Built-In (QDT) dishwasher, so you don’t have to become one! We’ll have your dishwasher working, no matter the issue:

  • Dishwasher doesn’t work
  • The unit leaks onto the floor
  • It is not draining completely
  • Touch controls don’t function
  • LED controls aren’t visible
  • Door won’t latch or seal
  • WiFi won’t connect
  • Status bar and Nightlight doesn’t light up
  • Wash Zones aren’t cleaning well


The convenience of a home washing machine is great if it works. However, if your Haier washer is leaving clothes dirty or smelly, you need to call FIX Appliances CA. Our service technicians will have your Smart Front Load (QFW) washer cleaning like new. We use authorized parts and repair the problems, including:

  • Washer rattles and shakes
  • The motor makes a squeal or grinding noise
  • LED Touch-Sensitive controls don’t respond
  • Cycle selection won’t function
  • WiFi won’t connect
  • Stain removal option doesn’t work
  • Steam clean feature doesn’t produce steam
  • LED screen shows an error message
  • Washer doesn’t fill, spin, or drain, or it leaks
  • There’s a burning smell during use

For your convenience, call text or email our customer reps between 8 am and 9 pm to arrange an appointment that fits your busy schedule.


Is your Haier dryer leaving clothes smelly and damp? It tumbles but is not heating? If your Ventless Condenser Smart Front Load (QFT) or Smart Front Load (QFD) electric dryer needs repair, call FIX Appliances CA. Our TSSA certified repair personnel will work out the wrinkles no matter the issues, including:

  • The dryer doesn’t turn on
  • The Ventless condenser is stuck
  • There is a burning smell when the unit is on
  • It tumbles, but there’s no heat
  • Touch-sensitive controls are too sensitive
  • LCD panel is blank
  • Cycle selection won’t function
  • Built-in WiFi doesn’t connect

Take the worry out of appliance repair, give the experts at FIX Appliances CA a call, and we’ll be there!


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What Our Customers Say About Haier Appliances Repair

Our 7 year old Whirlpool fridge would not defrost anymore and was icing up on a regular basis. I had a pleasant conversation with the agent that answered my call for service and was provided an appointment time the next day between 11 and 1. Oleg arrived at 10:30(early is much better then late!). He was very polite and knowledgeable and explained to me in detail what he suspected the issue to be, how he would test the items first to confirm what needed replacing(defrost timer,defrost heater assembly) and clearly advised me of what the cost would be. He had the parts needed with him and with my go ahead was able to repair our fridge within the hour explaining to me what he was doing and showing me what he was doing all along which I appreciated.. As it turned out it needed a new control board which was the most expensive part, but his price was more then reasonable and lower then what we were expecting! Our fridge is now working A1 again for which we are thankful. I would not hesitate in recommending this company to friends or family and would also reach out to them if we ever have any issues in the future. Thank you were great!

rating fixappliances - Happy C.
Happy C., Wasaga Beach, ON
Whirlpool Fridge Repair
April 09, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

If your dishwasher smells like burning you could have a dangerous dishwasher or electrical issue. Our team of TSSA qualified technicians can troubleshoot the smell and find the replacement parts to make a fix that is safe and efficient. Call us at 1-888-242-0777 or fill out the short contact information at our request page.
At FIX Appliances CA fast and reliable appliance repair is our mission and our TSSA qualified technicians are standing by to take care of maintenance calls for problems seven days a week.
With our team of TSSA qualified and factory trained professionals, we always strive to assess and order the right parts you need for repair quickly. Same day service is available if you call us at 1-888-242-0777 or set up an appointment online at our request page. Our technicians can find the problems and parts needed to repair your fridge on the same day.
Electrical repair is our specialty and our TSSA qualified and factory trained technicians can handle any of the issues that may cause a dryer to stop running. Whether it is repair or replacement of parts, FIX Appliances CA can handle the job. Call us today at 1-888-242-0777 or contact us at our request page.