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FIX Appliances offers reliable, same day Hotpoint repair services all over Toronto and the GTA. Our customer support center is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking
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    Factory Certified

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    TSSA Gas Contractor

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    Complete Warranty

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    Authorized Repair

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Hotpoint began with a light-weight electric clothes iron in 1903 by Earl Richardson. He formed the Pacific Electric Heating Company in 1906, renaming it Hotpoint Electric Heating Company in 1912. The electric iron was followed by a toaster in 1908 and a cooker in 1919. In 1918, Richardson joined with George A. Hughes, who had created an electric range. They merged their two companies with the General Electric Company to design and develop appliances under the Hotpoint brand.

Hotpoint created many firsts: the enameled electric range in 1924, the ‘moistureless’ electric dryer in 1950, and added wheels to the refrigerator in 1953. In 1961 Hotpoint introduced the first 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, offering to replace a Hotpoint with a comparable model. In 1965, they introduced the first washing machine with a low-speed agitator, so delicates and sweaters didn’t have to be hand-washed.

GE moved Hotpoint’s production mostly to it Appliance Park complex in Louisville KY in the 1950s, where it remains as part of the world’s biggest appliance factory. In 2016, the Haier Group of China acquired General Electric Appliances of America, including the Hotpoint brand.

Regular or daily appliance use can lead to wear and tear, causing a need for repairs. So, if your Hotpoint kitchen appliance isn’t working, then FIX Appliances CA should be working for you! For the best Hotpoint appliance repair service in Canada, call on our professionals. Our dependable team of highly skilled and trained service technicians will complete your Hotpoint appliance repairs.

Refrigerators & Freezers

Your refrigerator should keep beverages cold and vegetables crisp, and the ice-cream and food in the freezer should be frozen. If your Hotpoint refrigerator or freezer can’t maintain the proper temperature, call FIX Appliances CA, we’ll help you keep it cool! Whether a current or discontinued model, we repair and maintain Top-Freezer Refrigerators (HPS & HPE), Compact Refrigerators (HME), and Chest Freezers (HCM).

Our repair technicians will fix your Hotpoint freezer and refrigerator issues, including:

  • Refrigerator or freezer is not cooling or maintaining temperature
  • Coolant or water is leaking onto the floor
  • The door won’t stay shut or seal
  • LED lighting has dimmed
  • Compressor is making odd noises
  • Icemaker is blocked or not making ice

For all your Hotpoint problems, repairs or maintenance, call our customer representatives between 8 am and 9 pm to schedule a visit.


A range is an important appliance in most kitchens, but if your Hotpoint range doesn’t bake evenly or won’t hold a simmer for soups, you need FIX Appliances CA. Our TSSA certified service specialists repair and maintain Electric Rangers (RAS & RBS) and Gas Ranges (RGAS & RGBS) using approved parts. We’ll have your cakes rising and soups simmering to perfection in no time. Invite our experts over for all your range concerns, including:

  • The range does not work
  • An element won’t maintain temperature
  • A sealed burner doesn’t stay lit or ignite
  • Sensi-temp technology isn’t sensing the temperature
  • Door doesn’t seal or stay shut
  • The broiler is not heating
  • Broiler drawer won’t ignite
  • Indicator light doesn’t turn on
  • Clock and timer don’t function

Contact our FIX Appliances CA reps for all your Hotpoint range repairs.

Microwave Ovens

Microwaves make food prep and leftovers easy, but if your Hotpoint microwave is causing you grief, call on the professionals at FIX Appliances CA. Our team will have your Over-the-Range (RVM) microwave back up and working as it should.

  • Microwave won’t work
  • The door doesn’t stay closed or seal tight
  • Touchpad is unresponsive
  • Display is blank or displays an error message
  • Preprogrammed modes don’t function
  • The turntable won’t rotate
  • The two-speed vent fan rattles or squeals

Vent Hoods

Vent hoods provide lighting over the range and remove steam, smoke, and fumes to your kitchen and home doesn’t smell like a fast-food restaurant. If your Hotpoint vent hood isn’t keeping up with the smoke or fumes or is leaving you in the dark, contact FIX Appliances CA. We’ll repair all the problems your Non-Vented (JN) and Vented (JV) vent hoods have, including:

  • Fan doesn’t turn on
  • The fan rattles or bangs when operating
  • Vent is too loud
  • The damper rattles and whistles when the fan is off
  • Lights burn out too quickly
  • Fan speed is inconsistent
  • The filter is stuck

For all your kitchen appliance repairs, call, text, or email our customer reps.


Is your Hotpoint dishwasher sitting empty while you get dishpan hands? It leaks or doesn’t drain? Don’t wait! Call the experts at FIX Appliances CA today! Our repair professionals will troubleshoot the problem and get your Hotpoint Built-In (HDA) cleaning dishes, so you don’t have to!

  • Dishwasher doesn’t drain fully
  • The door doesn’t seal or close properly
  • Piranha™ Hard Food dispenser isn’t working
  • Water leaks or pools onto the floor
  • Push-button controls stick
  • Dishes don’t come out clean
  • The dishwasher makes strange or loud sounds
  • Not all functions or cycles work
  • Function dial won’t turn


Are dirty clothes piling up? Your Hotpoint washer needs repair? Call FIX Appliances CA to arrange a service call today. Our troubleshooting technicians repair and maintain current and discontinued models, including top-load (HTW) washer. No problem is too big or too small, we’ll fix them all.

  • Washing machine doesn’t work
  • Water leaks from inside
  • The agitator won’t turn
  • Washer doesn’t fill or drain
  • PreciseFill doesn’t sense water level
  • It makes weird noises and bangs
  • There’s a burning smell when the washer is on
  • Bleach dispenser dispenses too soon
  • Cycle, temperature, or wash selections don’t function
  • Operation lights don’t light up

Call, text, or email our customer reps between 8 am and 9 pm to arrange a service call that works with your schedule.


A Hotpoint dryer can leave your clothes dry and smelling fresh, so if it leaves them smelly and damp, you need to call the pros at FIX Appliances CA! Our repair associates are licensed gas fitters, and TSSA certified. They’ll have your gas (HTX), electric (HTX), or Spacemaker® (DSKS & DSKP) dryer finishing the laundry the way it should. Contact us for your dryer problems, including:

  • The dryer won’t work
  • Drum rotates, but it’s not heating
  • When operating, there’s a burning smell
  • The drum doesn’t rotate, but it heats up
  • Motor squeaks or grinds
  • Dryer bangs and vibrates violently when on
  • Clothes don’t dry
  • Heat, cycle, or power control doesn’t function
  • End-of-Cycle signal isn’t working

Contact FIX Appliances CA for all your Hotpoint appliance repair services.


What Our Customers Say About Hotpoint Appliances Repair

Our 7 year old Whirlpool fridge would not defrost anymore and was icing up on a regular basis. I had a pleasant conversation with the agent that answered my call for service and was provided an appointment time the next day between 11 and 1. Oleg arrived at 10:30(early is much better then late!). He was very polite and knowledgeable and explained to me in detail what he suspected the issue to be, how he would test the items first to confirm what needed replacing(defrost timer,defrost heater assembly) and clearly advised me of what the cost would be. He had the parts needed with him and with my go ahead was able to repair our fridge within the hour explaining to me what he was doing and showing me what he was doing all along which I appreciated.. As it turned out it needed a new control board which was the most expensive part, but his price was more then reasonable and lower then what we were expecting! Our fridge is now working A1 again for which we are thankful. I would not hesitate in recommending this company to friends or family and would also reach out to them if we ever have any issues in the future. Thank you were great!

rating fixappliances - Happy C.
Happy C., Wasaga Beach, ON
Whirlpool Fridge Repair

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FIX Appliances CA is a leading provider of affordable appliance repairs. We have over a decade of industry experience. Using this experience we can offer reliable white goods repairs. No matter what the problem may be, our skilled technicians will be able to fix it.

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Reliable Service & Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

A dishwasher that smells like burning or burnt rubber and plastic can be a serious issue that can become dangerous. Our team of highly qualified technicians can safely and quickly assess the smell and make the proper repairs. Call today at 1-888-242-0777 or set up an appointment at our request page.
Our team of TSSA qualified and factory trained repairmen have over fifteen years of experience. That's why we're in the right position to offer same day service to fix that microwave that won’t turn on. Contact us at 1-888-242-0777 or on our request page to get more information about our services.
Electrical repair is our specialty and our TSSA qualified and factory trained technicians can handle any of the issues that may cause a dryer to stop running. Whether it is repair or replacement of parts, FIX Appliances CA can handle the job. Call us today at 1-888-242-0777 or contact us at our request page.