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Technicians Available Now: April 12

Certified Kobe Appliance Repair Services

Certified Repair Service Provider for Kobe Range Hoods

FREE Service Call with ANY Repair.
FIX Appliances offers reliable, same-day Kobe repair services throughout Toronto and the GTA. We are a certified appliance repair service for Kobe appliances and provide manufacturer-certified services, including a warranty. Our customer support center is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.

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Get Certified Repair Service for All Your Kobe Appliances

KOBE Range Hoods is based in Arcadia, California, and has been committed to providing high-quality, quiet ventilation since 1998. Its range hoods are seamless, elegant, powerful, and quiet. The company is recognized for providing top-quality kitchen ventilation in the USA and Canada. Innovative styles and pioneer technology are the main goals, along with fair prices. The company presents three collections: Premium, Deluxe, and Brillia.

KOBE range hoods are unparalleled in the world of range hoods due to innovative QuietMode™ and ECO Mode technology. His company has earned multiple awards, including the ADEX 2019 Platinum Award, and continues to improve the features of its hoods. ECO Mode is KOBE’s unique feature that allows the range hood to turn on automatically on the QuietMode™ setting for 10 minutes every hour to remove excess moisture and odours.

They are sold in all fifty states of the USA and Canada. This very popular appliance can be found in most Canadian homes. Fix Appliances CA is ready to help with its repair, maintenance, and installation.

Experienced Technicians Certified in Kobe Range Hood Servicing

The best staff from our licensed and certified technician team are ready to fix all issues with Kobe appliances. Qualified Kobe techs at Fix Appliances CA undertake constant training to offer excellent repair services for any Kobe products. No matter your problem, we are mostly prepared to cope on the same day.

We have approximately 20 years of appliance repair experience, and we dare to say that the pros at Fix Appliances CA feel pride in being certified.
Kobe appliance repair company. When you order repair services, you will surely receive a warranty from the manufacturer in Toronto and the GTA areas. Moreover, we suggest Kobe installation services during the week, including weekends and holidays. Contact our representatives; they will happily schedule a visit to your place at your convenience.

Wall-mounted, under cabinet, built-in or island Kobe range hoods will be installed, replaced or repaired quickly. High-quality job, attractive prices, warranty and customer satisfaction. Enjoy our technicians’ work and benefits. Contact us by phone at 888-242-0777 or submit the request.

Kobe Island Range Hood Repair

Island range hoods are ventilation systems mounted to the ceiling. They are modern and attract customers who want to design their kitchens with the latest technology. And when we talk about Kobe Island range hoods repair service, we would like to pay attention to the following models from KOBE Brillia collection: BRILLIA ISX21 SQB-2 SERIES Island 30″- 42″ (ISX2130SQB-DC37-2 (30″), ISX2136SQB-DC37-2 (36″), ISX2142SQB-DC37-2 (42″)), BRILLIA ISX24 SQB-2 Island 30″- 36″ (ISX2430SQB-2 (30″), ISX2436SQB-2 (36″))

All KOBE Brillia island range hoods have LED lights, a 3-speed mechanical push button, and dishwasher-safe baffle filters. They use QuietMode to be powerful and quiet at the same time. Moreover, the duct cover may be adjusted depending on the height of the ceiling.

If you need help with any KOBE Island appliance model, save time and contact Fix Appliances CA. As a certified appliance repair company, we offer the most qualified services, not only under a manufacturer’s warranty.

Kobe Built-in Range Hood Repair

Built-in range hoods from KOBE may fit any cabinet in your kitchen, keeping the same advantages as any other type of ventilation hoods: highest technology, quietness, etc. Built-in or insert range hoods are represented in all collections. Let’s pay attention to the most widely spread models among them: DELUXE IN26 SQB-1100-5A SERIES BUILT IN / INSERT 36″ – 48″ (IN2636SQB-1100-5A (36″), IN2648SQB-1100-5A (48″)), PREMIUM IN28 SQP-XX SERIES BUILT IN / INSERT 30″ – 36″ (IN2830SQP-XX (30″), IN2836SQP-XX (36″)), BRILLIA INX27 SQB-700-3 SERIES (NEW) BUILT IN / INSERT 30″ – 36″ (INX2730SQB-700-3 (30″), INX2736SQB-700-3 (36″))

Paying attention to the benefits of such range hoods, we would like to admit the following features: ECO mode, a 3—to 6-speed system, wireless remote control, multi-level lighting, and a vertical or horizontal blower. They have unique designs and are easy to clean.

Contact our team for appliance repair or regular maintenance of your KOBE range hood, which will last many years.

Kobe Under-Cabinet Range Hood Repair

KOBE under-cabinet range hoods are installed underneath existing cabinets. Due to their compact size, they are very convenient, especially when the kitchen has limited space or too many cabinets. The most popular range hoods of this type are PREMIUM CH22 SQB6-XX SERIES UNDER CABINET 30″ – 36″ (CH2230SQB6-XX (30″), CH2236SQB6-XX (36″)), BRILLIA CHX38 SQBD-3 SERIES UNDER CABINET 30″ – 36″ (CHX3830SQBD-3 (30″), CHX3836SQBD-3 (36″) with ductless or recirculating features), DELUXE RA38 SQB-5 SERIES UNDER CABINET 30″ – 36″ (RA3830SQB-5 (30″), RA3836SQB-5 (36″)).

Such range hoods help eliminate heat, smoke, combustion products and airborne grease while cooking. They are one of the most common ventilation systems installed in many modern kitchens. Contact Fix Appliances CA if you encounter any issues with this range hood. They offer certified appliance repairs on the same day via phone or by submitting a request for service online.

Kobe Wall-Mounted Range Hood Repair

One more range hood type is KOBE wall-mounted vents. This is a ventilation system mounted to the wall above the cooking area. Sometimes, such vents are called chimney hoods due to their design and construction. There are a great variety of styles and models. Among them, you can find PREMIUM RA38 SQB-1 SERIES WALL MOUNT 30″ – 36″ (RA3830SQB-WM-1 (30″), RA3836SQB-WM-1 (36″)), DELUXE RA38 SQB-5 SERIES WALL MOUNT 30″ – 36″ (RA3830SQB-WM-5 (30″), RA3836SQB-WM-5 (36″)), BRILLIA RAX21 SQB-WM-2 SERIES WALL MOUNT 30″ – 42″ (RAX2130SQB-WM-2 (30″), RAX2136SQB-WM-2 (36″), RAX2142SQB-WM-2 (42″)).

No matter the type or model you have, we can fix any issues, including the following:

  • Smoke when the vent is operating;
  • The motor does not turn on
  • Does not duct properly
  • Strange rubbing or scraping noises and more

Remember, when your appliance is out of order, do not turn it on. Contact for professional help at Fix Appliances CA. We can handle all problems the same day, at reasonable prices and provide a warranty.

Excellent Kobe Appliance Repair Service in Toronto and the GTA

Any ventilation appliance requires regular maintenance and repair from time to time. Our team at Fix Appliances CA has the particular knowledge, certificates, experience, and tools to define and fix the problem. Even if you are unaware of the issue’s complexity, after our diagnostics and approximate cost estimation, you can decide whether to repair or install a new range hood.

Do not waste time looking for a PRO if you have problems with your Kobe ventilation appliance. Fix Appliances CA is as close as possible and ready to help. As a certified Kobe appliance repair company, we provide all types of services: maintenance, repair, and installation, along with a warranty on the services and parts replaced. Call our support, and you will be satisfied with the services rendered on a same-day basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fix Appliances CA offers same-day repair services mostly. You should call us and schedule an appointment at your most convenient time. Besides, we will return your range hood to life as we have all the necessary replacement parts. If your KOBE range hood is under the manufacturer's warranty, do not worry, we’ll repair your hood and keep your warranty valid.
Sure, first, we diagnose your range hood for multiple points inspection. And next, you will quickly receive the quote to solve the problem. Our authorized KOBE technicians are factory-trained and have the knowledge and skills to do this quickly.
Before replacing any appliance, the professionals at Fix Appliances CA inspect the range hood and find the issue with it. Only after that do we decide to provide you with the approximate repair costs, and if they are higher than 40%-50% of the price of a new one, it will be better to replace it.