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Maytag Over the Range Microwave YMMV4206FZ


Maytag YMMV4206FZ Over the Range Microwave, 30 Exterior Width, 1000W Watts, 2.0 cu. ft. Capacity, Incandescent, Stainless Steel Interior, 400 CFM, Stainless Steel colour, 10-year limited parts warranty.

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  • Installation $199
  • Delivery $65
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Price after $80 rebate on microwave

Price: $559.32

After savings and rebate. Tax applies to pre-rebate price.

Pre-rebate price: $639.32

Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel

Easy-to-clean, fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish keeps your microwave looking as good on the outside as it works on the inside.

Sensor Reheat

Sensors help to evenly reheat food by automatically adjusting cooking time as needed.

Charcoal Filter

Help prevent cooking smells from overwhelming your meals with a charcoal odour filter that removes high airflow odours and steam.

Interior Cooking Rack

Our interior cooking rack gives you the space you need to cook your whole meal at one time. The second surface lets you stack your side dishes on top of your main dish, so you can take the downtime out of dinner.

Multiple Speed Exhaust Fan

The multiple speed exhaust fan helps remove smoke and odors as you cook.

Mesh Grease Filter

Take the trouble out of scrubbing up after dinner with a mesh grease filter that helps prevent the mess.

10 Year Limited Parts Warranty

With a 10-year limited parts warranty* on the cavity and magnetron, we built these microwaves tough enough to keep cooking for years.

Control Lockout

The control lockout option disables the control panel, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing buttons while you’re cleaning.

Stainless Steel Cavity

The stainless steel microwave cavity is designed to resist the splatter from any messy meal.

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