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FIX Appliances offers reliable, same day Cavavin repair and installation services all over Toronto and the GTA. Our customer support centre is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.

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Cavavin is one of the leading manufacturers of wine cellars and beverage centres with more than 40 years of history. These appliances are designed in Canada and made in Asia. Having specialized in wine refrigeration and storage solutions, Cavavin suggests a great variety of wine cellars to preserve wine collections under the most favourable conditions.

Wine fridge appliances from Cavavin are known for their functional features, design and aesthetic look. Superior quality and a specific environment of beverage centres and coolers help preserve wine products in the proper conditions.

Same-Day Cavavin Appliance Repair Service

Fix Appliances CA has almost two decades of experience in providing excellent installation and repair services in Toronto, Ontario, and other GTA areas. Our company offers same-day repair from our knowledgeable and skilled wine fridge technicians. We can send a qualified specialist to your local area to provide diagnostics and fix your appliance in no time. Attractive discounts, a Satisfaction guarantee and a warranty on replaced parts and labour at fair prices will please you.

Our friendly representatives will be glad to answer any questions regarding your problem and schedule an appointment either by phone or request online. We are open all days a week, and you are sure to receive the best services as soon as possible. Contact us immediately if you encounter an issue. Our pros are ready to assist you.

Cavavin Appliances Experts

Cavavin fridge appliances are widely spread and very popular among Canadian homeowners. However, facing a problem, a customer may feel upset. The malfunctioning unit, when it stopped operating properly unexpectedly, may confuse anyone but not us. Do not waste your time looking for a professional; we are as close as possible. The highly-trained experts in Cavavin appliance repair will be glad to help you.

Our staff takes a year;y training from the manufacturer to be aware of the latest achievements and changes in the product’s technical specifications. Fix Appliances CA is an authorized distributor of installation and repair services for Cavavin products. We are fully equipped and always at your service at the most convenient time. No matter what type of model you have, we will mostly return your favourite appliance to working condition the same day.

Cavavin Wine Cellars Repair

Cavavin wine cellars are designed to provide the ideal environment for storing wine, including temperature control, humidity regulation, and protection from light and vibration. These factors are crucial for maintaining the quality and taste of wine over time.

Cavavin offers various models and sizes of wine cellars to meet any of your expectations and needs: you can choose the type and size of the single or dual zone, the number of stored bottles, and built-in or free-standing cellars, and, of course, you will be able to find the one that meets your budget. Contacting our wine cellar technicians, you will receive a piece of advice on what will be best for you.

Moreover, when choosing the model of your future wine fridge, consider features such as adjustable temperature settings, interior LED lighting, digital displays, sliding or hinged doors, UV-protected glass doors, and shelf configurations to lodge bottles according to their size and quantity. We’d like to mention the following widely-spread models V-265WSZ, V-163WSZ, V-041WDZFG and many others to your taste.

But over time, as with any other household appliance, you may face different issues that can be frustrating and require repair or replacement. Fix Appliance CA is ready to help you any time during the week, including holidays. If you encounter any of the following, contact our wine cooler experts to help you or give a piece of proper advice on how to keep your appliance in working condition under regular maintenance:

  • Improper temperature settings
  • The defective fan not working at all
  • Faulty thermostat
  • The evaporator fan is faulty, etc

Most problems can be fixed only by professionals. Contact us, and your appliance will continue working as a new one.

Cavavin Beverage Centres Repair

Cavavin is a renowned appliance company that manufactures various appliances and specializes in crafting exceptional beverage centers. These sophisticated centers are meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of drink storage needs, accommodating various types of beverages such as wine, beer, soda, cola, and bottled water.

Along with wine cellars, beverage centres have the same features as efficient storage, optimal temperature control for the best preservation which means that you can set different temperatures for any beverage, and adjustable shelves. Besides, they are represented in different sizes and capacities, with one or dual zones, and of several configurations: built-in or freestanding.

However, let us admit that beverage centers are designed to cool beverages, including wine, but may not provide the same level of humidity control as a dedicated wine cellar. Therefore, if you have a valuable wine collection that requires precise humidity levels, we recommend you select a wine cellar specifically designed for wine storage.

Cavavin Refrigeration and Storage Appliances Troubleshooting Tips

Many of the common problems with wine cellars can be easily resolved, saving the potential cost of a service call. Try the suggestions below and see if you can solve the problem before calling a service provider. Here we prepared a small guide on problems and possible causes for Cavavin wine cellars and beverage centres:

Not operating at all It is not turned on or unplugged, or there is a circuit breaker tripped or a blown fuse.
Not cold enough, and the appliance turns OFF and ON too frequently The problem can be with temperature settings, the door is not closed entirely or is opened too often, or there is a damaged or dirty gasket seal. A wine cellar is overloaded.
The light is not working It is not turned on or unplugged. Or there is a circuit breaker that tripped. Or a blown fuse. And the light button is OFF position.
Unit vibrations The main cause is improper levelling.
It makes too much noise The main problem is the incorrect levelling of the cellar. Remember that noises are normal, but you should notice changes in them. Normal noises are: the rattling and gurgling noises coming from the refrigerant flow and popping and crackling noises resulting from the contraction and expansion of the inside walls.
Not closed properly or entirely The issues are improper levelling or not properly installed, dirty gaskets, or shelves being out of position.

Our factory-trained wine cooler technicians are prepared to provide quality repair service for all Cavavavin wine fridges. As an authorized repair company, we can keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid and ensure you receive qualified service at a reasonable price.

Authorized Cavavin Appliance Repair Company

Fix Appliances CA is an authorized Cavavin appliance repair company with many years of experience. Our professional staff trains constantly to ensure their skills and knowledge in repairing, maintenance and installation services are at a high level. We do understand the problems you may encounter and how frustrating when your appliance is out of order. But we are always ready to assist and are available seven days a week.

Our prepared experts will help to define the problem and fix it the same day at affordable prices, providing a warranty on all our services and replacement parts. Even if your wine cellar is under warranty from the manufacturer, we have the necessary certificates and licenses to offer wine cooler repair services to keep the warranty valid. Call us at 888-242-0777 or submit your request online, and we’ll take care of your Cavavin appliances.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The most widely met wine cooler problem is getting warm or not cooling properly. But it is not a case to be upset. Contact the pros at Fix Appliances CA to ensure quality repair and a warranty on parts and labour If your appliance is under the manufacturer’s warranty, it is time to call us as an authorized repair company.
Yes, we do. Our company has factory-trained and certified wine cellar technicians to provide Cavavin appliance repairs under warranty. Moreover, you will enjoy our discounts, Satisfaction guarantee and reasonable prices on repair and installation services.
If the wine fridge doesn't light up, the probable issue is in the absence of a power supply due to a damaged PCB circuit. If it is faulty, it needs replacement. If this is the case, you should contact a qualified refrigeration technician who can fix this exact wine cooler brand.