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How to Reset Maytag Washer?

Gaya Chudnovski

Technically Reviewed by Gaya Chudnovski on Apr 02, 2024 | Written by Gaya Chudnovski

Several users of the Maytag Washer are usually stuck with an error code, power surge, or blocked cycle. The simplest way is to turn off the power. There are numerous alternative ways how to reset the Maytag appliance according to its model.

The method that works best for your washer will be determined by its age, type (front- or top-loader), and if it has a dial (mechanical controls) or a button control panel (electronic controls).

You need to read the service instructions to find the reset manual that is suitable for your Maytag model. It is often known as “The Technical Handbook”. However, read this tutorial to find out all the possible alternatives that will help your Maytag washer operate properly.

How to Reset Maytag Washer to Factory Settings?

Maytag washers, like other appliances, typically include an easily accessible and readable operating guide. However, they have always included a service or Maytag repair manual, which can only be set up by removing an access panel.

The service guide for most top-loading Maytag washers can be learned by removing its top and attaching it to one of the sides. The service handbook for a front-loading washer is normally found in the same place after removing the top panel.

However, if you can’t find the manual on your Maytag washer, you can find a free service guide book on the manufacturer’s official website. To get the relevant manual, you must enter your model number.

The Simplest Maytag Washer Reset Method

To restart a Maytag appliance, unplug the power for 3 minutes. Reconnecting the electricity allows the appliance’s battery to dissipate and reset.

If the Maytag washer hard reset procedure fails, disconnect the washer again, but leave it shut down for 10 minutes this time. Before unplugging the power, make sure the washing machine is turned off on the control board for safety and to avoid damaging it.

How to Reset Maytag Washer After Power Outage?

Power/Cancel Maytag Washer Reset Button

Another way to restart your appliance is to click the Power/Cancel Maytag washer reset button, then choose the right cycle, and then push the Start button. This technique helps well when attempting to change the washer’s cycle or get rid of an error code.

However, identify and fix the source of the error code or stuck cycle to avoid future damage to your appliance.

Rotating the Dial

Some Maytag models have a dial. To reset or set various modes, such as diagnostic, you need to turn the dial in a specific sequence. The service instruction includes a step-by-step guide for the specific type of washer.

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Nevertheless, many appliances are suitable for the sequence below:

  1. Install the dial into its standard position.
  2. Return it counterclockwise back to the position you started in.
  3. Turn the dial clockwise 3 settings in the 3 o’clock position and then clockwise 1 setting.
  4. Return the component to 3 o’clock, and you’ll see the control board start flashing.
  5. Turn counterclockwise 4 settings until the rinse light is lit.
  6. Press the button to calibrate Maytag washer and reset it.

If the method has failed, call the technician to analyze the problem.

Maytag Washer Lid Lock Reset Method

If your Maytag device is a top-loader, you can restart it by lifting the lid 6 times. Note that you have only 12 seconds to use this technique:

  1. Switch off the washer for 1 minute.
  2. Turn it on and lift and close the lid 6 times in 12-second intervals.

This technique must be finished in 30 seconds after reconnecting the power. Note to close the lid 6 times correctly.

How to Reset a Maytag Coin-Operated Washer?

To provide a Maytag commercial washer reset with an LED display, follow the steps below:

  1. First, unlock the lockbox to set the machine into programmed mode.
  2. The next stage is identifying the Delicates and Knits mode in the laundry options menu.
  3. Hold the Delicates and Knits button for five seconds.

The washer’s LED indicator should now flash and begin to blink, signaling that the error codes have been removed, and the appliance has been reset.


To reset the Maytag washer can be an easy task, but yet effective solution to resolve frequent problems and return the appliance to its normal operation. By following the manual, you may reset the device by yourself without the need to call professional help.

During the reset operation, stay calm and allow the needed methods to finish. This leads to a complete and effective reset of the Maytag control board, which may resolve malfunctions, error codes, and other troubleshooting.

Make sure to check the instructions specific to your Maytag model, because several steps may differ. Remember that safety is a top priority, which is why you should take extra measures when handling electrical items.

If the reset code method isn’t a solution to an issue, don’t be afraid to call an expert or call Maytag support to fix Maytag washer. Maintaining the device regularly, for instance, cleaning filters, and checking for dirt and clogs, can help avoid troubleshooting and extend the proper work of the Maytag washer.

Furthermore, adhering to proper usage instructions and using suitable detergents and loading strategies can help to achieve the best performance and cleaning results.

Date of page creation: March 18, 2024

Page update date: April 02, 2024

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