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What Does Ub Mean on Samsung Washer?

Oleg Chudnovski, CEO

Technically Reviewed by Oleg Chudnovski, CEO on May 16, 2024 | Written by Fix Appliances CA Editorial Contributors

Sometimes, Samsung washer users are stuck with the Ub and Ur error codes. They are the same, meaning the load is imbalanced during the wash cycle. The Samsung washer Ub code is usually mistaken for U6. However, it relates to the same problem.

The most typical reason for this error code is clothes twisting during the wash cycle, thus overloading the washer.

Nevertheless, if the Samsung washer says Ub error code, you should check its mechanical elements that keep the appliance stable during usage, for instance, shock absorbers, levelling legs, suspension springs, and dampening straps.

This guide is suitable for most Samsung washer models, such as:

  • Kenmore (made by Samsung) mod: 592-49045;
  • Kenmore (made by Samsung) mod: 592-49075;
  • Kenmore (made by Samsung) mod: 592-49082;
  • Kenmore (made by Samsung) mod: 592-49087;
  • WF203ANSXAX;
  • WF206ANSXAA;
  • WF206ANSXAC;
  • WF206BNWXAC;
  • WF210ANWXAA;
  • WF218ANBXAA;
  • WF218ANWXAA;
  • WF219ANBXAA;
  • WF219ANWXAA;
  • WF220ANWXAA;
  • WF328AAGXAA;
  • WF328AARXAA;
  • WF328AAWXAA;
  • WF330ANWXAA;
  • WF340ANGXAC;
  • WF340ANRXAC;
  • WF350ANWXAA.

Read below to find out how to fix the Samsung active waterjet Ub code.

How to Fix Ub Code On Samsung Washer?

The most common reasons for the Ub error code are:

Clothes in the tub are stuck or twisted together;

  • the appliance is overloaded;
  • there are not many clothes in the washer, and it can operate properly;
  • the Samsung washer is unbalanced.

Before resolving the issues and restarting your washer, check the laundry load.

Check the Laundry Load

The simplest solution to the issue is to unlock the washer and change the load. If the laundry is twisted, bunched, or stuck to one side, it won’t likely resolve the error code. Over- or underloading is critical troubleshooting, so removing or adding clothes to achieve a balanced load is the only solution.

Textiles with strings or laces from footwear can potentially cause errors when they get wrapped in a section of the drum or agitator. To prevent this, purchase a washing machine-safe bag or tie the strings so they don’t get stuck in the washer.

When using the washer, make sure to select the correct cycle. Each wash cycle is used to clean certain fabric types and dirt levels. If the washer includes a different sort of load, it may identify the washer as imbalanced and the Samsung washer flashing Ub.

When the clothes’ size has been rebalanced, the issue should be repaired, and the washer should resume the cycle.

Samsung Washer Ub Code Reset

After you rebalance the washer, the next step is to reset the appliance. A Samsung washer’s Ub message can indicate a control panel problem. If the issue appears, unplug the washer from the power for 5 minutes, which allows the control panel to reset.

If there is only a glitch, reconnecting the device will solve the Ub error code. However, when the error code reappears, it is crucial to find some time to resolve it because it can lead to more serious difficulties in the future.

Identify The Level of the Washer

Another possible cause of the UB error code is that the laundry machine is not level with the floor. The appliance might have been shifted lately, such as when you first installed it or when it was relocated. However, the washer may become imbalanced over time due to the machine’s vibrations during the spin cycle.

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Use a level tool to check and correct the problem. This is the most effective technique. If the tool identifies that the appliance is not level, set the washer’s legs until they become balanced. To level them, unscrew the locking nut and turn it clockwise to lower it and counterclockwise to straighten it. Make sure the washer is level, and then tighten the locking screws back.

The washer’s four leveling legs must be level and firmly planted on the floor to ensure stability when spinning. If the surface is too slippery to keep the washer well-balanced, add non-skid pads beneath the legs to prevent them from shifting throughout the cycle. The locking bolts that hold the legs in place must also be tight on the washer’s base. Use a wrench to verify that the locking nuts are properly tightened.

Other Common Reasons for Ub Error Code

There are other common causes of the Ub error code that should be taken into account.

Shock Absorbers

If you have a Samsung front-load washer, shock absorbers are usually placed between the outer tub and the washer’s base frame. Ensure the shock absorbers are properly attached on both ends and there is no licking fluid on one.

Suspension Springs

Suspension springs are commonly used in both front- and top-loading washers to eliminate vibrations and maintain proper operation. The suspension springs might be situated beneath or above the tub, keeping it above the base. Check that the springs are properly attached and in excellent condition, as a damaged spring can lead to the UB error code.

Dampening Straps

Top-loading washers may include four rubber straps at the corners that hold the tube in place. When one of these straps fails, the tube will be unbalanced, resulting in a Ub error code.

Driver Bearings

Front-loading models include ball bearings between the tube spindle and the motor shaft. When the casing wears, one or more of these bearings becomes dislodged, so the tube may vibrate, potentially leading to the issues. Call a specialist to replace the items.

Control Panel

The control panel generates and receives the electrical signals to start the machine working. If you have failed the previous options for the Samsung washer Ub code fix, the appliance might have malfunctioned the control board, and you must replace it.


Knowing the reasons why Samsung washer always unbalanced will allow you to fix your machine and keep it running smoothly. If the Ub or Ur codes appear, and you can’t fix the problem, contact a Samsung washer repair technician for deep analysis to ensure your Samsung washer runs properly.

You may also check whether the washer is within the warranty to replace certain elements.

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Page update date: May 16, 2024

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