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Samsung Washing Machine Errors dE/dE1 (Ed): Causes and Solutions

Olga Larina

Technically Reviewed by Olga Larina on Feb 08, 2024 | Written by Olga Larina

Samsung washing machines may occasionally encounter error codes that require prompt attention for seamless operation. Let’s dive into the specifics of the dE/dE1 (Ed) error codes, understanding when they take place, identifying the responsible parts, and providing practical ways to address these codes.

When do these codes occur

dE/dE1 (Ed) Error Codes:

  1. Occur When: The dE/dE1 (Ed) error codes typically take place when there is an issue with the washing machine’s door or its lock mechanism.
  2. Possible Causes:
    • Door not securely closed (most common issue). Potential causes include incomplete or improper door closure before initiating a wash cycle or presence of obstructions preventing it from sealing tightly.
    • Faulty door latch or lock (issues with this can lead to the dE/dE1 (Ed) error, as the machine may struggle to secure it properly). It may happen because of wear and tear on the door latch or lock or misalignment affecting the engagement of the latch with the lock.
    • Door sensor problems (it is responsible for detecting whether the door is closed securely). Possible causes include sensor failure to register the closed door position or loose or damaged connections affecting sensor functionality.
    • Door Misalignment (misalignment of it can prevent proper closure, leading to the dE/dE1 (Ed) error). Potential causes of this are wear and tear on door hinges or physical damage affecting door alignment.
    • Dirty Door Seal and Latch (accumulated dirt, debris, or detergent residue on the seal and latch can hinder proper closure and trigger the dE/dE1 (Ed) error). It may happen because of lack of regular cleaning and maintenance or residue build-up affecting the door’s sealing surfaces.
  3. What parts of the washing machine are responsible for this error code?
Error Code Responsible Components
dE/dE1 (Ed) Door.
dE/dE1 (Ed) Sensor.
dE/dE1 (Ed) Door lock.

Understanding the specific elements tied to the error codes is important for effective diagnosis and resolution.

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How to address these issues

dE/dE1 (Ed) Error Codes:

Check Door Closure:

  • Ensure that the washing machine door is securely closed before initiating a wash cycle.
  • Verify that there are no obstructions preventing it from closing properly.

Inspect Door Latch and Lock:

  • Physically examine its latch and lock for any visible signs of wear, damage, or misalignment.
  • Confirm that the latch engages with the lock mechanism correctly.

Clean Door Seal and Latch:

  • Clean it and latch to remove any accumulated dirt, debris, or detergent residue.
  • Ensure that its sealing surfaces are free from obstructions.

Run a Test Cycle:

  • After performing the checks and potential fixes, run a test cycle to observe the machine’s performance.
  • Monitor for any recurrence of the dE/dE1 (Ed) error code.

Check Door Sensor:

  • Inspect the sensor for visible damage or loose connections.
  • Test the sensor’s functionality according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Adjust Door Alignment:

  • If the door appears misaligned, adjust it to ensure proper closure and engagement with the latch and lock.
  • Refer to the user manual for guidance on adjusting the door alignment.

Replace Faulty Components:

  • If the door latch, lock, or sensor is found to be faulty, consider replacing the damaged components.
  • Use genuine Samsung replacement parts for optimal compatibility.

Professional Assistance:

  • If the error persists or if there are concerns regarding the door mechanism or electronic components, seek professional assistance.
  • Technicians can conduct a thorough diagnosis and address more complex issues.


The dE/dE1 (Ed) error codes in Samsung washing machines signify potential issues with the door, latch, lock, or sensor. By following this guide, you can easily troubleshoot issues related to this type of codes. Remember, that regular maintenance practices and prompt attention to error codes contribute to the longevity and reliable performance of the washing machine.

If you are looking for professional help with your home appliance – you may contact us.

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