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What Does Ur Mean On Samsung Washer?

Gaya Chudnovski

Technically Reviewed by Gaya Chudnovski on Apr 01, 2024 | Written by Gaya Chudnovski

Samsung is a well-known brand for high-quality appliances, including washers. However, they are also not error-free.

The Samsung washer Ur error code means the load in the appliance is imbalanced. When this appears, the water will add extra water, reset the spin cycle, readjust the load, and spin again. It can extend the washing cycle for a couple of minutes.

Read below to find out how to make the Samsung washer unbalanced fix.

What are the Reasons for Ur Error Code?

This guide refers to the Samsung washer models, such as:

  • 592-49045;
  • 592-49075;
  • 592-49082;
  • 592-49087;
  • WF203ANSXAX;
  • WF206ANSXAA;
  • WF206ANSXAC;
  • WF206BNWXAC;
  • WF210ANWXAA;
  • WF218ANBXAA;
  • WF218ANWXAA;
  • WF219ANBXAA;
  • WF219ANWXAA;
  • WF220ANWXAA;
  • WF328AAGXAA;
  • WF328AARXAA;
  • WF328AAWXAA;
  • WF330ANWXAA;
  • WF340ANGXAC;
  • WF340ANRXAC;
  • WF350ANWXAA.

When the washer identifies an overload, it will display the UR error code. Nevertheless, some Samsung washers will show the UE error code instead. The most common reasons for this issue include: 

  • tangled clothes;
  • overloaded washer;
  • unlevel appliance
  • worn out components;
  • system glitches.

The Ur error code appears during the spin cycle. After the issue is displayed, the washer will stop operating in order to avoid more serious damage.

How to Fix Samsung Washer Ur Code?

If your washing machine begins to vibrate excessively, you should pay attention to this. To prevent further damage and maintain your machine in proper operation, you must change its load. Frequently, a single large object could cause the drum to tilt forward, causing considerable vibration.

Remove Shipping Materials

If the Samsung washer vibrates, look at its package and find phases “FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE”. These markings say that some bolts were attached to ship the appliance securely, and they should be unplugged to keep the machine from shaking inside the drum during the cycle.

Before washing your clothes, make sure to remove any debris.

Balance or Reduce the Load

The Samsung active waterjet Ur code can signal that the appliance has an uneven loaf, which means there are either too many or too few clothes in it. To overcome this issue, spread the weight throughout the load properly. It is critical to prevent overloading the machine because it can display an error.

Sort clothes by fabric type to load the washer properly. Also, make sure the appliance is balanced using a level tool on top.

If there are problems with the balance during the spin cycle, check the load. Don’t put too many clothes in the drum to keep the device at the right level.

To provide a balanced spin cycle, the washer rotates around its center of gravity. To test this hypothesis, apply a little load. If there are no issues, the extra load may damage the machine.

If your washer is underweight, the spin cycle may take longer, and the laundry will be wet, making it difficult to remove from the machine. Adding blankets or other lightweight textiles may help the load to balance, reducing the washing cycle.

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If you still see the Samsung washer Ur code, there could be a problem with the appliance itself. In this case, contact Appliance Repair Service for help.

Faulty Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are also a common issue. When the Samsung Washer starts vibrating or shaking and displaying the Ur error code.

Washers generally contain 2 or 4 shock absorbers that reduce movement throughout the operation. These items allow the drum to spin and move smoothly without vibrating like the other elements of the device.

Unluckily, the shock absorbers are situated within the washer’s inner mechanisms, making it a difficult DIY repair. It is suggested that you contact an expert to resolve this problem.

Worn-Out Drum Bearing

Vibration issues in front-load washers are mainly caused by faulty motors or loose drum bearings. To resolve this troubleshooting, disconnect the tub spindle to change the bearings.

Due to the complicated internal workings of the machine, this type of repair requires a qualified technician.

Faulty Suspension Springs

Springs must be used in both situations: Samsung washer Ur code top load and front-load to secure the tub to the bottom or support it above. If one of these springs is damaged or broken, your washer might stop working. It is advised that each of them be changed.

Broken Tachometer

The tachometer measures the speed at which the Samsung washer spins. It protects the appliance and keeps all the components secured. When the device fails to operate properly, the washer may not spin fast enough to carefully clean your laundry. When you hear strange noises during the laundry cycle, this may be a potential problem with the tachometer.


To sum up, Samsung washers show the Ur error code when their drums can’t spin properly. This appears to be due to the imbalance caused by the overloaded laundry. Moreover, the internal elements such as the drive, sensor, bearings, and motor brushes may fail to work, leading to this issue. Another common problem is a motor control panel.

To fix the Samsung Ur code, it is important to reload clothes in the drum correctly. If the issue still exists, check the tachometer, engine brushes, and other components. Make sure the shock absorbers function in a proper way, or replace components if needed.

Check whether the Samsung washer is within the warranty to call the manufacturer and replace the required items. In order you can’t fix the problem, call the washer repair assistant to resolve the problem more effectively.

Take care of your Samsung washer to prevent it from damaging and displaying error codes.

Date of page creation: March 13, 2024

Page update date: April 01, 2024

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