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How to Fix Samsung Washer UE Code?

Oleg Chudnovski, CEO

Technically Reviewed by Oleg Chudnovski, CEO on Apr 01, 2024 | Written by Oleg Chudnovski, CEO

Samsung washing machines are provided with powerful self-diagnostic technologies. They can detect errors independently by identifying the operational status of individual components and scanning the sensors.

When the issues occur, the control board displays a specific code. If you understand the UE, meaning washing machine, you can fix the problem by yourself.

For instance, the UE error on the Samsung washing machine indicated a drum imbalance. The E4 error is the same code, but it appears on older appliances.

What Does UE Mean on Samsung Washer?

If your Samsung washing machine starts flashing UE error, it implies that a balance problem has occurred in the drum, affecting the device’s normal operation. If you fail to take action to resolve the troubleshooting, more crucial errors are likely to happen over time. Here’s what an imbalance brings to:

  • spring breakage that keeps the tank and drum of the appliances suspended;
  • if the tank hits against the walls, it can crack;
  • damages to the engine, bearings, sensors, etc.

Troubled balancing and UE message in Samsung appliances frequently happen at the beginning of the spin cycle, where bouncing can be catastrophic. The main principle is that the Samsung washing machine starts spinning the drum, and after it reaches the needed rotation speed, it stops and begins the princess again.

What are the Main Reasons for Imbalance?

The main reasons for the Samsung UE code in washing machines are as follows:

  • lauding a variety of laundry – small and large clothes should be washed separately;
  • loading various types of fabric at once – a common issue of imbalance;
  • stuffed device with laundry;
  • heavy fabrics that lead to improper balance;
  • washing shoes without a required bag;
  • clothes are twisted after the last spin.

If your laundry fails by an error, it does not mean that the Samsung washing machine has a fatal issue. This indicates that the washer tries to protect itself by alerting the user to take some action to resolve the situation.

How to Fix UE Error in Samsung Washing Machine?

When the Samsung washer says UE, switch off the present program and wait until the machine door unlocks. If it doesn’t open immediately, unplug the device from the electrical current. After that, do the following step-by-step guide for washing machine repair:

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Determine The Load Size

Check the amount of clothes you put into the washing machine. If you overloaded the appliance, remove some laundry to make the load properly balanced. Note that it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s required capacity.

Rearrange The Washing Machine

If the laundry size meets the limits, but you still get a UE error, try rearranging the laundry. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed by laying out heavy items, such as towels or jeans, and mixing them with lighter clothes. This will help create a more balanced load throughout the spin cycle.

Check the Balance of the Device

An unlevel washing machine may result in an imbalanced load. Use a bubble level to adjust the feet of the machine to make sure it is stable and stays on the floor properly. This minimal change can lead to better operation and prevent future Samsung top load washer unbalanced load errors.

Clean the Drum

Check the drum for potential lint, debris, and even small items, such as buttons or coins, that can build up in the drum regularly, leading to improper balance. Make the component inspections over time to make sure no clogs exist. Moreover, analyze the machine for any loose particles, such as agitator fins, and fix them tightly as needed.


The UE error code on the Samsung washing machine is a significant issue. However, using proper knowledge and methods, you may easily resolve the problem.

Note that it is recommended to check the load size, rearrange the clothes, keep the device’s components clean, and provide the proper balance for the appliance. By following the guide above, you’ll make your Samsung washer unbalanced fix properly.

Date of page creation: March 29, 2024

Page update date: April 01, 2024

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