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Working on LG Washing Machine Error UE/UB: Diagnose and Solutions

Igal Geiler

Technically Reviewed by Igal Geiler on Feb 09, 2024 | Written by Igal Geiler

LG washing machines, equipped with advanced features, may encounter occasional error codes that impact their normal operation. Let’s try to explore the specifics of the UE/UB error codes, understanding when they occur, identifying the responsible components, and giving practical advices to address this issue.

When do the UE/UB codes take place?

UE/UB Error Codes:

  1. Occurs When: The UE/UB error codes typically manifest during the washing machine’s operation, signaling unbalanced loads.
  2. Possible Causes:
    • Overloaded or unevenly distributed loads: it may be caused by adding too many clothes to a single load or by clothes unevenly distributed within the drum.
    • Large or Heavy Items: may be caused by washing a single large or heavy item or by a combination of small and large items in the same load.
    • Suspension System Issues: it may happen due to broken or damaged suspension springs or malfunctioning shock absorbers.
    • Leveling and Installation (an improperly leveled washing machine can lead to imbalance issues): may be caused by uneven or unstable flooring beneath the washing machine or uneven leveling of the washing machine.
    • Sensor Calibration Issues may be caused by gradual changes in the sensors’ calibration.
    • Drum Misalignment caused by an external force or impact.
  3. What parts of the washing machine are responsible for this error code?
Error Code Responsible Components
UE/UB Drum.
UE/UB Suspension system.
UE/UB Sensor calibration system.

Understanding the specific components tied to the error code is crucial for effective diagnosis and resolution.

How to fix this LG error

UE/UB Error Codes:

Pause and Unplug:

  • If the UE/UB error occurs during a cycle, pause the machine and unplug it from the electrical outlet to ensure safety.
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Evaluate Load Size and Balance:

  • Ensure that the washing machine is not overloaded.
  • Distribute the load evenly within the drum to prevent imbalance.

Remove or Redistribute Items:

  • Open the door and check for any large or heavy items that may be causing imbalance.
  • If possible, redistribute the clothes to achieve a balanced load.

Run a Rinse and Spin Cycle:

  • If the load remains unbalanced, initiate a Rinse and Spin cycle.
  • The washing machine will attempt to redistribute the load for better balance.

Inspect Suspension System:

  • Examine the suspension system, including springs and shock absorbers, for visible damage or wear.
  • Damaged suspension components can contribute to imbalance.

Check for Level Installation:

  • Ensure that the washing machine is level on the floor.
  • Adjust the leveling feet as needed to create a stable and balanced foundation.

Run Diagnostic Tests:

  • Some LG washing machines have diagnostic tests that can identify specific issues.
  • Refer to the user manual for instructions on running diagnostic tests.

Professional Assistance:

  • If the error persists or if there are concerns regarding the drum balance, suspension system, or other complex issues, seek professional assistance.
  • Technicians can conduct a thorough diagnosis and address more intricate problems.


The UE/UB error codes in LG washing machines signal issues related to unbalanced loads, potentially caused by overloaded or unevenly distributed laundry. Using this guide, you can effectively diagnose and solve these problems. Regular maintenance practices and prompt attention to error codes contribute to the longevity and reliable performance of the washing machine.

 In case you need professional help with your appliance – you may contact us.

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Page update date: February 09, 2024

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